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Wedding haircut part 2 by David Gordon

When we arrived at mom's apartment, mom says you will look sharp in that tux with that fresh haircut. A couple days later Daniel and mom were married. They spent the next couple days at a hotel. Daniel and mom was not having a typical honeymoon, their honeymoon was going to be traveling in Daniel's RV for three weeks and i was going with them. When we returned from the vacation we would be moving into Daniel's home. His home was a three bedroom 2 and a half bath house. There was the master bedroom with an attached bathroom, a bathroom in-between the <2nd bedroom that would be my bedroom, and the third bedroom was made into his office that had a couch that unfolded into a bed if we had company.

We started packing up the apartment, to get a head start on the move before leaving on vacation the next day. We had packed up enough boxes to make a load to Daniel's home. Daniel and I made the trip to his house, we unloaded the boxes. I started to head to the truck and Daniel stopped me. Lets go to the back porch. As we walked onto the back porch there was a single chair and a table next to it with clippers, scissors, comb, and a cape on it.

I looked at him and he told me have a seat son. I protested I just got a haircut that you made me get last week. He says that was just a trim for the wedding, if i had my way last week you would have gotten a real haircut but your mom made me promise to just trim it for the wedding. Now you are getting a real summer haircut. I again protested I don't like my hair short. You are going to have to get use to it short, from now on you will not have a mop of hair anymore. You will have a short crewcut during the summer. During the school year you will have a H&T crewcut, like the haircut the teenager had when we went to the barbershop. As the tears started to form in my eyes, he put a firm grip on my shoulders and lead me to the chair. As he sat me in the chair he said this is the last time you will protest, from now on when i tell you it time for a haircut, you will go and sit in the chair, if you protest there will be a punishment.

He capped me with a blue and white stripped cape. He grabbed the comb and combed out my hair. He then puts the comb down and grabs the clippers, he trys to push my head into my chest but i resist, if you want to meet Mr. Punishment (his nickname for a paddle) i will introduce it to you or you will stop resisting. He again pushes my head and i let him push it into my chest. As he put clippers to the back of my neck he turned them on, i jumped, he said just sit still this won't take long son.

The clippers went up the back, shearing inches of hair off, the hair hit my shoulders and fell into my lap. The clippers only left 1/8th of an inch on my head, Daniel had the #1 attachment on the clippers. He continued to run the clippers all over my head. As my bangs fell he said i guess you can get rid of that blow dryer of yours, you won't need it anymore. When he finished he uncaped me. As i stood up i reached up to fill my head, all i felt was stubble of hair. He walks inside and returned with a broom and dustpan, here sweep up that mess.

As i sweep up the hair, he told me that i would be getting a haircut evey other week during the summer with the #1 attachment except for the last month. Then a few days before school starts he would take me to Cip's Barbershop for my back to school H&T crewcut and i would be going to Cip every three weeks unless i got into trouble then i would be sheared down on the back porch after a meeting with Mr. Punishment.

We arrived back at the apartment, mom came and gave me a hug and rubbed my head, i know this is a big change for you but he is doing this to teach you good discipline. We left the next morning for vacation. Two weeks later while we were at Mount Rushmore, Daniel told me it was time to clean me up. I reluctantly sat down in the chair outside the RV, While looking at Mount Rushmore without saying a word. He capped me and pushed my head down. While he was cleaning me up, William who was my age and his younger brother Ryan and their dad walked by, their RV was five spots down from ours. Their dad asked whats happening here i thought he had short hair already, Daniel told him he gets a haircut evey two weeks during the summer. The boys giggled at my demise.

They stopped giggling when Daniel said he would be happy to clean your boys up too. William had a black shoulder length mullet and Ryan had dark brown color hair, the same haircut i had before my first haircut. Well i don't know, sure they need haircuts but their mom would kill me if i let you cut their hair that short. Daniel said i don't have to cut it this short, this is a #1 which is 1/8th of an inch, rubbing my head, i can use any of the other attachments, the #8 attachment would be about an inch long. William grabbed his dads arm lets go dad. Well the dad said as he pulled his arm away from William, it would be easier to take care of and cooler for them, i guess so, go ahead, i will be back for them in what an hour, Daniel laughed I'm almost done here rubbing my head again, i can have both your boys cleaned up in less than a half hour. Dad William protested no, i don't want a haircut. Stop your mom has been nagging me to get you boys haircuts, i will be back boys.

Daniel finished my haircut and uncapped me. Have a seat William, William didn't move, Daniel raised his voice i told you boy to have a seat. I told William do as he says, he reluctantly sat down, Daniel immediately capped him having to push the mullet out of the way to fastened the cape. Daniel said as he started combing out his hair I'm teaching you a few lessons, first when your dad is talking to another adult you do not interrupt them, second when your dad tells you something is going to happen, you do not protest, you say yes sir. And finally when an adult tells you to do something, you say yes sir and do it. Do i make myself clear? Yes sir William said. As your punishment you will get a shorter haircut than your brother, I'm using a # 6 on you.

Daniel then grabbed the scissors and grabbed ahold of the mullet and started snipping away dropping the sheared hair in William's lap. I have to hack some of this mop off so that the clippers can do there job. Daniel grabs the clippers and puts the #6 attachment on and turns them on. You will be done in a few minutes now that i got that bulk off. Within minutes William was sheared down. Uncapped William got out of the chair and went to the mirror on the side of the RV, as he looked at himself in shock, Ryan nearly jumped in the chair, not wanting a shorter haircut like his brother. Daniel changed the attachments to a #8, i will scissor some of the bulk off like i did your brother so that the clippers don't snag and pull your hair. Within 10 minutes Ryan's haircut was finished.

Their dad walked back up as Ryan was uncapped. There you go, Daniel said, they look so much better without those mops. They look great thank you, why does William's hair look shorter than Ryan's? Well i cut his hair shorter to teach him a few lessons. Well thats fine then. Daniel mentioned i suggest you get a set of clipppers to keep them cleaned up yourself, it can be expensive taking them to a barbershop every couple weeks, if you don't then i recommend taking them at least once a month so they dont get shaggy again. I will consider those clippers but believe me they won't have their hair that long again.

A couple weeks later on my birthday as i was eating breakfast, Daniel asked me how much longer till i was done with breakfast? I told him i would be done in less than 10 minutes, and asked him why. He responded ok in 15 minutes i want in the chair on the back porch. I responded yes sir. I finished my breakfast and took the dishes to the dishwasher, i then went and sat in the chair on the porch. Daniel told me he was pleased that i was not resisting anymore. He then informed me that he would be cutting my hair shorter this time cause you will not be getting another haircut till your back to school haicut at Cip's. I asked him to tell me how much shorter. He told me that he would not be putting an attachment on the clippers that it would be just the bare blade. I knew better than to protest. The shorter haircut was done. As he uncapped me he said HAPPY BIRTHDAY son.

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