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Dream turned to a nightmare by Undercuts

Once upon a time, there was a boy who had a particular hairstyle that he didn't like. He had 2-inch long hair on the top which was styled into a side part and a #3 - #4 undercut on the sides which he liked. The fringe was around eyebrow length, and his father would take him to the barbershop more or less every month, much to his discomfort, but the boy didn't say anything.

The boy had a secret desire for longer hair and a very drastic undercut as he had been eyeing people with those hairstyles online. He would spend hours looking at photos of men with top knots and long hair, wishing he could have that style.

Finally, when the boy turned 14, he was taken to the barbershop by his mother because his father was away on a trip. He finally mustered up the courage to ask the barber, "Um, could you please just leave the fringe longer - it's just a lot easier for me," he lied. His mother was a bit concerned but didn't reject or intervene in the conversation.

From that day on, the boy's fringe grew until it was all the way to the tip of his nose. The boy was playing with it every day - waiting for it to be longer so that he could have his secret desire that his father was unaware of: the top knot and longer hair!

Then the boy went to the barbershop two more times for another three months and asked for the same thing: a #3 undercut all round and to leave the top longer. He even asked for the barber to shave it to a #2 as he loved the idea of bald undercuts but couldn't take such a bold move yet. He would get upset when the barber would cut some length off but he didn't cut too much off so it was good that it could still grow. His hair was almost long enough to tie up, and he always played with it!

One time though, the father and son were outside once he returned and then the wind got to his hair - which left his 6-7inch hair fly around and his father to notice "What is this? Your hair has gotten too long! We are taking to the barbershop tomorrow! No buts or questions asked".

That night, the boy could not sleep as he was scared of what would happen tomorrow, surely if he said the same thing it would be fine, right?

The next day the father dragged him to the barbershop and told him to cut his hair. It turns out that the father had found out about his search history of "male top knot undercuts" and knew that it was what he wanted. He would never let his son have such a "hippy" hairstyle.

So he said to the barber, "Shave his undercut to a #2, and for the top cut it to his usual side part but shorter."

"Are you sure?" replied the barber.

"Yes, that's what he needs," said the father sternly.

The boy felt his heart drop as he heard his father's words. He had hoped that he could keep his longer hair a little longer, but it seemed like his father had other plans.

The father warned the son not to make a scene or cry at the loss of his hair, but he ended up doing just that. The boy couldn't hold back his tears as the barber shaved his hair to a #2 undercut. He felt powerless as there was nothing he could do as he heard the low humm click and the clippers vibrate against his head and all of the long hair that he had waited to grow out mercilessly shaved off .

"You deserve this because you went against me, and you never told me about this stupid interest. Your hair will be shaved bald every day until I see that you are fine and good enough to get a short haircut but not anything close to what I let you keep before"

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