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How is it going by Recruit

I had not seen Steve for almost five years. We had been close friends until I moved south. We did manage to call each other or send cards and correspond by email. But had not seen each other for awhile. When I told him I was coming back for a visit he informed me he was planning to come down to my area. I changed my plans and arranged to meet him at the airport on his arrival. I was eager to find out just how everything had been going with him. Especially his plans as to his upcoming marriage. I arrived early to make sure I caught his flight. Which of course was late. I looked around for Steve but did not see him.But then I was looking for his signature red goatee and curly red hair. I was beginning to wonder if he was even on the flight. I was sitting in the lounge waiting for him. When suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice say "How Is it going?" Yes, it was Steve. But his familiar goatee was gone. And he had a knit cap on his head. How he recognized me I was not sure. Since, we last saw each other my full head of hair was gone. And I was now one of those guys with typical MPB. With what you would say was a buzz cut.As we were driving back to my place I asked him how he was doing. He told me that he and his fiancee had called off the wedding and he needed to get away.I told him I was sorry it did not work out for him but other than "How is it going with you?" His answer confused me when he answered " That is part of the reason, it has been going fast." I responded "What do you mean?"He then removed his knit cap to reveal that his once full head of hair had begun to recede. Not as advanced as mine. And yet not far from MPB.I was shocked for I remember him with thick red hair. And now like me he was losing his.When we arrived at my apartment Steve tossed of his coat and shoved his suitcase aside. I had made plans to go out for dinner and a few beers.I could feel some uneasiness with him. Until he loosened up.Steve opened up and revealed to me the reason for his tension. He began to lose his hair about three years ago. His fiancee had been insisting he get a weave or transplant.When he told her he was thinking about shaving his head she ended it.I told him Had been considering shaving mine, but had not got up the nerve to attempt it. Evidently, that was all he needed. For before I knew Steve was encouraging me to shave my head. Back at my place everything fell into place or should I came off. I found myself shaving Steve's head bald and he in turn shaved mine. We both enjoyed shaving each other's head. And discovered how much we liked the look. Over the next few days I took Steve around to see the sights since I had time off from work. We shaved each others heads every other day. When the time came for Steve to return back home, he told me he intended to keep shaving his head. Yes, the same for me. Since, then we have corresponded more frequently. As far as our shaving experience. All I can say is we are bald to stay and now shave our heads every day. Ah yes bald is the way. And I am going to be his best man at his wedding. Steve will be bald and so will I.

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