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I Do Not Need It by A Recruit

As far back as I remember I wanted to be bald. This was unusual to say the least. I had a full head of hair. So why would I think of being bald. All through high school I had a full head of hair. One summer I decided to shave my head. Wow I loved it. But nobody else did. Back then having a shaved head was unusual. Perhaps a crew or flattop, shaved heads were reserved for swimmers. And I was not on the swim team.

I let my hair grow back. It was not until I entered college that I shaved my head again. For whatever the reason shaving our heads seemed to be just something for some of us in the dormitory to do. My roomate had a thick gorgeous head of reddish brown hair.That is until one night when he had it all shaved off in our room. Some of the others in the dorm who had shaved theirs convinced him to let them shave his head.

I was all eyes as I observed the sequence of clippers first than lathering up his head and shaving him clean. I was enthralled with the whole scene. Within in minutes of his head being shaved I was asking to have mine shaved as well. No problem the clippers made short work of my locks which were well below my shoulders. Then the lather being rubbed on my head was great. Soon I was hair free. I enjoyed the sensation of my now hairless head.

What a difference I really loved the bald head. That night changed me forever. I was determined to keep my head shaved daily. And I did keep it shaved throughout college. It was not until I entered the work force after graduating law school I decided to grow my hair back.

I immediately became aware that during those years of head shaving my hair decided to go on a permanent vacation. I was for the most part pretty much bald on top of my head. I knew what I had to do and went right ahead and shaved my hair all off again. This time I did it myself. It did not bother me in the least. Afterall, I did not want my hair to begin with and now that I was going bald, why not just be bald. And bald I have stayed. It sure has not hurt my career. Infact, I know of several other young lawyers who, like me have chosen to shave their heads. Being bald is okay. Bald is fine with me I do not need the frustrations of taking care of a head of hair.

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