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Getting Into It by A Recruit

For a long time I had been giving consideration to going for one of the shorter hair styles. But just did not get around to actually having my hair cut shorter. For me I just could not come to forsake my shoulder lenght brown hair.Perhaps, it was because I wanted too wear my hair longer as long as possible.

I know it sounds absurd but some of my friends, who cut or wore their hair short, were either losing their hair. Or appeared to be going bald to me. I was almost phobic about going for short hair fearing I would look like them. I could not face what would become a reality-going bald.

Things began to change in my sophomore year of college. My situation changed. It could not be happening to me. But it was true! My hair my beautiful hair decided to hit the highway. Yipes, I was now faced with looking like some of my friends. So, I got my first short cut. I began with the traditional flattop.

It seemed to suit me. Everyone liked it on me. And it did not accentuate the thinning that had begun. Unfortunatley, my hair had no intention of staying with me. My hairline progressively moved furthur and furthur back and I developed a big round bald spot on the back of my head.

By the middle of my junior year my hair or should I say lack of was quite noticeable. I just had not realized my hair had begun to thin, when I wore it longer. Now I knew my destiny. I would have that formidable fringe that both my brothers had before they were thirty.

However, in my case it appeared to be happening to me earlier than it did with them. I could not hide the fact I was going balder and balder. Many options crossed my mind. But none seemed to be the right one. It was at the suggestion of a close college friend that I buzzed it off. In his case he began losing his hair in high school. And ended up shaving his head in his senior year. Never to grow it back again.

I felt this was something I could not do. And yet I hated seeing men with fringes or artificial hair. It seemed so unatural. Finally, in my senior of college while on srping break I did it. Or rather had a couple of my college buddies shave my head.

It surprised me. I actually enjoyed the feel of having my head shaved. I knew this was my point of no return. I faithfully shaved my head daily. And have continued to do so. Even one of my brother`s has now come around to keeping his shaved. My other brother holds on to that obnoxious fringe. Being bald is not all that bad.

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