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New house new barber part 5 by Tony5624

New house new barber part 5

I was so impressed with how Abdul looked with a flattop haircut, totally different to the way he was just twenty four hours ago, I have to admit how turned on by his new look I was, I can't seem to explain either the way my feelings have changed so rapidly over haircuts, not that long back, my hair was long and I loved it, but after being ambushed by Brians Dad into being given a severe short back and sides, which, to be totally honest on that fateful day was a real shock and I really hated it until I kept feeling my shaved neck, I found it such a big turn on and couldn't stop getting these very horny feelings. I also couldn't explain how I suddenly seemed to have this hair fetish, not that I am unhappy about it, it's just strange the way it took an unwanted haircut to bring it out in me.

I had arranged with Abdul to text me and let me know what his Uncle had to say about his new haircut, I told him also that I liked him a lot and wanted to spend more time getting to know him. When I arrived home ,Chris was there just online playing games, I had to talk to him about my experience, being new to gay life, I wanted some input from him. He turned the computer off and listened to everything I told him, when I finished talking about the whole experience, I was so hard and Chris could see that, he said to me, look Gary, there is nothing wrong with anything your doing or experiencing, I don't know anything about the hair fetish, but I do know guys get turned on by all sorts of different things, it's natural. I said, sorry to put all this on you, just wanted your advice really, I know you have problems with your boyfriend, he stopped me there and said, it's over, he broke up with me over my short hair.
Sorry Chris, if it hadn't been that my Mum was insisting you get a haircut, this wouldn't of happened , Chris said' it's fine, in actual fact, I am quite liking my new short hair, I think Georges summer cut is quite nice.

Mum arrived home from work, she said, sorry I am a bit late tonight, I will order some take away, what do you boys fancy ? We had Chinese and sat outside in the garden eating, it was such a warm evening, Mum left us to our conversation and said she was going to go up to bed to read for a while. Chris and I continued with our talk about what's happening in our lives at the moment, it was now quite late and we went up too, I think Chris needed a bit of cheering up and we ended up having some fun in the shower, we both got shaved and then had some very horny fun, wow, what an end to a very special day.

The next morning, I said to Chris, I have been thinking all night about this, I liked the way George cut Abdul's hair so much, I am going to go there this morning and get him to give me a flattop too, do you want to come with me ? He said, ok, nothing else to do this morning, we walked to the barber shop and George was very surprised to see us, I explained that I really loved the way he cut Abdul's hair and that I wanted mine cut the same, George said, ok Gary, let's do it for you, the feeling was awesome and I was so hard, when he finished, Chris said, wow' Gary that's so nice, I will have the same. I watched from behind as George skillfully cut Chris's hair into an amazing flattop, we both left the barber shop very happy.
We went across the road to McDonalds and got something to eat, I received a text from Abdul while we ate, he said he was so happy, uncle loved his hair and for showing responsibility he gave him a pay rise, he asked if he could see me today, I asked Chris if he minded, he said no, it's fine, I will go into town and have a look about. I left and met Abdul at his flat, he had just got out the shower, his hair looked awesome and I could see he shaved his face this morning too. He looked at me in shock, he said, Gary, you have cut your hair this morning the same as mine, love it, it really suits you in that style, we kissed and had some very horny fun, I told him I was not ready for full sex yet, he understood that and said he was fine with that. We talked all afternoon and then he said he needed to get ready for work.
I left and returned home, when Mum came home, Chris and I surprised her when we both came downstairs with our new flattop haircuts, she was quite shocked at how short they were, but she said we both looked good, she said, I will phone George and thank him. We all had dinner and Chris and I played some games, a little while later the door bell rang and Mum called up to me, she said, Brian is here, I will send him up, we were so engrossed in the game we were playing, we both just said, hi Brian, just finishing this game and we can chat, he said ok, no problem, when the game finished we both looked at Brian, I said, oh my God Brian, how comes you got a flattop too, he said, Dad called me and told me you both got one and asked if I wanted one too, I really love it so much, what about you two ?, we both love it too Brian, and it looks good on you.
Last part for now!

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