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New house new barber part2 by Tony5624

New house new haircut part 2

Brian knocked for me on the Monday morning and we walked to school together, I was very aware of my looks with the new short haircut and felt quite awkward, but as we walked through the school gates, I was very aware that most of the boys had the same haircut, it was an all boys school and apparently quite strict.
I went into registration and realised I was in the same class as Brian, the day went very quickly and soon we were walking back home together.
What did you think of your first day Gary?, I said, not as bad as I thought it would be and nobody mentioned the haircut, so all ok really Brian, I will see you in the morning, knock on your way and we can walk together.

That evening, Mum asked me about school and I told her it wasn't as bad as expected, I said, nobody mentioned the extreme short haircut as most of the boys had similar length hair, just one or two with longer hair, she smiled at me and said, so it's the same haircut again in four weeks then Gary? I said, I suppose it will be hard to get out of it with Brians Dad being the only barber here, and being as most of the other boys having short hair too, it's ok I suppose, although I do find it rather too short and Brians Dad said it will be even shorter for the summer, that I find very scary, I ran my fingers up my bare neck and still couldn't believe how smooth and naked it felt. I said, I am going to play a few games online then get some sleep Mum, ok darling, she said, love you, see you in the morning.

The routine for the next three weeks was pretty much the same, then Brian called for me for school and reminded me that we were due for our haircuts tonight on our way back home, my heart sunk and I felt it was a nightmare happening again, but I suppose I had to get used to it as Mum had agreed with Brians Dad that I would be there as planned. We left school and walked to the barber shop where Brians Dad was ready and waiting for us, the same thing happened again, Brian went first, then my turn after, I sat there feeling the clippers shaving me again and the same thing after with the razor to make it smooth again like before, then the brylcream and the perfect side parting, it didn't feel as bad this time as it wasn't as long to start with, not like the last haircut where my hair was about eight inches long and ended up with a huge pile on the floor of the barber shop.
I thanked Brians Dad and we walked home, I said to him, see you in the morning mate. As I walked indoors, Mum said, oh darling, you look so smart with your school uniform and your nice short haircut, Brians Dad does such a nice job.

Brian had taken a photo of me after my haircut, I suppose it wasn't too bad, I had had a few weeks to get used to the new look.
Mum said to me, it's your sixteenth birthday this weekend, anything in particular you want ? I said yes please, there is a new computer game out, I would like that .

I went up to my room after dinner and looked at myself in the mirror, feeling the back of my neck, I found myself getting quite turned on at the feel of the shaved skin, it was a strange feeling, I knew that I was gay, but never discussed it with anyone, I went to bed that night and found myself relieving my very hard cock while feeling my shaved neck, it was a completely new feeling for me and when I researched it, I realised I had a hair fetish. I went to school the following morning and chatted with Brian on the way, I didn't know if he had worked out I was gay yet, but if he had he hadn't said. There was a guy in my group that I really liked and I was sure he was gay too.
The next few weeks was pretty much the same, another couple of haircuts, but it was getting more and more of a turn on for me, every time after my haircut I found myself getting hard and having to relieve myself before I could go to sleep. Mum said to me, it's coming up to the summer holidays in a couple of weeks and your cousin Chris has asked if he can come up and stay for two weeks after he breaks up from school, I told him it's fine. Ok Mum, then I suddenly thought, oh my God, my next haircut is just as we break up, Chris has long hair like I had before, he is going to take the piss so much when he sees my new short haircut. Sure enough, the day after my haircut, Chris arrived, he took one look at me and said, what the f*** is that haircut Gary?
I said, it's a long story Chris, but there is only one barber shop in this town and the guy I go to school with from just along the road is the son of the barber. I got my first haircut by his Dad the day after we moved here, it was really awful that day, my long hair cut so short, but now I am used to it as most boys in the school have the same haircut. Chris said, ok, but it will take some getting used to seeing you with such short hair.
We went down for dinner that evening and Mum said to Chris, your hair is getting far too long Chris, it's looking very untidy, I will arrange for Brians Dad to give you a haircut tomorrow, he spluttered and said, it's ok Aunty, I will wait until I go back home to get a haircut. Mum looked at him and said, I have already discussed it with your Mum and she said it's a good idea and that you really need a good haircut, so it's all arranged, I will phone George after dinner and see if he can do it tomorrow.
After dinner I heard Mum on the phone to George, he obviously said yes to cutting Chris's hair, Mum said, Gary will go with you at nine in the morning to the barber shop.
After dinner we went upstairs to play some games online, Chris was very quiet and looked quite upset, he was nearly a year older than me, almost seventeen, he said, I am really upset about this Gary, I said, it's ok Chris, it's not too bad once you get used to it, he said, no it's not ok, you probably don't know this, but I am gay, I blurted out to him, so am I, but nobody knows about me here. He said, I have known for years your gay Gary, I don't mind about that, it's me, I have a boyfriend, he is a bit older than me, what the hell will I tell him when he sees my short hair, he loves my long hair.
I said, oh, sorry mate, I had no idea about you, but your not going to be able to get out of this one, your Mum has agreed it and my Mum has already arranged it with Brians Dad. He said' I know, Mum has been moaning at me for months now to get a haircut, but I keep fobbing her off and saying yeah, next week Mum, now I have no choice, I heard her on the phone to George saying the same haircut as yours. Like I said Chris, it's ok once you get used to it, also, I want to tell you something, I have not said anything to anyone about this, but after my haircut every four weeks, the feel of my shaved skin and short hair really turns me on and I always have to relieve myself after, it's really strange, but I actually look forward to my monthly haircut.
Wow, Gary, that is a strange one, but different things turn different people on in different ways, Justin, my boyfriend gets turned on by shaving me smooth, he likes my body smooth all over, he shaves me every week, under arms, pubes and any other hair like chest hair or around my belly button, I don't have hair on my arms or legs as there naturally smooth, so we all have different things that turn us on. Hey Chris, I have often thought about shaving my pubes, but never had the courage to go through with it, does it feel nice after it's been shaved? Yes Gary, I have to say, I feel very sexy and turned on when Justin is shaving me. Do you want me to shave you later, we need to wait until your Mum is in bed and won't disturb us, I must admit I was feeling very arroused by that thought, ok Chris, yes let's do it.

We went downstairs and got a drink and sat in the garden talking that evening, after a while, Mum popped her head out of the kitchen door and said, I am going up to bed now, don't be too late you two boys, you need to be up early in the morning to get to the barber shop, ok Mum, see you in the morning, we are going up in a bit.
I said to Chris, I have a couple of new razors in my bedroom, he said, ok, I have some too, let's go and shave you now, fortunately I have an en suite bathroom so we won't get disturbed by Mum.
We went up and shut the door, we both undressed and I admired Chris's body that had just been shaved the day before, I said, wow, it looks awesome Chris, do mine the same, we went into the bathroom and straight away Chis trimmed my pubic hair before lathering me up and shaving me smooth, I was getting hard while he took his time getting me totally smooth, he then shaved under my arms too before drying me off, I looked in the mirror and saw how amazing I looked so smooth, we both were hard and relieved ourselves, then went to bed. The next morning we were up and showered ready for our trip to the barber shop, Chris was noticeably quiet this morning and obviously not happy about the forthcoming haircut, we had some breakfast and Mum left for work, dropping us off on the way.

We entered the barber shop just before nine, Brian's Dad greeted us both and said, ok Chris, you'r Aunty has told me to give you the same haircut that Gary has, apparently she has already discussed it with your Mum and she has agreed. Jump in the chair and I will soon get you looking presentable. I sat down and got myself in a good position to see exactly what Brian's Dad was doing, Gary was very quiet and sat reluctantly in the barbers chair awaiting his fate, his hair was even longer than mine was when we arrived here a few moths ago, but he actually had darker brown hair than me, almost black, very straight and what I call quite floppy, his fringe when hanging forward came to just below his chin and the back was past his shoulders, he could have easily tied it back in a ponytail although he never has to my knowledge. The only other difference between his and mine was the fact I could not grow facial hair and Gary has sideburns to past the bottom of his ear.
The cape was now fastened tightly and Chis' head was pushed forward, his chin touching his chest and the barber holding it firmly, then the silence in the shop was changed, with the loud sound of his clippers firing up, I could see clearly as he lifted the long hair up above his collar and the buzzing clippers started making there way up Chis's neck, a huge wad of long hair sliding down the cape and onto the floor, leaving a two inch wide path of very white skin, then several more times this finally revealed a cleanly shaved neck and a huge pile of long hair on the floor, I felt myself getting very hard in my pants as I sat watching Chis being transformed into a short haired guy that I had never really seen before. Then his head was pushed to the side and the clippers placed at the bottom of the ear, roaring up through his dark sideburns and up to his temple allowing waves of long dark hair to slide down the cape and rest in a pile in his lap, eventually leaving the side to reveal the clean white skin instead of long dark hair, then the other side the same, although I didn't get a clear view of that, lastly the long fringe hanging down past his chin was at attacked with scissors to just above the level of his eyes, he was then lathered up with shaving foam and the back and sides taken to the skin with the straight razor, this was the part of the haircut I liked best, knowing that I could run my fingers up the bare skin on my neck, that always turned me on. Finally the brylcream was applied and a perfect straight side parting created with the fringe neatly combed back off the face, I sat there totally turned on by all this, hoping it wasn't showing in my jeans. There we are Chris, I think your Aunty and indeed your Mum will be pleased with the result, a nice short back and sides. We paid for the haircut and walked back home, Chris was very quiet and didn't say much at all, I encouraged him and remember the first haircut I got there, saying he looked really hot with a short back and sides, he looked at me and said, seriously Gary or are you joking, no I said, really serious.

We arrived back home and I asked him if I could feel the back, he smiled at me and said, you really do like it don't you? I ran my fingers up his neck and it felt awesome, he let out a soft groan as I touched his bare shaved neck, I could see he was so hard as I did that.

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