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A Rebellious Punishment - True Story by Jeff

This all happened to me just last week!

Ring Ring Ring the school bell rang on a hot firday of my Freshman Year.
`Jeff, you stay after, I need to talk to you.` `What is it Mrs. Jenson?`
I asked. `I need to speak to your parents by next friday or you are going
to have to go summer school and no one wants that to happen.` She said.
In my head, I knew she that she wanted to talk to them seeing how I
through away the notes she had sent home with me thinking that she
would eventually forget. I guess I was a bit of a trouble maker. I
always teaseing the nerdy boy in front of me and made fun of the fat girl
that sat next to, I was a little rebellouss. I had the typical rebel look
with faded blue jeans, my most comfortable blue jeans and hair down past
my ears. I loved to skate board and my parents gave me a lot of freedom
unitl that following monday.
`Mom, Mrs. Jenson wants to see you and dad before firday or I have to go
to summer school.`
`What!! What have you done now Jeffrey. I am so tired of having to go
to school and work out all your little problems with all your teachers. If
you have to go summer school, you will be in for so much trouble!`
Now I was scared, my mom never blew up at me like that before. The following
wed., we all went into school early to talk to the teacher. It turns out,
she was getting sick and tried of my little rebellian stage and I better
clean it up or she will make me go to summer school. My father told her `dont
to worry, Jeffrey will clean it up all right and you will not have any more
problems with him for last month of school.` I did not know what to do. What
was my father going to do to me when I got home seeing how he told me to
come straight home after school.
When I got home, he and my mother were wiating for me, they must have both
gotten out of work early which was highly unusual. `This is the last time
we are going into school for you Jeff, we are tired of this s**t that you
have been pulling as of late. It all stops now. You are grounded for the
rest of the school year and you will do nothing but study. Then, you will
right apology letters to that little boy and girl you tease so much in
`No way!! There is no way I will right that little nerd and that fat
lard any letters.`
`Ok, you just earned yourself another punishment and trust me, you will get
your teasing at school and we see how you like it. Go put your books up in
your room and come right back down here.` The whole time I thought to
myself, great, what is going to happen now, what have I done!
I went back down stairs after changing into some cargo shorts and dad was
holding the keys to the car in his hand.
`Hun, we will be right back, Me and Jeffrey are going out for about and hour or
so.` We got into the car and drove into town. It was the longest most silent
trip we have ever taken together. We drove down Main Street and Dad pulled
into an empty spot in front of Chucks, a one chair barbershop across the street
from Haircutz, the salon I usally get my ends trimmed at.
`Dad, please not a haircut, I`ll do anyhting, Please?` I pleaded.
`Jeff, you already had your chance to make things right with your classmates and you
refused so now, you get yours.` I sobbed as we went into the
barbershop and chuck welcomed us with a jolly hello.
`Well, Jeffrey, I have not seen you in here for a very long time. The only
time I see you is when you go into my competitions to get that mop
trimmed.` Chuck said refering to my 8 inch long dark brown hair.
`You look a little skruffy, you come in for a trim?` as he invited me into his
big red leather chair. My dad nudged me and told me to take a seat. Chuck
approached me and lifted my hair to rap the anchient cloth cape around my
`Chuck, we have been having some problems with my boy here in school, it seems
that he has been going through a rebellous stage.`
`Yeah, I can see that with his hair.` Chuck said in his hearty voice and a bit
of laughter. `I will take care of him, nice crewcut will be in order.` Chuck
said. I was a little releaved because I had a crewcut for most of my life.
`No chuck, not this time, he is not getting out of his punishment that easy!.
He is going to learn his lesson! Chuck, shave him bald. All of a sudden, my
eyes teared up and I started to sob again. `Stop that now Jeffrey, you
brought this upon yourself now take it like a man.` `Now john, dont you think
that is a little extreme, maybe a high and tight would be in order, I dont
think we should shave him bald.` said chuck in my favor. `Chuck, shave him!`
`Ok, john, if thats what you want, that is what I will do, I can do that.`
As I sat there in the quiet barbershop, I could here nothing but Chuck
fumbling with his tools.
`Ok son, if shaved is what your father wants, here we go!` said Chuck
Suddenly, a large click brought the large red pair of clippers to life. He
approached the the side of me and said `John are you sure, this is a big
change and once I start, there is not going back!`
`I am sure chuck, SHAVE HIM BALD.` Chuck moved toward me and put a
strong grip on the side of my head. He moved the humming clippers
closer to my head until they touched my forehead. He placed them at the
base of my hairline and took a deep breath. With one slow. smooth and gentle
motion, he pushed the clipper ever so slowly across the top of head reveiling
white scalp and sand paper like stubble with what I assumed was a #000
blade. He went over my head several times unitl there was no trace of hair
left on my head. He went over it one more time making sure he got everything.
`Ok John, all done.` `No Chuck, Shave him.` Chuck syed and put his clippers
down. He walked behind me grabbed a hot towel out of hisdrawer and rapped my head

with it. He then took it off and spread rich hot lather all over my head and
even my face. He then took his Straight Blade razor out and sharpened it on
the strap hanging from the chair. He came to the side of me and moved the
razor very slowly with a gentle stroke over my head. He did this several times
until my head and face were cleaned of hair. He put a lotion on my
head and sent us on our way. I did not talk to my dod for the rest of the
night and I went straight to my room when we got home without dinner. The
next day, kids stared at me everywhere I went in the school and the nerdy
little boy and fat little girl laughted at me.
I definatly learned my lesson the day Dad had my head shaved.

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