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Friday meet at uni bar by Tony5624

It was another Friday afternoon at uni, I had just gone to get a coffee and sat in the warm sunshine at a table to drink it, thinking about a night at the local bar and wondering who was playing there tonight and if there were any nice girls to hook up with, it was usually the same boring crowd that got in there, but I could not be arced to go into town to be honest.
I was just contemplating about getting a haircut too as it was way too long now and I had been putting it off for so many months, my hair was thick and straight and was now long enough to tie back in a ponytail which I often did when it was hot. I sat there running my fingers through it and pulling it back off my face when a girl holding a coffee asked if she could join me, I looked up, to my surprise was a gorgeous petite girl standing there looking at me, she had the most beautiful eyes, very striking and a bright blue with only what I can describe as a short boyish haircut. I said yes of course, sit down.
We sat chatting for ages and I realised she was very hot and just the sort of girl I would like to hook up with, I asked if she wanted to go to the bar tonight and see who was playing there, she agreed and said she would meet me there at about 8 pm.
I went back to my room and made a sandwich, then got in the shower and washed my hair, I had forgotten the thought I had about getting a haircut, I shaved and dried my hair, I tied it back in a neat ponytail and got dressed. I was thinking about her all the time while getting ready, she was not the usual type of girl I tended to go for, one thing was how short her hair was, mostly I ended up with girls with long hair, but I did like it, it really looked good on her.
I walked to the bar about 8 and went in, looking for her, I saw she was by the bar already, I joined her and ordered some drinks. We took them out to the verander and sat in the remainder of the evening sun. She was great fun to chat with and I can't believe how well we got on together, laughing about all sorts of things, she looked so hot with her very short boyish haircut, which, to be honest was quite a turn on for me.
The drinks kept flowing and we had a really great evening, walking back, Jen asked me if I wanted to go back to her flat, I agreed and we arrived there in a few minutes, it was quite a posh flat, Jen told me her parents had bought it for her, I said it was quite different from my rented room.
She put on some soft music and it wasn't long before she was kissing me and getting very steamed up, she pulled the band off my hair, holding it back in a ponytail, she started running her fingers through my long hair, she commented on how long it was, I explained that it wasn't usually as long as this and needed to get a haircut, I had just been lazy and let it grow.
Jen was very quiet and kept running her fingers through my hair as we kissed' it felt really nice, then she said very softly, you probably won't like this, most guys find it wierd, but I have a real hair fetish, I had very long hair all my life until a few months ago, then decided to go to a barber shop to have a short boyish haircut, I got really turned on while having it cut , I just enjoy seeing and cutting hair. Before Jen could say anything more, I ran my fingers through her short hair and said, I love it short, you are amazing,please don't think I find it unattractive, I love the way you have a proper boys haircut, it seriously turns me on.
Jen smiled at me and said, your the first guy who has liked my hair this short, I will never let it grow long again, I had already decided on that, most guys think I am a lesbian because it is cut exactly like a boy, I said, Jen, seriously, I love it so much, as far as I am concerned you can cut it as short as you want, for me it's a big turn on and you are gorgeous. With that she stood up and took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.
Things really got very hot very quickly, we were both undressed and on the bed naked, I noticed how sexy she was, she was totally shaved smooth which I also loved, I told her that being smooth really turned me on too, she asked me if she could shave me too, I was ready to try it, so said yes, if that's what you want. She fetched a little pair of electric clippers and removed all my pubic hair before shaving me totally smooth with a razor, I was so turned on by now I was rock hard and we made love several times that night.
This really was one of the best experiences I had ever gone through, we showered together in the morning and she made some coffee, Jen said to me, look I have to go out for about an hour or so, but I want you to stay here until I get back, then we can spend the day together if that's ok with you? I said, are you kidding? That is perfect for me, Jen kissed me and said, just make yourself at home, I will be back as soon as I can.
I could not really believe what had happened last night, I was so turned on by Jen, and to be honest, when she shaved me smooth, that was like, just awesome, I had often thought about doing it myself, but was too embarrassed in case I met a girl who thought it weird, I went to the bathroom to stand in front of the mirror to look at how hot it was, it felt great too, just so smooth and very sexy, I began to get hard just looking at my new look, then I remember her telling me about her hair fetish, and how she liked to cut hair too. I ran my fingers through my long loose hair trying to imagine sitting there as she cut my hair, the next thing I felt myself getting very hard , I also remember her saying how she loved a smooth clean shaven face on a guy too. Looking at myself in the mirror I noticed how long my sideburns were getting and wondered if I should shave them for her as she liked it smooth and clean shaven ?? On the side in the bathroom were the little pair of clippers and the razor she used last night to shave me, I tied my hair back and with the clippers shaved my sideburns to the top of my ear, it looked strange, but I razored them clean too, I hoped she would like it, I cleaned up and sat back in the lounge in just my boxers.
Jen soon arrived back and walked in, she stood in front of me, I could not believe what I saw, she had been to the barber shop and her hair had been cut to a very short skin fade, the back and sides had been razored smooth, the style was a very straight side parting with the fringe combed back with some product, she looked awesome and it was showing in my boxers. Jen said, I hope you like it, I decided last night, when you said, I could cut it as short as I wanted as it was a big turn on for you, I said, Jen, you look absolutely gorgeous, I love it so much.
She said, I was really worried you would hate it and think I was completely weird, I can't stop running my fingers up the back of my neck since its been shaved, it feels so good, with that I stood up and kissed her as I felt the shaved neck too, it was just so sexy and hot, I could also smell the product she had holding the fringe back, I asked what it was and she said, the barber told me it was brylcream and all the men used to use it with this style haircut, I was worried about using it in case you did not like it,I said, it smells great and I seriously love everything about it Jen, I am very intrigued, tell me more about this hair fetish you have as I have been very turned on by everything that has happened, firstly, I love your very short haircut, secondly, I loved the feeling of being shaved by you and think that I have a similar thing to you, I was quite excited about the remark you made last night about you liking everything about hair and also cutting it, while we were making love I thought of you cutting my hair too, also when you said you liked a clean shaven face, this morning while you were out I shaved my sideburns and felt excited about doing something you like and hoped you like them shaved off totally.
Jen said to me, yes I noticed straight away you had shaved them, it looks awesome, well the thing is, I don't usually talk about it much as it has made guys run a mile before, I interrupted her then and said, look, I am turned on by this too and want to know more, I promise I won't run out on you.
Ok Danny, it started for me at about fifteen, I used to go to my Grandads barber shop to help after school, he saw how interested I was and taught me to cut hair, I found that short hair excited me more and more, I used to enjoy it when a guy with long hair let me cut his hair short, but I didn't want to say about cutting your hair short in case you thought I was strange and left when I mentioned it, to be honest , I know we only met yesterday, but I really like you and feel comfortable with you.

Well Jen, I am not going to leave, in fact I feel the same as you, I really like you a lot and don't feel your strange at all, I love your new haircut, the look is awesome, also while you have been explaining to me about how you like cutting hair, your very welcome to cut mine how you see fit for me, in all honesty, it excites me to think of you being in charge and giving me the haircut you want for me. I am very open minded and not afraid to talk about sex and fetishes.

Danny, that is fantastic, thanks for being open and honest with me, so if I get my haircut weekly and shaved like this, you will be happy?
Yes I will Jen, it's perfect, I stood behind her and put my arms around her, burying my face into her freshly shaved hair and gently kissing her smooth bare neck, the strong smell of brylcream was so nice, I whispered softly in her ear, let's go and make love again now, she didn't need asking twice, the sex was explosive.

I was expecting her to tell me she wanted to cut my hair, she did not mention it again that day, so I brought up the subject myself later that evening, she just said to me, when the time is right I will tell you , I want to enjoy it and make it a spur of the moment thing if that's ok with you? I said, yes of course, I will leave it to you to decide when and how you do it, but please will you keep me shaved smooth, I love the feel and the look of it so much, she smiled at me and said, that is something I love too, so I will do that regularly for you, just one thing I ask you to do, keep your face shaved smooth and don't let your sideburns grow back at all. I agreed to do that for her, she just said to me , I want to enjoy your long hair for a little while longer, with that she ran her fingers through it and kissed me so passionately.

The next two weeks were really great, we both enjoyed immensely what we had going, Jen had two more haircuts and I had been shaved so many times, the time I spent at her flat was more and more, just going back to my room for clothes, every Friday night was the same, out to the bar then back for very intense sex, then Saturday morning Jen would go to the barber shop and come back with the gorgeous skin fade haircut and lots of brylcream on her hair, that was the thing I loved so much, the intense smell of the cream and the feel of the smooth shaved skin was so sexy. I had still not been subjected to my haircut yet and the wait was really exciting.
Jen thought it was time to spice things up a little and I was totally blown away by it, she had just had her usual Saturday morning haircut and she said to me, I hope you like what comes next!! She went to the bedroom and returned to the lounge a few minutes later with her old school uniform on, white blouse, school tie and very short skirt on, she looked amazing and the sex was so intense.

The time was now right for Jen, we were both naked and very fulfilled, we had just had the best ever sex since we met, she told me to follow her to the next bedroom in her flat, I had never been in there as the door was always shut, she opened the door and put the lights on, I was amazed, inside was a replica of a traditional barber shop, the large red leather barber chair, the counters in front of it with mirrors on the walls and all the equipment just laid out neatly on the counter top, a barbers cape folded neatly on the back of the chair, there was an array of different clippers all laid out in order of size and type, different products placed on the shelves and right in front a large tub of brylcream. There were razors and shaving cream en the edge of the sink ready to be used.

Welcome to my barber shop said Jen, the time has come for you to lose that long hair, no more long ponytail for you, sit down now!!
The tone in her voice was assertive and very direct, I was immediately hard and turned on so much, but also quite nervous as to the type of haircut I was about to be given, I knew I could not back out now and also that I was not going to be given the choice of style. As I sat in the barber chair she released the brake and turned the chair facing into the room away from the mirrors, she placed the cape over me and fastened it tightly at the back of the neck, my hair was still tied in a tight ponytail, it was now about twelve inches long and quite thick, I felt her tug at my long hair pulling it tightly back and now I felt unable to move my head as it was tilted slightly back, she picked up a large pair of scissors and before I had a chance to say anything I could hear the sound of them cutting through my thick long ponytail. I had a cold shudder through my entire body and a very strange feeling as she just kept slicing through until eventually she had severed right through, she placed the long ponytail on a little plastic trolley at the side of the chair. I could feel my cock getting harder and harder under the cape as she started to comb through my hair. I knew that I was to be subjected to a short haircut as she had waited nearly three weeks to get round to doing this, she worked quickly and silently with her scissors cutting my hair. Her gorgeous petite little naked shaved body was awesome, having a naked haircut was just incredible, I was more interested in looking at her beautiful shaved pussy as she swiftly cut my hair, the glimpse of a slightly wet and very inviting area between her legs was all I could concentrate on right now, my hand reached down and my finger stroked the wet lips as she groaned a little. She said you can enjoy my body after I finish cutting your hair, but for now I have a job to do.

She took a large pair of clippers from the counter top and the noise of them was loud as she switched them on, firmly pushing my head forward I could feel the coldness of the blades on the back of my neck, the vibration and buzz of them running up the back of my neck was something I had never experienced before as I had always had quite long hair, even as a kid I had always only had scissors used on my haircuts.
Eventually Jen had placed the clippers back and I could feel the coldness of very short hair, I knew this was a total change for me, she lathered the sides and back of my neck and straight away I knew I was getting the same skin fade haircut the she had. The razor was a strange feel but still I was totally hard and excited, she dried my neck and sides then I could see her open the tub of brylcream, she dipped her fingers into the white cream before applying it the my hair, the feel of her massaging it into my scalp and the gorgeous smell was just so nice, she combed my hair into a side parting and slicking my fringe back perfectly I was finished. I was quite scared to see the result, it kept going through my mind, oh my God, what are all my class mates going to make of this very short haircut, they had only seen me with long hair past my shoulders before!
Jen wiped her fingers on a towel and removed the cape, she could see straight away how hard my cock was and she leaned forward and slipped my hard cock inside her mouth, she was so good at this I almost exploded as I fingered her wet pussy. This was undoubtedly the most erotic haircut ever. Jen released the chair and spun it round facing the mirror, I was totally shocked by the new extreme short haircut, it was the same length and style as hers, I placed my fingers on the back of my neck to feel just soft skin and no hair, it felt so weird to me as never in my life had it been that short, I could see Jen looking at my reaction in the mirror, she said to me very assertively, every week when I get my hair cut, you will have yours cut too.
There was something very sexy and a big turn on her being so dominant, I really loved it, I had never experienced this before, it was usually me being in control, but Jen was very much in charge and in total control now. Our sex lives were superb and we enjoyed what we had very much, after the initial shock of going from hair down past my shoulders to a short skin fade, I had now got used to it being short and really loved it, especially the smell and feel of the brylcream

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