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Summer hair cut by Watson James

At last,school summer holidays. No school for 3 months. Sam my younger brother came into my room and saw my bag on my bed, walked over to it " this prank is going to be really funny " he took out my jeans and swimming shorts, replaced them with lots more shorts, swimming trunks " this is to good " took out my boxers shorts in went white fronts " boys let's go, time for your haircut " dad called out.

I walked to dad's car and saw Sam in the front " Tim sit at the back and tuck your t-shirt into your shorts "" dad I do it when I get in the car" I replied back " right now Tim " dad replied "ok ".
Dad pulled outside the barbershop and we went in " morning sir how can I help you " said the barber " my sons need their hair cut before we leave "" right away sir ". The barber looked over at me " you first " I sat down on the barber chair, he picked up a old fashioned pair of clippers and started cutting deep into my hair , lots of my hair fell around the barber chair , next was the razor comb hair thinner and started around my back and sides. I felt the cold breeze over my neck and ears, he picked up a comb and a pair of sciorrs and started on the top of my head.
When the barber was finished he washed my hair, dryed it then put old fashioned hair cream through my hair " all done " I looked at myself in the mirror " bloody hell! it's really short...dad" " that's a good old fashioned hair cut Tim " " for the 1930s dad " " Tim your brother next " I got of the chair and sat down beside dad.

Now I sat and watched Sam get his hair cut...it was not like mine at all, he got it short with a trim " all done " said the barber, Sam got up from his chair,looked at me as he went passed me and smiled " what the hell " I thought.
We arrived at are summer house near the beach, unpacked dad's car " ok boys go to your rooms and unpack" said mum . I walked into my room and put my bag on my bed, as I was unpacking my bag Sam was watching me with a cheeky smile " were did my jeans and boxer shorts go "" did you say jeans and boxer shorts Tim " I looked at Sam " yes" you packed your bag yourself, so all these shorts and swimming trunks plus white fronts are yours " when mum walked into my room " what's wrong boys " " Tim thought he packed jeans and boxer shorts mum " " Tim put your clothes in those drawers right now ".

We all sat round the kitchen table eating pizza " Tim did you put all your clothes in your drawers " said mum " yes ma'am " was my reply when the front door bell rang " Tim go and see who it is " dad said as he sat back on his chair " yes sir". Got up from my chair, walked over to the front door and looked through the spy hole , it was are neighbour Mr Peters, opened the front door " hello Tim, great hair cut "" hello Mr Peters it's good to see you again, come on in ".
Morning came and mum came walking into my room " let's go Tim, you are going to help me make breakfast for everyone " slowly I opened my eyes and saw mum standing over me , looked at my watch " mum it's 5 in the morning, seriously, get Sam to help you "" don't seriously me young man, get up ".
5.30am Sam and dad came walking into the kitchen " helping mummy make breakfast Timmy " " enough Sam " dad said in a strong tone " just kidding dad ""sure Sam ". We had are breakfast " going to ride my bike into town after breakfast " I said with a smile " no you are not young man, you are going to help me get shopping " " but mum!" " no buts,that's final"
I waited for mum in the hallway when Sam came down the stairs " bit hot for jeans Sam "" he smiled at me " I have swimming shorts underneath my jeans Timmy "" it's Tim, I am your older brother Sam "" you have your t-shirt tucked into your shorts and helping mummy with the shopping " Sam took money from his Jean pocket " where did you get that money from " I asked him " dad " before I said another word mum came walking up to us " Tim come along " .
I was pushing the supermarket ' and mum was filling it, I did not notice mum put unisex underwear in the trolley. Once we were done we headed to the checkout, behind the checkout was a older woman, mum chatted to the lady for a while, mum looked at me " ok sweetie let's go.

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