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New house new barber part 3 by Tony5624

New house new barber part 3

Chris was enjoying me running my fingers up his bare shaved neck, he kept saying, this feels awesome, you have a nice touch, I want to have a shower Gary, I can feel the bits of hair down my back, is that ok, said, yes of course, he undressed and I could see how turned on he was by my touching his shaved neck, I was so hard too, he said, why don't you join me Gary, we both know how turned on we are. I hesitated a little as I had never done anything before, but the feeling got the better of me and I got in the shower too. Chris started rubbing my hard cock and it felt so awesome, I couldn't resist running my fingers up his neck again feeling just how soft and smooth he was before we both started kissing. I was feeling so horny, but a little guilty that he was cheating on his boyfriend , but it didn't stop me, we had a really hot time. We got dried off and dressed, then I showed Chris how to use the brylcream and get the perfect parting.

I spent quite some time on his hair and I think he noticed that too, we chatted about being gay and I admitted that I had not yet had a boyfriend. Chris said, I think I am going to enjoy my time here and might ask your Mum if it's ok to stay another two weeks, I said, that's a great idea, I am looking forward to learn more about being gay from you Chris, that's if you don't mind, nah, course not Gary, I am sure we can have more fun, but what about your friend Brian, we will have to do some things with him as well, yeah, that's fine"
The weather changed to being much hotter and we decided to find out if Brian wanted to go to the swimming pool tomorrow, he said great idea, I will give you a knock at ten in the morning. The three of us went off swimming and it was nice, Chris and Brian chatted a lot and it was nice they got on well, there was something Chris said while chatting with Brian that made him ask the question, Brian said, "so your gay then Chris"? Chris looked at me and then answered Brian, yes he said, then I butted in saying, so am I Brian, but I prefer if you keep that to yourself. Yes Gary, of course, but I had already guessed you were. Thanks Brian, I am not ready to tell anyone yet, Brian said, it's ok Gary, it's your business not anyone else's, let's get dressed and go get a burger, I am starving.

That evening we had just had dinner when the phone rang, my Mum answered it, she chatted for a while then returned to the kitchen, that was Brian's Dad, he said now the hot weather is here, you boys need a summer cut, he will see you all at the barber shop at nine in the morning, I will drop you off on the way to work. I said to Mum, I am not looking forward to this, surely he can't expect us to have it much shorter than it is already, secretly, I was feeling quite excited about it, the thought of having the back shaved to the skin again had got me feeling hard in my pants again.
We cleared up the dinner things then went up to play some games, a while later Mum called out, I am going to bed now boys, don't forget to be up on time in the morning.

Chris said, I hope your Mum doesn't think I need to be part of this haircut too, I want to get mine at least a little less severe before I go back home, I said to Chis, I think it's just Brian and me that he is referring to , so don't panic, to be honest, I am a little turned on by it to be honest, would you do something for me please Chris? Will you shave me again, I want to feel very smooth again on my body? Of course I can Gary, let's do it now, I shaved myself this morning in the shower, so I am already smooth if you fancy some fun too.
We went to the shower and we were both hard already, Chis shaved me smooth all over and then we enjoyed some very horny fun before going to bed ourselves.
The next morning we had breakfast and Mum dropped us at the barber shop, Brian was already in the chair receiving his summer haircut, hello boys, Brians Dad said, take a seat, I won't be long, we both sat there watching, the back and sides of Brian were shaved as usual, but now the scissors were chopping the top and fringe much shorter, it was almost to the point where the hair was standing up, not quite a buzz cut but still very short, so that's what he meant when he said summer cut.
Brian was finished and his Dad said, ok Gary up you jump, I sat in the chair already feeling the hardness in my pants, then the door opened and a very nice looking young guy came in with hair about the same length mine was originally, way too long for this type of barber shop, being a little old fashioned, Brians Dad looked across and greeted him by name, he said, oh your really busy this morning, I will come back later when I have more time, I realised it was my opportunity to see what haircut he got, I said, take my place if you like, we three have nothing to rush for, he smiled at me and said, are you sure, that's very nice of you to do that, I got up from the barbers chair and smiled back, saying, no problem for us at all.
Steven, as Brians Dad called him, sat in the chair,and said, sorry it's so long, I moved away about a year ago now and haven't had a haircut since, I miss my regular trip to your barber shop George, I started getting so excited about what was coming next, I sat just where I could get a good view while Brian's Dad caped him up ready, saying to him, so it's back to your regular short back and sides then Steven? Yes please George he said. The very hard cock in my pants now straining very hard inside my jeans was raging, I thought' I hope nobody notices it.
His long straight hair was combed, he still had a side parting even though the length had grown considerably , the clippers fired up and his head pushed right forward, the clippers roured through the long hair, the first wave falling to the floor leaving a two inch wide path up his neck, showing just how white his skin was under all that long hair ,again and again the clippers removed all the long hair from his neck, then the sides got the same treatment and finally the top and fringe were cut with scissors. The bare neck and sides were lathered up and shaved with the straight razor to reveal pure white skin, before the brylcream was applied and a perfect side parting combed, this guy looked gorgeous, really nice skin and nice dark eyes to go with his chestnut hair, I quickly found a scrap of paper in my pocket and scribbled my mobile number with a message, text me if you want to meet up, I folded it and as he got up from the chair, I discreetly passed it to him as I got in the chair next for a haircut.

Brians Dad, said, thank you for doing that Gary, it was very kind of you, I was caped up and given my summer haircut, the feeling of the neck shave seemed to be even more of a turn on today, instead of the usual brylcream and side parting, the top being so short was just given a little gel and brushed back to hold it firm and neat, finally I was finished and Chris was called to the chair by Brians Dad, Chris said its ok, I will leave mine until I go back home, he said, no, your Aunt has arranged with your Mum that you will have the same summer cut as Gary, so jump in the chair please. Gary looked so surprised he could not refuse, he was given the same as the rest of us and we left the shop to go back home, Brian stayed at his Dad's shop and got picked up by his Mum later.

Chris and I returned home, I was still turned on by the whole thing this morning, Chris looked at himself in the mirror and said to me, I suppose it's better than the first haircut, at least it's a bit more modern with the top short, but still can't believe I have had two haircuts while I have been here. I said to him, you look very sexy with the short cropped top Chris, can I feel the back again, he said, yes, let's go up to the bedroom and enjoy some fun. I couldn't stop thinking about Steven, I really hoped he would text, he was such a really hot looking guy, I think he was probably about Chris's age or maybe a little older, but not much. We enjoyed some hot fun before Mum got home from work, she said, wow, boys you both look so handsome, George has done a great job , let me take a photo of you both and send to your Mum , Chris. I am sure she will love it as much as me.

That evening, I was online and Chis was texting his boyfriend, he had decided to tell him about being ambushed into getting his haircut, he said he was so upset that he could not bring himself to send a photo yet, he said he just wanted him to know it wasn't something that he was expecting, he said, I understand that you liked my long hair and realise that you may want to end it with me now"
I left him to his conversation, then out of the blue I got a text, it was from Steven, he said, yes, very interested Gary, that was it, so, it was up to me to text back and arrange a meet. I text back, Hi Steven, this is Gary, I watched your haircut today and really thought you are a great looking guy, I was intrigued to know why you let your hair get so long before cutting it, my hair was the same length a few months ago until I discovered George the barber, would you like to meet up sometime?

Steven text back almost straight away explaining that he lived in this town before and regularly visited that barber shop and always got a short haircut, but when he went to work it was in another town, he said, he just let his hair grow knowing that he would be back here soon, but it was just over a year before he returned and his hair had got so long. He asked me if I liked him with short hair better than long, how it was today when he got to the barber shop, also would he like to meet me tomorrow morning for coffee.
I text back saying, yes I loved his new haircut and would like to meet in town tomorrow morning at ten.
He replied saying, it's great you like my new haircut and I look forward to chatting tomorrow.

Chris had finished talking to his boyfriend who was quite upset about his hair being short now, but agreed to talk when he got back home, I told him about Steven, the guy from the barber shop this morning, I said we are meeting for coffee in the morning at ten, I asked him not to say anything to my Mum about it until I know him better. Chris agreed and said to me, just be careful, I said ok, we both went to bed, Chris was asleep very quickly, but I lay there as I was excited to be meeting someone in the morning , I kept feeling my shaved neck and got so turned on I had to relieve myself before I could sleep.

The following morning I had breakfast and Mum left for work, I got ready to meet Steven, at ten we were at the coffee shop in town, we got to know each other a little and agreed to meet in a couple of days after a long chat, we got on well together and I did quite like him, but there just wasn't that real spark between us. After he left it was nearly lunch time and I felt hungry, I walked to the McDonalds in town, I ordered and sat at a table just contemplating my meet with Steven.

While sitting there I noticed an Indian guy looking at me as he sat eating too, every time I glanced across he was looking at me. I was quite surprised when he walked across and introduced himself, his name was Abdul, he said, I am sorry for staring at you, but your haircut intrigues me immensely. I said, oh, it's ok, don't mind you paying attention to me.
He said, did you get your haircut here in this town? I said, yes, there is only one barber shop here in town, but it looks like you would be looking for a salon with your beautiful long hair, it's incredible, it must have taken several years to get it that long.
His hair was everything that a girl would love, long, thick, shiny silky hair, it came to mid back length. He said, thank you so much for your kind compliment, I have lived in Nepal with my parents, my Father is English and my Mother Nepalise, I have my Mothers colour and her beautiful hair, but my Fathers gentle nature, a strange combination really. I came to England to experience life here and I have been given an opportunity by my Uncle who owns an Indian restaurant, he has allowed me to live in a flat over the restaurant, but he is insisting on me cutting my hair, I am very sad. I have been allowed to have long hair all my life, I have no siblings, so my Mother pampered me like a girl and my Father is very easy going and placid, so just allows me to do what pleases my Mother, I know I am lucky with my hair, it's my best asset.
My uncle does not agree, he thinks all waiters in the restaurant should have short hair.
I sat there thinking how I would love to get my hands in his hair, I thought the feeling of his silky long hair would be awesome, I said to him, there may be a solution to your problem, do you ever tie your hair up? He said, no, I have never tried it, what is your solution? I said, I would like to tie it up in a man bun, but I notice you have long sideburns, maybe I could shave them short for you and shave the untidy bits of hair on the back of your neck, that way it would look very neat and maybe your Uncle would accept that? He smiled at me and said, really, would you do that for me? I said, it would be a pleasure, but if he still thinks it needs to be cut, then I can introduce you to the barber I go to.
Abdul said, do you have time to do it now? I am supposed to get a haircut today and my Uncle may get angry if I don't do something before I start work at seven tonight. Yes of course, I will need a comb, a couple of bands and some new razors, do you have any scissors at the restaurant? He said yes, let's get the other things from the supermarket on the way.
In the supermarket I noticed a little hair kit with combs and scissors a pair of electric clippers although only small but with a selection of different guards, and a straight razor, it wasn't that expensive, so I bought it while Abdul picked up a bag of mixed hair bands and some razors. We got back to the flat over the restaurant and it was just Abdul staying there, it was clean and tidy and everything in its place, I knew straight away he was gay and he placed a chair just in the middle of the floor, he sat there and looked up at me saying, are you sure you don't mind doing this for me Gary ? I said, to be honest Abdul, there is an ulterior motive to me doing this, I want to feel how nice your long hair is to touch and comb, so it's my pleasure, and also your such a very nice looking guy too, he smiled and said, thank you, I hope we can see more of each other too.

I unpacked the hair kit and plugged the little clippers in before taking the wide toothed comb to start combing his long hair, the comb glided through with ease, I said before I tie your hair up, do you mind if I change your centre parting to a side parting, I think it will look better when you have your hair loose when your not working, he said to me, Gary, I want you to do whatever you want with my hair. I felt like I was dreaming this, the feel was tremendous, so soft and silky, I got the straight side parting and it looked awesome, I said, have a look in the mirror and tell me what you think, he said, I like it, thank you, will have it like this when I am off work. Started combing it all back and up into a high ponytail, using one of the bands I secured it tight, then wound it around and fixed another band firmly in place creating a neat man bun. I used the clippers to shave the long sideburns off towards the top of the ear creating a nice straight line, then the same the other side, I was feeling so hard now, I moved to the back now, pushing his head gently forward I shaped the hair on the neck to remove any wispy bits before shaving the neck with the straight razor, it was so smooth and soft, then to the side of the face, I just wet it slightly before shaving where the sideburns used to be, his skin now so clean and soft like they never existed before, he looked so neat and tidy, surely his Uncle could not complain about this look, I could not resist any longer, I leaned forward and kissed his soft lips, he loved it so much, I led him to the mirror and he gazed at himself, a beautiful smile and his gorgeous. eyes looked at me, he said, Gary, I love this so much, I love what you have done for me, I am so glad your gay too, I was very nervous before, not knowing. Will you do this every week for me, I want to know so much more about you too, I hope that when I start work my Uncle will be pleased about my new look.
To be continued!!

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