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Turned into a boy by Undercuts

The 14 year old boy had always cherished his long, thick hair that flowed down his back in soft, luxurious waves. He would spend hours each day washing, brushing, and styling it,
taking pride in its beauty and the attention it garnered from others. He started to play with it - a lot and loved the way it was. His mother started to notice this and thought that
it was time for him to grow up - but the boy wouldn't accept any form of haircut.

But one day, he was made to visit a salon to get a small trim by his mother. Little did he know, his mother had something else in mind and had told the stylist to make him look like a boy.
As he walked in, he was greeted by a short, blonde-haired girl with shoulder length hair. He nervously asked for a 1cm trim, hoping to maintain as much of his beloved hair as possible.

To his surprise, the stylist declined his request, claiming that his long, feminine hair was not suitable for a boy (In support of the boys mother). The stylist then strapped him to the chair
and decided to have some fun. He watched in horror as she grabbed a pair of clippers - clippers hadn't been used on him since he was a young boy and he was having a panic attack.
"Don't worry, you'll be nice and masculine after this" - but this intimidated the boy even more. She took the clippers, and to the boys horror she began to shave a 360 undercut onto his scalp with a #000 blade. The sound of the clippers echoed throughout the salon, and the boy could feel the weight of his hair falling away in chunks. The boy watched in horror as the
hair that he had grew since he was a kid was cascading down to the floor and mercilessly shorn from his head. His heart raced as he stared at his reflection in the mirror, the sides and back
of his head now completely bare. "I'm not done" she said slyly as she noticed the bulge in his pants.The stylist then took a razor and meticulously shaved the rest of his hair off, leaving him completely bald. Tears streamed down his face as he realized the extent of the transformation, and he couldn't believe how much he missed his long hair already. The stylist
then decided to have some more "fun" and started getting the clippers and running it through his head as she watched the bulge in his pants grow. The boy had felt a sense
of relaxation and sexual arousement, something which he had never felt before. He then was released from the chair and said "My turn". The stylist was at first, a little confused
but understood what he wanted to do. The stylist sat in the chair and let him play with it. The boy then took some clippers and started to seperate the hair of the top from the sides of the
stylist. He then shaved a 360 undercut with a #2 guard. A little after of combing and playing with the drastic undercut - the woman asked "are you done?". "No, I'm just getting started".
The boy then grabbed some shears and started to cut the womans shoulder length hair to a jawline length angled bob (with an undercut). The woman was taken aback but thought that this was what the boy wanted.

3 years later, and the boy is now 17 and still goes to the salon every day to get his hair cut completely bald - and the stylists undercut reshaved and the bob re-bobbed.

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