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Unexpected change by Tony5624

I run a small barber shop in town, it's the only one in town and was run by my uncle for many years until he retired and I took over two years ago. I tried to update the place a bit and look for a more younger clientele, but unfortunately, it's just a small town very much set in their ways.
Most of the customers that come here have been coming since youngsters themselves and now their kids come too, I did manage to change to an appointment system only and that has worked well so far, it was Friday afternoon and the last appointment of the day was a young guy who has had a long feud with his Father over the length of his hair, this time he came alone to get a trim before returning to school on Monday.
His hair was a dirty blond colour and very straight and quite thick, it was very long on the top, probably over six inches and if it were combed over his ears would more than cover them, but he used a styling cream to comb it with a side parting and tucked behind the ears both sides, the back came over his collar by a couple of inches.
James was a good looking boy with a very clean boyish looking face, if I didn't know better, I would maybe think he could be gay, it was just something he said last time I was cutting his hair, but I had heard his Father talk about the influence his girlfriend had over his hair and that he was none too pleased with his long hair.
I was just about to cape him up when the phone rang, it was James Father wanting to make an appointment for them both for tomorrow, I had to inform him that he was already here, he asked me to keep him here until he arrived.
I expected some sparks to fly as James only wanted a small trim, I bet his Father has other ideas. It wasn't long before the door opened and in walked a very irate parent, he straight away walked across to the barber chair to confront his son, a few harsh words and in no uncertain terms told James he was getting a very short haircut. James Father looked at me and instructed me to give him a proper short back and sides, he also told me to cut the long top down to about two inches long.
James with tears in his eyes said, look Dad, at seventeen years old, I think it's my choice what length I have my hair and not up to you, his Father now looking even more angry said, when you leave school later this year, then you can decide, but right now, it's going to be short, I am fed up with you looking like a girl, he looked at me and said, short back and sides please Darren.
I felt very sorry for James, but my hands were tied, I suggested that his Father go and get a coffee and cool down, then he could leave me to cut James hair, he agreed and said he would come back in half an hour. I tried to comfort a very upset guy and said, look, it's going to be short, but it's not like it's out of fashion, short hair is the norm at the moment, even though you prefer longer hair, but just think about it, just another six months before you leave school, then you can grow it how you want, but if you antagonize your Dad now, it will just be worse, James smiled a little and said, ok, let's do it now.
I started to comb the top of his hair forward, cutting it down quite drastically with scissors, remembering his Father had stipulated no longer than two inches long, the fringe was quite short now, but still just long enough to comb back like he usually has it, the hair on the floor and cape was quite considerable, next I took a pair of clippers, pushing his head forward, I knew this was to be the worst part, shaving up the back of his neck almost shaving to the skin, so much hair now on the floor and a very white neck. The sides were done the same, even the sideburns came off too, but it was looking quite hot and really suited him, I just needed to convince him of that too.
Just as I finished, his Dad returned and approved of what I had done. Two weeks later I got a call from James booking another haircut he was so impressed by the transformation that he wanted it trimmed again. With him came his friend, he had a lot longer hair than James had when he came to me and it wasn't long before I realised that his friend was his boyfriend, even though he just introduced him as his friend, I could see the looks they gave each other.
I was quite looking forward to cutting his hair like James, he had such gorgeous hair, it was a real pleasure to cut it for him and the transformation was incredible from very long to a real short fade, two very happy young guys that made regular appointments every two weeks.

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