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Frampton In A Speedo by Geoff

The advertisement read, “If you’re a male with a great body and want a job, call us”. Well it was my last year at college and I needed cash so a part-time job sounded like a great idea.

I called the number and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon at a club called The Bald-Faced Lie. I was sort of nervous but the job paid $18 an hour which was unheard of in a college town.

That morning I got up and went running for about an hour. Got back to my apartment and showered, shampooed and shaved. My hair looked great, I thought. I had let it grow through college and it look great blonde, slightly curly and over my shoulders. I even conditioned it which tended to make the curls separate more. Okay I looked better than Peter Frampton in his glorious youth.

So the interview finally came and I met Grant, the club owner. He was probably in his mid-thirties with a great body and, luckily for me, had long curly black hair that went to the middle of his back. I couldn’t believe my luck. We talked awhile and had a great exchange. He asked me to take my shirt off so he could see my abs since all of the waiters were required to work without a shirt and a black Speedo swimming suit. Everything checked out and he gave me a contract to sign which started out with a bunch of stuff about protecting company information, etc. etc. To tell you the truth, I just skimmed it and mailed it back to him.

Starting day came and I was asked to come in about two hours early so we could be trained, etc. There were about sixteen of us starting on the same day. All of us had long hair except for the two trainers who were shaved bald with shiny heads.

So we went through training for about an hour and then were told to head into the locker room to get into our swimming suits. We all headed in and changed. One by one we were called back into Grant’s office where there was a jet black barber’s chair with brilliant chrome accents. I thought it was strange that each guy was called into the office but no one ever came back to the locker room. The floor around the chair was covered with hair at least eighteen inches deep. Grant asked me to have a seat in the barber chair so I did. I asked him what was up. He said it was haircut day.

What the hell did that mean? Grant tossed a cape around me and fastened it around my neck. He struggled for a couple of minutes to get all my hair out from under the cape. He combed through my hair to make sure there were no tangles and commented, “Great hair”. I thanked him as he flipped the switch on a pair of huge burgundy clippers. I still felt alright looking at him with his long hair shining in the light. He turned me away from the mirror and slid his hand up the back of my head in what seemed like a death grip. He took the clippers down the middle of my head as fast as anyone had ever shaved a head before. He had made three passes before I asked what the hell he was doing. He looked funny and asked me what I meant? “Why are you shaving my head”, I questioned. “You signed the contract what do you mean?” He went on to say, “everyone who works here has a shaved head, that’s why it’s called Bald-faced Lie.” I shave everyone the first Monday of the week. I didn’t want to seem like an idiot by saying I didn’t read the contract so I just said, “I was just surprised you were doing it that’s all”.

The buzzing began again and he made fast work of it let me tell you. The clippers were turned off and my head was wrapped in a hot towel. Shaving cream was applied and I was shaved clean with a straight razor. Another hot towel was applied, removed and warm oil was applied to my head. Grant turned me toward the mirror where I couldn’t believe how shiny my head was. He said that I should apply baby oil with aloe before I started each shift so that I could get maximum gloss.

“Wearing earrings is completely optional but the head shaving isn’t; do you want me to pierce your ears while you’re here?” At this point I thought what the hell and said yes. He slipped the needle into each ear and placed a single steel hoop in each hole. I loved the look and so did the gorgeous customers.

Since I started working there I have had my head shaved ever Monday and clear about $3000 a week with tips.

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