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New house new barber part 4 by Tony5624

New house new barber part 4

I left Abdul to get ready for work, later that evening after he finished work I got a text from him, he said that his Uncle did not like his hair tied up and that he insisted that he get it cut short. He asked me if I was available tomorrow to show him where my barber shop was that I went to, he said, I realise now that it was not going to work keeping my long hair.
I said, let me come to your flat in the morning and we can discuss it then, I will be there at ten, I thought that it would be nice if I could play with his long hair one last time before going to the barber shop with him. He said, that would be nice, he enjoyed today and wanted to see more of me as well.
I didn't sleep much and was up early, I showered and shaved my body again, I loved the smooth skin, I told Chris I had things to do this morning and would see him this afternoon, after Mum left for work, I picked up my bag with my hair things in and headed for Abdul's , when I arrived he answered the door, his hair was perfect with a nice straight side parting like I showed him yesterday, he had just a pair of shorts on and his smooth dark skinned body was awesome, he put his arms around me and kissed me, his tender lips on mine was beautiful, his long hair shining in the sunlight that was streaming through the window, he pulled my shirt off and we enjoyed the feel of each other's bodies, it wasn't long before we were both naked, it was then I noticed his body was hairless too, shaved to perfection, so smooth and soft to the touch.

I told Abdul that I did not want to see all his beautiful long hair end up on the barbers floor, I took some photos then suggested he let me tie his hair back in a ponytail and cut it before we go to the barber shop. I said that I would like to keep the ponytail as a reminder of how beautiful he was, he smiled at me, his gorgeous dark eyes looking at me, he said, yes of course you can, let's do this now.
I sat him on a chair and combed his long silky hair back into a ponytail and put a band on it to hold it tight, I took the scissors and started cutting through the very thick ponytail , it took ages to finally cut through, I put it in my bag, I then tidied up his shorter hair so it wasn't obvious I had just hacked it off, I did cut him a fringe as it didn't look good, now we could go to the barber shop. We both got dressed and walked to the barber shop, as we arrived, I opened the door and walked in followed by Abdul, George greeted me and said, hello Gary, what brings you here today, I introduced Abdul and told George that he needed a short haircut like mine, George immediately asked him to sit in the chair and caped him up, he combed Abdul's long hair and said, I am not sure it will lay right being your hair is so very thick, I think the top will stand up and look wrong, but I have a solution to that, I will cut the hair into a style called a flattop if that's ok, it will suit you better as your hair is so thick, Abdul said, ok sir, I must leave it to you, your the expert.
With that George picked up his clippers and pushed his head forward, the clippers started at the neckline and shaved right up to the crown, right to the skin, his beautiful dark skin looked awesome, I was completely hard at this stage and felt myself straining inside my jeans as I watched his long hair falling to the floor, the pile of hair on the floor was enormous already, George worked on the side now shaving right up to his temple, then the other side to match, the he picked up a strange flat comb that was about six inches wide and long with a handle, I said, what is that George? He said it's a flattop comb, it makes getting the top perfectly flat, ok, I said, then watched as he pushed the comb into Abdul's thick black hair and used the clippers to run over the top of the comb, so much hair came off the top and his lap was full of long hair from the top, the hair was taken down to just under an inch long on top tapering back to the crown to just about quarter of an inch the top was now totally flat and looked awesome, his thick hair standing so perfectly flat, it looked amazing and just so very sexy, George just ran some product through the top to make it shine before lathering the back and sides then shaving to the skin with the razor, it was so different and I couldn't wait to get back to his flat to feel his shaved neck, Abdul paid him and we left, George told Abdul he would need to come every three weeks in order to maintain this style.

Walking back, said to him, are you ok with this haircut, it's very short but looks awesome on you? He said, I am sad, but I will get used to short hair. When we arrived back, he could see how hard I was , I ran my fingers up his shaved neck and we had a very hot time, I said, you look awesome, I mean that, he asked me if I liked his hair short like this, I said, yes I do, it's so sexy, in fact I love it, I hope we can get to know each other a lot more, yes, he said, I would like that very much Gary.

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