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Awaited Buzz by Undercuts

Ever since he was a teenager, Ethan had always secretly wanted to shave his head. He would stare at himself in the mirror, fantasizing about the feeling of clippers buzzing over his scalp, the cool air brushing against his bare skin.

But Ethan could never bring himself to actually do it. He had grown his hair out into a massive, thick manbun, partly to hide his desire for a buzz cut and partly because he genuinely loved the look. It was his signature style, his pride and joy, and he never went anywhere without his hair tie.

He also never went anywhere without his trusty set of clippers, which he kept hidden away in his bag. He would take them out sometimes, admiring the shiny blades and the satisfying hum of the motor, but he never had the courage to actually use them.

One day, Ethan went to stay withhis aunt and uncle. As he was unpacking his bag, his aunt noticed the clippers tucked away inside. "What are these for?" she asked strictly, holding them up.

Ethan's heart raced. He didn't know how to explain his secret desire, so he tried to play it off as a mistake. "Oh, I must have grabbed those by accident," he lied, his voice shaking.

His aunt didn't say anything, but she understood that he had a haircut fetish but liked longer hair - but he still really wanted a headshave. His aunt just gave a little sly grin.

Ethan's stomach dropped. He knew he was caught. It was too obvious, damn. He looked down at his feet, feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

Without warning, his aunt grabbed his wrist and pulled him down onto a chair. "Sit still, do not move" she commanded, brandishing the clippers.

Ethan's heart pounded in his chest as his aunt began to unclip his massive manbun and watched his waist length hair cascade down his back. His auntie then, with no hesitation took the clipper, removed the guard and placed it at the back of his head.He could feel the vibration of the blades against his scalp, and it sent shivers down his spine.
As the very long strands of hair fell to the floor around him, Ethan felt an unexpected thrill building in his body. It was his haircut fetish - and he tried to conceal his excitement,
but he couldn't help the bulge growing in his pants.

His aunt noticed, and she chuckled. "You like this, don't you?" she said, her voice low and teasing. "You want me to shave it all off?"

Ethan's mouth went dry. He had never been more turned on in his life. He didn't say or dare make a move.

His aunt grinned, relishing her newfound power over him. "From now on, you will be present in this bathroom and I am going to shave you down to a #1 buzz cut every week," she said,
her tone authoritative. "You're going to be my little buzz cut boy."

Ethan shivered at the thought. He knew he should be scared or embarrassed, but he couldn't help feeling thrilled by the idea of his aunt taking control of his hair and his body.

As she finished shaving him, she leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "You're going to be so hot with your buzz cut. You'll love it, won't you?"

Ethan nodded again, unable to form words. He knew he was in for a wild ride with his forceful aunt, and he couldn't wait to see what she had in store for him - after all, he was there
to stay for atleast a few years.

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