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We Graduated Final by Scott the Haircut Lover

We Graduated Final

Jacob and I kept our heads shaved for a little over a week. It was fun but after talking we both agreed we preferred having hair. So the journey began! His hair was naturally dark brown so his shadow showed up much quicker than mine. After a week we had a nice soft fuzz to play with when we made out. It was about a month from Thanksgiving break so we hoped to have a nice crew cut going before we went home for the holiday. As the holiday approached we decided our hair was long enough to get a nice trim.

We entered the barber shop where we had our heads shaved. Both barbers were there and there was no one waiting so we each took our respective chairs. My barber said "You have a nice growth going since you were hear last. Do you want it shaved again?" I said "no just a nice outline and clean up today please. I couldn’t hear but Jacob gave the same instructions. The cuts didn’t take long but it was amazing how good it felt to just get a simple trim. The lines all even. He even blocked it off in back which, and I can’t explain why, just kinda felt amazing. Jacob and I headed out pleased with our haircuts. Holding hand like usual as we walked down the street. It was unusually warm for November. We found ourselves walking over to the park where there was a nice lake and sitting and just talking and cuddling down by the water.

"Your hair feels so soft babe. What do you think you want it to be when it grows out?" Jacob looked at me "I haven’t decided yet. I thought this would just be kind of a phase, but the desire to get my haircut grows every time I visit a place to get it cut. Do you have the same thing?" I smiled and blushed a little "Yes I do Jacob. It’s so intense. I really don’t even understand it. I mean I’ve read up on the so called fetish, and we are not alone, but I still don’t understand it." Jacob agreed with me as we sat there watching the ducks and geese play in the water. We would kiss a little. Play with each other’s hair. Then just be quiet enjoying that fact that we were next to each other.

Thanksgiving came and went. We were hunkered down getting ready for our first finals in college. Both of us were doing really well in all of our classes. Jacob looked at me "I don’t really want to go home for Christmas." I looked at him shocked "Why babe?" He said "Thanksgiving sucked. My dad was all over me about you being my boy friend. That he was going to send me to a conversion camp next summer and wanted me to get a room on my own next semester. Ive been wanting to tell you all this but I just couldn’t find the words." I could see how tense my boy friends was and I walked over to his desk standing behind him. I started to rub his shoulders "Do you want all that? Do you want to end what we have and try to go back to girls again?" Jacob was almost sobbing at this point "No! I love you Shawn. I love everything we do together. This is who I am and he just doesn’t get it and won’t accept it. The problem is how will I pay for school if I don’t do what he says?" I start rubbing up the back of his neck and through his hair "Well my dad just doesn’t talk to me. So I guess I am the lucky one here. If we don’t go home where will we go?" Jacob said "Florida! Let’s go where it is always warm! I think I found a school that will give us scholarships and take care of us."

The next week was brutal. I was full of mixed emotions on what to do. I love Jacob so much but I knew if I didn’t go home for Christmas that would be the end of my family. We finished our last exam. It had been over two months since we shaved our heads the last time and both of us had about an inch of hair that was pretty unruly looking. Jacob said "Let’s go to the barber shop. We always think better after a haircut." I smiled and agreed. There were our two favorite barbers standing as if they were waiting for us. We hadn’t even discussed what we would do with our hair and I just took a seat with my barber. He said I have the perfect cut for you as you continue to grow out your hair. As usual this got me super excited under the cape. I felt the cold steel of the clippers on my right side burn as he shaved half way up the side of my head. He did this all the way around to the other side. Then I felt him fading it in and I knew I was getting a bald fade. I glanced over and saw Jacob was getting pretty much the same cut. They were kind of boring compared to what we had been doing the last 6 months but we both knew if we wanted something fun again we would have to wait a bit until it grew back out.

I called my mom and broke the news to her that I wouldn’t be coming home for the Christmas break. She cried and begged me to change my mind. But I had made my decision and Jacob and I headed across the country to our new home in Florida. Jacob cleaned out his bank account before his father could freeze his money. I had some saved up so we were fine for a little while. We spent our first Christmas together in a s**tty hotel somewhere near Miami. It was the best Christmas I ever had. We settled in to our new school. Set up our dorm very similar to the last one. And started classes a month later. By Spring Break we had really settled in. I talked to my mom a little. Sadly Jacob didn’t talk to his family at all.

We were going on 6 months of growth. A few trims here and there. But we had enough hair to do something fun again. We decided to save money, and since we were in South Florida anyway, just stay local for Spring Break. I woke up looking at his dark brown hair that had gotten a bit of its wave back I was softly stroking his hair thinking about what he was going to do with it. I loved the cut he had picked for me right before we went to school, and I loved when he colored his white. As he woke up he smiled and we kissed for a little while. We started looking at pictures of guys with colored hair and sexy haircuts. Like usual this lead to a two hour session in bed together, but we had both picked out something new.

Off to the salon. It was a men’s salon that had full service in their description. We made sure to book with two men stylists as this always seemed to get us the best results. Was going to go back to my blurry fade with a very short mullet in back. I decided to the white color that Jacob had tried before we went off to school in the fall. Jacob had chosen to keep a bit of length and take his dark brown hair to a light blonde color that we both loved. Jeremy was my stylist and I explained to him I was bald in October and he been growing it out until now. His hands were magical as ran them through my hair feeling the texture. He started the cut. I had missed getting a transformational cut so badly. While I love being bald, I really did, this was so much more fun. Jeremy was clearly a skillful stylist. Meanwhile Jacob was getting his wavy hair shaped up. His stylist had talked him in to doing a low taper around his ears and leaving the back with a slight blocked off trim. We were both going to be bleached and then colored. They put us next to each other as we let the bleach set in. We talked. Both extremely happy to be doing this together again.

After 40 min or so we were leaned back in the sink. Jacob was going to look so hot with blonde hair! I was totally nervous about having white hair but I loved the excitement of the unknown and the thrill of trying new looks. We had the toner put in. We were back in our chairs getting finished off and styled. My hair was WHITE!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Jacob as a soft but very light blonde which looked fantastic with his wavy hair.

We graduated College in three years. We changed our hair often as the desire and fetish never changed! Both now having business degrees we decided to develop a new style of salon. We lost contact with our families, but we were completely happy with just us! Our business was a huge success. We got married of course. And lived on the water. You never know what might happen in life. Just go with the flow and do not be afraid to be adventurous with your hair! The End!

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