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Little boy turned into a man by Undercuts

Jake, 13 at the time, was a young and quiet lad who didn't really say much and was quite obedient. However, it was his features that set him
out from the other boys at his school. His mother had let him grow out his hair since he was quite young (his father had died) and would only take him to the salon every few months to cut off the ends of his hair. Jake had always styled his mid-back length hair into a very thick man-bun and would love the way it was all in one big bun and he would spend hours every single day styling and conditioning it. The other boys at his school,however, had short side-parts or even buzz cuts and were all forced by their fathers to wear very short and clean haircuts. Jake always taunted them with his girl hair without his mother knowing.One day, however as his mother was picking him up from school she heard a boy snicker at him and call him a "hippy" and a "girl"
with all that long hair. His mother knew that the kids were bullies, but the thought of what they said stayed in her mind. She was also approached by one of the kids who said the exact same thing but that he was taunting his hair infront of them. This was until,
in the holidays, when the mother finally decided that she had enough and turned strict onto her son. She clearly represented her anger and strictness onto her son but his son just laughed and knew that his mother wasn't that strict and was putting on a face.

A few days later, the mother announced that she would be taking Jake for a haircut and Jake was quite sad and not excited at the idea of a
"haircut" - even if it was just a 1cm trim and he wanted to continue to grow out his hair until it reached classic length. As he reluctantly
mouthed his mother and entered the car, he noticed that she wasn't driving in the direction of the salon and asked "Where are we going, I thought the salon was that way?" The mother replied "Just wait and see". As the car stopped, Jake noticed he was on main street and before
he could say anything, his mother opened the door and dragged him by the arm to get out "What the hell are you doing, mom?". The mother
threatened him and told him that if he didn't get out of the car that it would be worse - but what could she be talking about. Just as Jake
was trying to figure out what was going on, he froze. They were outside of a traditional barbershop - that word was dreaded in his mind and
he was about to pass out. His mother dragged him into the barber shop and she shouted at him to sit down. She explained quickly that she was
aware of what he had said to the other students and she knew that it was time for him to "become a man". If he objected to what his mother
said infront of the barber - the punishment would be a lot worse. What could that mean?" he asked himself. When the barber was ready, he called Jake over to the chair and he had an unpleasant look on his face. "What can I get for you today, young man?" *this clearly needs a shave*" he muttered - under his breath. His mother had told him to ask for a short slickback or a very short side part - but Jake stammered out, "Just a trim, please. I don't want to lose too much length so just cut around 1cm."

The barber nodded and started to work. As he began to cut Jake's hair, he muttered, "You really should have cut this off. It's a mess."
The barber started to cut his hair, leaving basically all of it and only cutting around 5mm-1cm of hair.
When he was finished, he called his mother and his mother fake smiled but was angry at Jake.
The mother then led Jake out of the barbershop and started to walk towards the car. Jake felt happy that he didn't have to cut his hair short and that he had the authority to do whatever
he wanted.

"I told you to ask for a short haircut" said his mother - in a quiet tone that was holding back a lot of anger.
"We're going home and you'll see what happens now".
Jake's mother led him home, and before he could go anywhere - his mother called him to the bathroom to come look at something and that she had a suprise for him.
"Jake, get in the bathroom because I have a suprise for you!" Jake was confused, but happy at the thought of a suprise so he shouted
"I'm coming".

It wasn't until Jake entered the bathroom, that he realized that his mother was behind the door and locked it on him. He was trapped. So many thoughts were going through his head but he was scared out of his mind".The mother was inside and there was a whole clipper/haircutting set and before he could do anyything she grabbed his arm and strapped him to the chair.
on the sink. "Um, if your cutting my hair please just give me a small trim" Jake managed to mutter out, very quietly. "No, I think it's time for you to become a man, don't you think?". "Let's start with something small, just to, you know - test the clippers" she said with a sly grin. The word "clipper" ran through his mind and left him in horror. She then sectioned his hair and clipped everything on the top leaving the back-and-sides hanging down. The mother then quickly grabbed the clippers and started slowly passing the clippers throughout the sides
and back of his head, until everything was shaved to a #2. Jake was really about to pass out and was crying a waterfall of tears at the sight of his long hair being clipped off to nothingness and to what the boys had at school "Is this enough?" asked his mother. "Because now that you have a short back and sides, or should I say 360 undercut because you want to look like a girl so much maybe lets cut it to what the boys have it at school - a short side part or maybe a short slickback hairstyle, hm?" Or maybe I could just leave it like this and allow you to wear a top-knot and trance around like a hippy - tell me what you want". Jake quietly said "the last one, please".
"Oh no, I don't think that would be for the best, you need to look more like a man, you litte sissy girl." Jake's mother said. "Let's start by unclipping this top section". Jake's mother
started to tie a ponytail with the top of his hair, which left him with a drastic undercut and a thin, back length ponytail. "My, oh my. I didn't notice how long this had gotten" and started to wave the ponytail in his face, teasing and taunting him. Jake was so sad, and defeated while knowing that there was nothing he could do. Jake tried to resist and shaked
around, but to no avail. His mother noticed this and said "Since you're trying so hard to resist, let's make this a little harder on you". She then started slowly trimming (by going up)
the ponytail until Jake finally said "Please, I'll do anything. I'll look like a girl because it's my hair and I really loved it. Please just allow me to tie the top into a ponytail - just for me?" he asked as a desperate last stand. "Nope, you've had your chance" - dismissing him and continuing to cut the hair. She then started to cut his hair into a very short jawline-length angled bob and made it just short enough that the boy couldn't tie it up. She then released the boy from the chair and let him examine his hair in the mirror. She gave him a hair
tie and a scrunchie and Jake tried, and tried again to tie it up into a proper top knot but it wasn't working - the hair was just too short. Jake then sat down in the chair again in disappointment, letting his mother do whatever she wanted to his hair again because he hated how the angled bob made him look like a girl. His mother showed a little remorse but shaved
the short back and sides right down to a #000 and even razored it bald, but left a little section of hair in the top that she slicked back. The hair on top was probably around 8 inches at first, but she trimmed it down to about 4. She then told the boy that he is to come into the bathroom every week to get his short back and sides reshaved and his slikckback recut - but if
he was to ever miss a cut she would cut the slickback down to 3inches, and then 2, and never let it grow out and make that new length the normal length. She also explained that every summer and every holiday that he gets from school, she would shave his head to a #1 all over - no questions asked. Jake was in utter dispair and sadness at losing his girlish hair and was made to follow these rules until he moved out.

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