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Barry's Barbers by Dwane Harston

Moving to a small scottish costal scottish town in the North West where my grandparents once lived it was idyllic and brought back many memories of my childhood. I moved 6 up there 6 months ago and iv never had the opportunity to check out any barber shops in the area.

I'm not balding or have thinning hair, actually quite the opposite. My hair was thick and full and if anything always needing it done every two weeks for work.

I worked in sales in Birmingham before the move and always kept the business cut type; you know, short around the sides and back with neat trimmed sideburns and sharp looking and the top much longer, slicked to the side with styling products and using conditioner and other products.

I decided to move to Scotland where my grandparents lived years ago. It was a tradition farm cottage with land for small scale farming a far cry away from city life.

My hair was getting far too long for my liking so early morning I jumped into the car into town to sort out the mess. Now I'm not one for all the fancy haircuts and I had my mind made up to get a short buzz cut. It was time to get rid of the locks. Down a side street I noticed a barbers pole I strolled down and noticed that the shop looked like something that hadn't changed in decades. Perfect I thought I walked in and the barber was sat in one of the chairs he was medium build but one thing I noticed instantly was his shaved head with a few tattoos up his arms his head was shaved to stubble. Hi there I'm Barry take a seat sir, he welcomed me in, and asked what I would like. I looked up and told him to take the lot off, I want it super short I'm fed up of the business cut style I'm working outside and want am easy no maintenance haircut.
The barber nodded its becoming a popular choice and told me I had a great head shape for it. He asked how short I was thinking. Well without thinking I said as short as yours. Well this is probably about a 0.5 to a number 1 now was done 6 days ago. I agreed and he started with a number 1

He wrapped the cape tightly around my neck and took the clippers up and put a guard on and the clippers buzzed to life

He started with the side of my head he shaved to large stips right up to the top of the right side. He asked if that was as short as I wanted. Yeah that looks grand I took my hand from the Cape to feel it and it felt like felco. Yes that's great, carry on I smiled back. He pushed the clippers in to my locks and worked rather fast right up and around the back as mounds of hair decended around me .

Then the barber started with the top. He took scissors and a comb and chopped the top right down taking most of the thick bulk of hair away it felt great. Then the clippers came to life again this time he placed the clippers at my forehead and pushed back. The buzz felt amazing and the experience was great I was seeing a dramatic transformation in progress but I loved the experience that I knew it woukd be over shortly. I had to pipe up and say something.
"Looks good but could it be taken even closer " sure of course how short, a half? Or a full zero? The barber asked.
Is a zero compleatly bald? I asked no it's mear stubble the barber said
Or if you want go for gold?
Go for gold?? What's that
Shiny bald head all off shiny like gold.
I laughed nervously, think I'd suit it?
Definitely you would, f*** it let's go for it I said gleefully

Barry took the clippers and took the attachment off and peeled my short cropped hair right down even shorter wow that's cool as I saw him drive the clippers right down the centre of my head. No going back now eh? Said Barry. After hair streamed down my head as the fresh feeling of the shave he took a towel and placed it in a hot box it came out roasting hot and he placed it over my shaven scalp. God it was hot but felt relaxing.

Barry left me for a while as the hot damp towel softened my stubble it was strange getting it done as I never had it before I've only seen it done a couple of times.

I was fully relaxed and Barry removed the towel and reclined my chair backwards and he said relax. He shaved the remaining stubble with a razor and when he was finished asked me what I thought I saw this bald young man staring back at me. My first though was god was it me!! But I loved the look. It felt amazing and I was so happy with it. Barry gave me his number and told me to call anytime. After I walked across the road and sat in my car gazing into the mirror checking my smooth new shiny head.

It's a perfect haircut not to worry about will be keeping the shaved head for sure!!

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