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School haircut. by James Watson

Dad took mee to the barbers for my haircut before new school year started. We pulled outside the barbers shop and went in. " Peter go over and take a seat " dad said to me with a smile " sure dad " was my reply, went over and sat down beside another boy who was there for his haircut. " Hi, my name is Alex "" Peter " we shook hands " hear for your school haircut peter " " yes " Alex was wearing t-shirt, jeans and trainers and me, t-shirt and shorts " strict parents Peter " " what! Alex " " you are 15 and still wearing shorts Peter, wearing them all summer suppose " "not falling for that Alex " he laughed " look my parents are strict ass will....you be wearing them to school?" " no, trousers I be moving to fifth year Alex" " what? I thought you are 14 ". Dad over heard what Alex said to me and smiled.

Alex and I were getting are haircut at the same time but mine was getting shorter than his. The barber picked up a pair of old fashioned clippers and started to cut deeper into my back and sides. Clumps of my hair started to fall around my chair when dad came over to the barber " cut in short and tight at the sides and top " I did not like what dad said to him.

The barber picked up a pair of cutter comb with a comb " what's is he going to do with that " then I found out. He started to cut in short and tight to my back and sides. Got the scissors in his right hand and started sniping away at my hair, picked up a short pair of scissors " right young man, put your head down " I did. When he was done, the barber washed my hair then used a hair dryer on it. Put old fashioned hair cream in his hands then threw it " all done young man " I looked at myself in the mirror " dad this is really too short " " stop complaining Peter " " but dad " it felt on deaf ears " I be bring my son every 3 weeks to keep his hair kept short ".
We left the barbers and went to the school outfitter shop and went in, " hear is the list of my sons school uniform please " dad handed it over to the man behind the counter " its for fifth year? are you sure " the man replied to dad " you son does not look like " with my new haircut, I looked young for my age. Dad had a chat with the man " sure thing sir" " dad is everything ok " I asked him " yes Peter ".

Monday morning came and I was taking the bus to school, got off and went threw the school gates " morning Peter " looked round and there was Tom " morning " " hear about the school uniform changes " " what changes Tom...how do you now about that?" he walked off smiling. We stood in full assembly with the sounds of complaining and farting when the headmaster got up from his chair " settle down everyone, welcome to your new school year. There will be a new school uniform from 1st to 4th years from next Monday?" " sir we just got are new uniforms" someone called out " yes I know but I have changed the uniform and that's that " " to what sir" " boys would be wearing knee length shorts with knee length school socks with skull cap, girls would wear school pinafore dress, black marry jane shoes, hat, white length socks " " what about the other years sir" it fell in deaf ears.

At the play ground I was tying my shoe laces when two fourth years came up to me " Peter could you go to the headmaster for us to change his mind " sorry chaps, but you have to do it yourself " I felt bad so I said yes. Next thing I was standing in front of the headmaster " how can I help you Peter" " the fourth years have asked me to talk to you about the new school uniform changes sir " he smiled at me " did the girls too Peter " " just the boys sir ".
I walked in the lunch hall rubbing my bum " did the headmaster changed his mind " said a fourth year " got 9 of the best for you chaps but he will not change his mind" walked off.

Got the bus home after school, got in and saw mum standing looking mad " come hear young man, now "" yes mum " " got a call from your headmaster today, he told me what you did " " the fourth years asked me to talk to the headmaster about the uniform changes and he give me 9 of the best " " he should have given your more, go to room" " yes mum ". Got changed out of my school uniform and put on my t-shirt, shorts, ankle socks and trainers, started my homework. Dad came back from his office " Peter come down the stairs right now " he shouted to me " coming dad.." Got to the bottom of the stairs " your headmaster called me at my office today before I went to a meeting and told what you did " " dad I was only helping the fourths years out " "when your headmaster puts down the rules boy, you follow them " he took me by the arm to his study, put me over his lap " dad what are you doing " " enough Peter " and starting spanking me across my ass.
Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack went dads hand over my ass " stop dad! I am to old for spanking " I screamed out " not for me young man "" stop calling me that dad " when I said that his spanking got harder. Dad stopped, pull me up from his lap, pulled down my shorts put me over his lap again. When dad was done, he pulled me up from his lap " right Peter, your headmaster and I had a chat " the only thing I was doing at this stage was rubbing my ass " bloody hell it hurts " " what did you say Peter " nothing dad " " for your impudence today Peter, you be wearing the new school uniform from tomorrow " " dad! no I was not rude to the headmaster " " yes you where " dad reached behind his desk and picked up a large bag " " dad is that the new school uniform....how did you get that?" he smiled at me " there is no point in complaining Peter " dad handed me the large bag " come along young man " I could not stop myself from what came out of my mouth " stop calling me that " he grab my arm pull me over his lap " impudence boy" SMACK.

I stood in my new school uniform, white school shirt, tie, white fronts, dark grey school knee length shorts, dark grey knee length school socks, black school shoes, grey school tank top, black school blazer with skull cap " this what happens when you help people ". Stood at the bus stop waiting to made fun of by the other school kids but nothing, got on board the bus and sat down...no name calling.
Got off the bus and headed into school and went to assembly, I had to go to the headmaster office " Peter you look smart in your school uniform " " thank you sir, may I ask you how long do I have to wear this uniform " " why young man " he got from his chair came over to me , pull me over his knee and started to spank me really hard. After that was done the headmaster pulled me up from his knee " Peter my young man, you be wearing your new school uniform from fourth year " " SIR!" was my reply " Did you expected you be wearing your uniform in fifth year? did your dad and mum not tell you " the coin hit the floor " no sir they did not sir " " you are starting fourth year from now own young man ".

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