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Busted 2- Owning It by Sean Orlov

Please read My story Busted first - This is a follow on

As we walked away from the barber shop I turned to Kev, and Kev just said "S**t " Busted!"
His hair was no more than the lightest stubble and I shuddered in the knowledge that mine was pretty much the same. I felt up across the top of my head and the hairs that remained not even long enough to pinch hold of. The coolness of the breeze a constant reminder of what had just happened. As I ran my hand through what was left of my hair I was struck by the velvet like feeling and realise that I quite liked it.
We were going to get SO much flack at school on Monday, I could imagine walking through the gates to jeers and stares from other pupils. Then it dawned on me that the more immediate predicament was going home to face my parents. I would have to tell them I asked for my hair to be cut this short, if I told them it was done against my will, they would be up the barbers to remonstrate with them, and then the embarrassing truth would come out. To be fair, I did ask for it to be cut short, albeit under duress, so I guessed that was what I’d have to tell them.
Kev and I covered the couple of blocks back to where we lived in almost silence, reflecting on the days to come. At the end of Kev’s road we parted company, and I slowly, reluctantly walked the last hundred yards or so to my house. As I walked in my mum, who was in the kitchen making dinner glanced up then did a double take. She gasped and said, "What on earth made you do that? " I hardly recognised you"
I had sort of practiced what I was going to say and replied, "Summer is getting hot already and we fancied a change". Mum shook her head and said "WE! - So Kev has done the same?"
I nodded and she just shook her head "If Kev jumped off a cliff I think you’d follow him", and that was it " She just got on with dinner.
Half an hour later my dad cane in and his reaction was the opposite, He rubbed my stubble and said, "Now that’s a proper summer haircut, It will feel much cooler for you". Apart from that, there was no more comment from my parents, which was a bit of a relief, but I knew school would be different.
Next morning I woke up and, for a split second, I wondered why my head felt odd, then the memory of the day before came flooding back. When I felt my head I don’t know what I was expecting, a miracle perhaps, but my hair was still the same stubble as it was yesterday. I dressed and after a rushed breakfast, I rang Kev. He answered quickly and I asked how it went for him. He told me that he had the same sort of reaction from his parents, but his little brother had sniggered and giggled at him for ages. His family were out so he said "Come round " I’ve had an idea what we can do"
I agreed to go to Kev’s place, but couldn’t even imagine what he had in mind. Hats? Wigs?
The thought made me giggle " I’d rather face school bald than wear a wig.
When I got to Kev’s he was waiting at the door and looked sort of excited. He ushered me into his bedroom and sat on his bed grinning at me. "I’ve decided how to handle this," he said. "We’ve just got to own it". I must have looked puzzled because he started to explain further.
"Look " This is something that was done to us, but it would be different if we had chosen to do it ourselves " Right"
I nodded in agreement but reminded him "Yes but it was done to us " we didn’t choose it"
"I want you to shave the rest of my hair off" he almost blurted out. "Then it’s MY choice, My decision" I just sat there gobsmacked, he was seriously asking me to shave his head.
Before I could say anything Kev got up and called me to the bathroom. When I got there I realised that Kev had this all planned out, he had an old plastic garden chair set up and a set of clippers and some disposable razors. He immediately sat in the chair and said "Go on " Do it!"
I picked up the clippers and examined them, I’d always had long hair so although I knew what clippers were I had never used them. I was surprised by their weight and when I flicked the switch they burst into life. Kev sat there waiting. I turned them off again.
"Are you sure about this Kev? I asked
Kev’s reply came straight back "Look " She only left us with about a week’s worth of growth. If we shave the rest and we don’t like it, your hair will grow back to this length in a week, and if we are going to grow it out again, I thought it would be fun to go the whole way while we’re this short anyway. Just to see what it feels like"
It didn’t go un-noticed that Kev used the word ‘we’ and ‘our’, and I imagined what it would be like to be sat in that chair, and being shaved bald, and the thought made me feel slightly sick.
I told Kev "I’m not shaving my head", to which he replied "just see where this goes"
I shrugged and flicked the clippers back on and removed the plastic guard comb. Kev nodded and I pushed them through the front of his hairline, removing the remaining stubble. In a few minutes, I had finished with the clippers, and the remaining stubble on Kev’s head was almost entirely gone.
I then reached for the soap and made some lather in my hands before smearing it over his head. I took a razor from the packet and started to scrape the remaining hair from the back of Kev’s head. As I carefully shaved up towards the crown of his head, I started to imagine turning up at school, not just clipped short, but shaved smooth. The thought started to make me hard.
I’d never done anything like this before, but I carefully worked my way round the side of Kev’s head and started on the front. As I shaved the front of his head Kev suddenly leaned forward and squeezed my semi hard cock through the thin material of my shorts, he said, "Looks like you’re going to be next after all"
My heart almost stopped, but Kev was serious. I started to tell him that I wasn’t ready to do that but he just laughed. "Your body is saying otherwise, just go for it " Own it"
As I continued shaving him in silence, it started to sink in, when I had finished, it would be my turn in the chair, I was going to be leaving here smooth bald. I continued slowly, feeling for any stray hairs I had missed, subconsciously trying to postpone my fate, but before long, there was no more hair to shave.
I stood there and watched as Kev stood up, rinsed and dried his smooth head and rubbed it all over, grinning at me.
"Wow, this feels awesome " but it’s your turn now" he gestured at the chair.
Trembling I sat down, and immediately Kev turned on the clippers and plunged them into the centre of my hairline; there was no going back now. I thought yesterday’s shearing was short but when I reached up and felt what Kev had done my head just felt rough " like sandpaper. The clipping was over in minutes and I watched as Kev lathered up my head and selected a new razor. As he started to scrape away the last of my stubble, I could feel him rubbing his hands over my head, searching out every stray hair. Gradually the roughness gave way to a silky soapy smoothness that I had to admit felt amazing.
After a few minutes, I could feel that there was no more hair to be shaved and Kev told me I was done. I rinsed and dried my head " the towel felt so weird on my head. I looked in the mirror and was quite surprised; I didn’t look much different to how I looked when I arrived. My hair had been so short and fair anyway that the removal of the last 1/8" didn’t make much difference to how I looked. It felt a million miles different though, and I had to admit Kev was right " it did feel amazing. I couldn’t stop running my hands over my head, up the back of my neck, round my ears.
I looked at Kev, who was standing there grinning at me.
"I must admit " you were right " this feels awesome Kev"
Kev nodded, "Now it’s done I’m keeping it like this for a while, at least till the end of next term"
"Go for it" I replied, knowing that I only had to say a couple of words and I would be bald at least until the end of term as well, and then I heard the words come as if someone else had said them
"Me too"
My heart raced, I had just committed to spending at least the next three months shaved bald!
"Wicked " We’ll do it together every Sunday and Wednesday"
When we turned up at school on Monday morning it caused quite a stir, but I was surprised. As well as the catcalls and jeers, we got many people coming up and saying how cool we looked. Amazingly girls that wouldn’t have given the long haired me a second glance, now wanted to talk to me, even asking to feel or rub my head.
For two days we were a big sensation, the taking point of the school. Then on day three, Nigel, a kid in my class, was sent to school in sandals. Very unfashionable at the time. It turned out he had athletes foot and his doctor had said he should keep his feet well ventilated, but that didn’t stop him becoming the new talking point in the school. After that we were just accepted.
Then when I turned up on the third Monday of term I was amazed to see two more boys in our year sporting freshly shaved heads and by the end of summer term our numbers had risen to eight.
I never thought for a second that Kev and I would be starting a trend.

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