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Mark Learns to Use the Clippers by Shant

This is a sequel to Baseball Tryouts.


About two weeks after I had cut Tyler, Brian and Mark’s hair, they stopped by at the end of the day to tell me how tryouts had gone and what Coach Allen had thought about their haircuts.

"It was definitely worth doing it," Brian said. "You should have seen the look on Coach’s face when the three of us walked out onto the ballfield. His mouth literally dropped as wide open as it could!"

"Before the practice actually started, Coach Allen told everyone he wanted their attention. He said that he was really impressed with the three of us being so dedicated. He said he knew how much it meant to us to get to play, and he really thanked us by showing him we were willing to go the extra mile."

"Coach Allen is such a popular teacher that receiving a compliment from him, especially in front of a crowd, was the ultimate praise you could get. We were all on cloud nine for about a week. We were all selected to the team, and Mark was actually chosen team captain."

"We’ll be making an appointment to get our hair cut real soon. We all agreed that it was a lot more fun coming in together, rather than coming in by ourselves," Tyler said.

About two weeks later, while looking at my schedule for the day, I saw that Mark had made the very last appointment of the day, but the three of them weren’t coming in together.

I was a little disappointed, because it really was a lot more fun giving them all haircuts, one right after the other. Fortunately, Mark’s hair was my favorite, so I knew I would close up shop once he arrived, and then we’d see how things went. I mean, after last time, who knew what might happen?

When Mark walked in, I asked,"So, where are your partners in crime?"

"We’ve all had busy weeks and Tyler and Brian said they couldn’t make it until next week," Mark said. "I had never thought about how much more often you have to get a really short hairstyle cut if you want to keep it looking neat."

"I was hoping that you could start cutting my hair to look like Tyler’s does. I really think his haircut looks awesome," Mark said. "I was really envious how great his hair looked when you cut it."

"That actually was the haircut that I had wanted to give you, but I decided if I cut Tyler’s hair as short as I did your hair, he would have looked almost bald. With that black hair of yours, you could still see how thick your hair is and how great it looked with the shorter flattop."

"I was hoping that when you start growing your hair out that I could convince you to try the longer flattop," I said. "Tyler’s hair looked great, but I think nothing looks more striking than coal black hair cut into the longer style flattop. Using that hair product that I use also makes your hair shine even more. You will definitely stand out in a crowd."

"In about four weeks your hair will be long enough to look exactly like Tyler’s does. I can shape it up now so that it will keep looking sharp, and the next time you come in, I’ll be able to give you the exact same haircut Tyler got," I said.

Mark sat down in the chair and I caped him up. I took my fingers and just enjoyed running them from the front of his head to the back, over and over again, getting to feel what a beautiful mane he had even though it was so short. Mark had always been one of my favorite customers. Very few guys had better hair than he did.

The last time, I used the #1 guard on the sides and back, running them up to about three fingers above the top of his ears. This time, I used the #2 guard, leaving it a bit longer.

I slightly wet his hair and then brushed it all back. I blowdried his hair, getting it to stand up as high as possible.

It was so easy to just take my wide tooth comb and run it parallel to the side of his head and buzz off any hair that stood out beyond the comb. I did the exact same thing with the top.

The front would be just a little under an inch long after I squared everything all up. As I worked my way towards the back, I cut it just a little shorter. I ran my hands all over the top of his head. It was really great feeling how thick, and yet, how soft his hair felt.

I then took the hair product that Mark had used on me last time and applied it to his hair and then brushed it all into place.

With his hair so short, it looked like sharp bristles standing perfectly square all up the sides, back, and top of his head. His hair stood up as flat as a board. He had the greatest hair a guy could have if he wanted to have a great flattop.

I brushed his hair all back into place again. I really didn't need to brush it again, but I just didn't want the haircut to be over. I could also see that Mark really enjoyed having me play with his hair. I doubt that he had ever had anyone pay so much attention to his hair.

It looked great, and, like I had said, in less than four weeks he would have the exact same haircut that I had given Tyler. I couldn’t wait to cut it again.

"Man, I really like this flattop now," Mark said. "The last one was a little short, but we all knew we’d be leaving here with hardly any hair."

"It is amazing how different you can look in only four weeks if your hair is really short. I’m going to have a lot of fun figuring out how to comb it, as it grows longer."

"You have to keep your hair trimmed up a lot more often if you want to keep your flattop looking so square and sharp," I said.

"Maybe it’s because we both have almost the same hair, but, I’m always looking forward to cutting your hair. I probably enjoy cutting your hair more than any other customer that I have."

"I can’t wait getting to give you the flattop that you really wanted. I don’t think anything looks sharper than the long, square, boxy flattop you’ll have after the next time I cut it."

"You have to promise to keep this just between the two of us, but as long as you want to wear a flattop, I’d like you to come in every two weeks to keep it looking perfect, and I won’t charge you for the haircut. I love cutting your hair so much that I want your flattop to always be looking the best it can."

"That would be fantastic!" Mark said. "We’re a lot alike when it comes to our hair. I really liked using that hair product on you last time, because it really does make our hair look even better. I didn’t think my hair could look any blacker but that product made it shine so much that I loved how it looked even more."

"You know, I still haven’t had Ken cut my hair since you last cut it. I think you have a natural talent as a barber. You did such a great job, and I know how much you enjoyed cutting it. You had a huge smile on your face the entire time. How would you like to cut my hair for me again?" I said.

"You know that I would love to cut your hair again. I’ve always enjoyed trimming up Tyler’s and Mark’s hair for them, but your hair is in an entirely different class of its own."

"I enjoyed every single moment cutting your hair last time and I’m stoked that you thought I did a good enough job that you’ll let me cut it again. Do you want me to take off about half an inch so that it will be the length it was when I cut it?"

"Actually, I like so much how your flattop looks that I’m starting to think about getting one myself. Not today, but maybe sometime soon. I haven’t had a flattop in years, but all I have to do is look at how fantastic your flattop looks and it starts me thinking about possibly getting one."

"How about if you cut my hair shorter than last time? My hair is almost four inches long again on top. How would you like to take two inches off the top and then about an inch off the sides? That way, I can kind of ease into getting a flattop without it being such a drastic change."

"I think it’s great that while you’ll be growing your hair longer to have the ultimate flattop, I’ll be cutting mine shorter, until we both end up with the same looking haircut."

I realized that Mark and I were beginning to form a real bond between us. It wasn’t a gay thing, we were both straight. We just enjoyed that both of us were really into great hair and that we could talk freely about it with each other.

A person would expect a barber to like to cut great hair. I always knew that Mark really loved his hair, but I think he had always felt too self-conscious to ever say anything to anyone about it.

After these last two haircuts, he was much more relaxed around me and we really enjoyed knowing how much we were both so infatuated by great hair.

I sat down in the barber chair and Mark caped me up. "I’m so stoked that you’re going to let me cut your hair again," he said.

Without the other guys around, Mark was more comfortable and was having a great time getting to do something he had thought about doing for years. He had told me that he had admired my hair for so long, always wishing he could figure out a way to bring up the subject and getting to brush my hair. I knew that this was going to be the ultimate rush, letting him cut so much more of my hair off than he did last time.

We started out just like last time. I let Mark take as much time as he wanted brushing and combing my hair. I then had him part my hair on both sides and then comb them straight down. I had him comb all the hair on top that was between the two parts forward.

Sure enough, my hair was more than four inches long. I loved my hair, but I really looked forward to Mark cutting it. Again, if he screwed it up, all I had to do was go see Ken, but I had no fear at all that he would do a bad job.

"Okay, now I want you to start at the front and lift my forelock up and cut off two inches. I haven’t had that much hair taken off at one time in ages. I can’t wait to see you do it."

Mark did as I had instructed him. After he combed the front all straight up, he reached for the scissors. I could see how excited he was, getting ready to do this.

"Okay, here we go!" Mark said. "Taking off an inch last time was fantastic, but getting to cut off two inches is going to be really awesome." He could not contain his smile as he sliced off the two inches.

"Man, this is such a rush cutting off so much of your beautiful hair. Look how those thick, silken locks are falling onto your lap. Even with cutting off so much of your hair, you still have a great head of hair on top." He then continued working his way to the back, taking a little less than two inches off.

Once Mark finished cutting all the top down, I told him to take a brush and then brush my hair all straight back with no part at all. He had really done a good job on the top, and I decided that I was going to give him a huge surprise.

"It looks great so far," I said. "Now to work on the sides. You did a great job last time, but my hair is getting too long around my ears and is starting to hang over my collar. How would you like me to teach you how to use the clippers and taper the sides and back for me?"

"Are you really serious? Would you actually trust me to use the clippers on your hair knowing that I have never used them before? What if I make a mess out of it and ruin your hair?" Mark said.

"Not a problem. Remember, if it doesn’t look good we always have Ken to fix it. I’m sure I can teach you how to use them."

"That would be so wild! I’d love you to teach me how to use clippers, especially on your fantastic mane. I’ve watched you give so many haircuts that I feel pretty confident that I can do it. I’d sure love to try."

"We’ll start by using the #4 guard on the clippers. That would leave me with half an inch of hair, which will be more than enough hair to have Ken even it up, if necessary."

I was probably just as excited as Mark was. "Okay, take the clippers and place them at the bottom of my sideburn. Just keep a steady hand and run them up to about two fingers above the top of my ear. Then take the clippers and just tilt them up and out to end the cut. Let’s see you do the first swipe and we’ll see how you do."

Mark was a natural. He confidently ran the clippers up and out like I had instructed him. The cut looked fine. "Okay, now do that all the way up both sides and then the back. As long as you keep your hand steady, you’ll do great."

My hair around my ears and in the back was over an inch long and really needed to be tapered down. When Mark finished cutting the sides, he placed his hand on the top of my head, like he had seen me do so many times, and tilted my head downward and ran the clippers up to the same heighth as he had the sides.

"You’re doing great!" I said. "Now is the hardest part, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll do fine."

"Now I want you to comb all my hair on the top and sides all straight back. You obviously know how to trim the sides since you’ve cut both Tyler’s and Brian’s hair, and now mine too. Just take your scissors and starting at the front, lift up my hair so that you have part of the top and the hair on sides together. You’ll easily be able to see where you need to cut it in order for it to blend into the top."

It was unreal that I was letting someone with no experience with clippers cut my hair. I guess that being a barber and changing my hairstyle alot made me not be afraid. I mean, it was only hair and would grow back out in almost no time.

Mark started cutting my hair like I had told him to do. "I have to tell you Dave that I am having the time of my life. It’s so awesome running a comb all through your hair and getting to feel how wonderful it is, and then actually cutting so much of it off!"

After Mark finished cutting the sides and back, I told him, "Just one last step to go. You’re a natural barber. You’ve really done a great job. Okay, now brush my hair on the sides all back again. Take the wide tooth comb there on the counter and place it where you finished running the clippers up the sides and back. Tilt the comb out a little and then just cut any hair that is showing above the comb and cut it off.That should blend in the sides evenly."

Mark did what I had told him to do. He really had a good eye and blended all my hair in together really well. It was hard to believe that this was the first time he had ever cut someone’s hair other than just giving him a trim.

Mark slightly wet my hair and reached for the styling product that he had used last time. He ran the product through my hair and then ran his hands through my hair from front to back. Over and over, he lifted up my hair and pushed it all back. I could easily see what a great time he was having. I was having a great time too.

After Mark finished combing my hair, he removed the cape, and said, "Tell me honestly, what do you think? You think I have a future as a barber?" he said all the while smiling.

I was really stoked by what a great job he had done. I was 100% satisfied with the haircut. "I love it. Next time I may have you actually go ahead and give me a flattop just like the one I’m going to give you. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind doing that, would you?"

"How about if we keep these haircutting sessions between ourselves? I don’t want either Tyler or Brian to feel left out, and I don’t want them to be upset that I’m giving you free haircuts and not them too."

"And one last thing. If you want me to continue teaching you how to cut hair, I don’t want you to end up taking Tyler and Brian away from my chair. They really have great hair, and I enjoy cutting it, but your hair is the best by far."

"You’ve got a deal," Mark said. "I can’t wait to get the flattop we’ve talked about and I can’t wait to have my next lesson using the clippers. You need to keep thinking about me giving you the same flattop that you are going to give me. That would be an incredible time!"

"Just think," I said. "In just four weeks we might end up having the same haircut. I can’t wait to see us standing side by side and seeing how our hair looks."

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