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Cody by Moc

by Moc

It was early on a Thursday morning in early July, I was relaxing on a lawn chair in front of Sarah’s Moccasins booth at the music festival. We had set up the awning and booth last night, and then Sarah and Patty took off to party, I didn’t expect them to be awake until mid afternoon. I was drinking coffee while waiting for browsers and shoppers to start wandering through the vendors area.

I looked up and noticed a young guy, about 6’ tall with wavy dark brown, shoulder length hair, heading my way. What caught my attention was the vintage Diesel T-shirt he was wearing, olive in color with the logo of the guy with a Mohawk hairstyle on the front. He wandered into the booth and was checking out the moccasins and moccasins boots that Sarah had spent the winter making for this season. I complimented him on the shirt, since I hadn’t seen one in about 20 years. He grinned and said he had bought it on-line. I introduced myself and he told me his name was Cody when he shook my hand. I said, "I’m guessing you wear a size 11?" When he affirmed my estimation, I reached into the trailer and pulled out a pair of brown buffalo boots, a pair of buckskin elk boots, a pair of regular buffalo mocs, and pair of elk mocs.

"Go ahead, try on the boots." Cody kicked off his black Converse sneakers, slipped his feet into the buffalo boots, and said, "Wow, these are just the right size!" I grinned and told him to slip them off and try the elk boots. Cody laced them up and walked around in the grass with a grin on his face, "these feel incredible!" After about 10 minutes of chatting, he frowned and said, "I love them, but I can’t afford them." I said, "we can’t afford advertising, so how about you wear them all during the festival, showing them off wherever you go! The festival is over on Tuesday evening, so stop on back and pick up you Converse sneakers on Tuesday." "Really? That would be cool!" We exchanged cell phone numbers and I told him to give me a jingle if he needed anything. As Cody walked away wearing the elk moccasins boots, I figured he was the perfect walking billboard.

On Saturday morning I texted Cody, "You are doing a great job advertising, we have been slammed since Thursday! Stop on by today and pick up the gift Sarah left for you." About 1:00 Cody stopped by the booth just as I was wrapping up a sale of another pair of buffalo boots. I turned to find Cody relaxing in my lawn chair with a grin on his face. "113 pair of moccasin boots today, each at $300, because they talked to this young guy wearing a Diesel t-shirt and moccasin boots. All thanks to you Cody! Here is something from Sarah for you, since it is starting to get hot today." Cody opened the sack to reveal a buckskin pouch and a leather breechclout. "Tie the thong at your hips, and put on the breechclout. The pouch will serve as your wallet. Oh yeah, there is $300 in the sack for you for spending money, Sarah is making money!" "Can I use you trailer for 10 minutes?" asked Cody. When I nodded, he disappeared, just as couple more customers showed up to try on moccasins. About 20 minutes later Cody returned to the booth, sipping a Coke, and wearing his new breechclout, pouch, and the elk boots. "Well, I have to get back out there!" Cody said with a wink and a grin as he dis-appeared into the crowd.

On Sunday morning about 9, I was having a cup of coffee when Cody appeared. Cody seemed to have something on his mind as I poured him a cup of coffee. "I was wondering if you could do me a favor? A friend of mine said that I should cut my hair, instead of wearing a Diesel T-shirt, what do you think?" he said as he ran this hand threw his long locks. I grinned as I said, "You could definitely pull off a Mohawk! Just let me grab a few things from my tent, while you finish your coffee." I returned with my cordless hair clippers, barbers shear, a couple of combs, some hair wax, shaving cream, and a Gillette razor.

Cody stripped off his Diesel T-shirt, ran his fingers threw his hair, and then squatted on the ground in front of me as he said, "lets do this!" I combed his hair and then I lifted his locks over his right ear and snipped them off close to his skull. I continued from his forehead, combing and snipping over the hair from the top of his head and right side of his head. As I switched to his left side, Sarah showed up and nodded her approval. "Looking good Cody! I can’t thank you enough for all the great advertising you did. We only have about 30 pair of moccasins, and we will be sold out!" Cody grinned as I continued to strip the long locks from his head. I grabbed the hair wax, and pulled a dollop through Cody’s central scalp lock, working it upright into a roach. I trimmed his roach to about 3 ½" inches. Sarah had gone in search of hot water and returned with some in a bowl. I worked some shaving cream into the top and sides of Cody’s head, massaging it into the stubs left by the scissors. I grabbed the razor, put in a fresh blade, and then I started to shave the right-hand side of his roach, rinsing off the stubble and foam in the hot water. I changed razor blades and then shaved the left side of Cody’s roach. "Wow!" exclaimed Cody as he reached his hand up to feel his head. "We are not done yet!"

I re-lathered his head, before changing the blade on the razor. I slowly shaved his head again, going against the hair growth this time. As I rinsed out the blade, I ran my fingers over his head to make sure I had removed all the stubble. I was hoping to leave him egg bald on the sides of his head, and I succeeded. I re-combed his roach, to make sure it was even and only had to do a couple minor adjustments to the length.

Sarah came back, bearing gifts for Cody: the brown buffalo boots, the pair of regular buffalo mocs, and the pair of elk mocs that Cody had tried on Thursday. She also had his black converse sneakers in bag. "Cody, I know it isn’t enough, but I hope you will consider coming back next year for the festival. Think it over and give me a jingle."

As Sarah went into the trailer to check what she had left in inventory, Cody came over and hugged me. "Thanks for giving me a Mohawk!" As Cody left our store area, I noted he had the start of a good tan on his chest and legs from the festival. About 9:00 that night, Cody stopped by as I was sipping some whiskey, tired out from the festival crowds. Cody declined my offer of whiskey, but he did have a Coke. "There was $500 in the sack with my tennis shoes." "Yup. I figured you deserved a little thank you since you have the stones to get a mohawk." I said. Cody gave me hug as I admonished him to keep his head shaved egg bald on the sides, "it will really make your Mohawk stand out." As he left, I hoped I would be seeing him again.

The End

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