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Outdoor cut by Tony5624

Outdoor cut.
This involves a lot of gay scenarios, please don't read if you think it will offend.

I closed my barber shop at twelve thirty on Wednesday, it was a beautiful summers day and I had been really busy this morning, I decided to take the afternoon to go off to the nature reserve and do some bird watching, it was always very quiet during the weekdays and not many guys get time to go there, it was always different on weekends, always packed and quite unbearable.
I through a bottle of water in my rucksack and grabbed a sandwich from the deli, I couldn't be bothered to empty my barber tools out first, but didn't matter, there was no weight to them, I always made my way to the depths of the reserve where nobody ever visits, it's too much of a walk for most people and also most of the gay guys who use it as somewhere to pick up others for sex. It was quite hot and I just had a t shirt on and a pair of shorts, I walked for about half an hour and had not seen anybody on my travels, until about three quarters of an hour in to my walk, then I noticed just in the distance a person with long blond hair to about mid back length, I thought at first it was a young lady, but then as the gap closed I could see it was a young guy, I only noticed that because he looked behind him as he must have heard me, I kept walking along the same path , then, where I normally turn off to go towards the reservoir, he turned the same way, we both walked for another twenty minutes or more before arriving at the end of the path. The long grass started getting longer and I lost sight of him for a bit, as I was nearing the spot I usually sit and watch the water fowl, there he was sitting on the large log that had been a huge tree at some point and had blown down in a storm. I perched myself on the other end of the log and took out my binoculars, I started watching the lake and the swans, I sensed I was being watched, I glanced across at this young guy who had got a book out and was reading, he kept glancing across at me, then he took his shirt off, I did notice his glistening body, very smooth and quite toned, he was definitely very hot, although long hair was not really my thing. He sat there and then I noticed him putting his long hair up, he tied it up in a bun then carried on reading. He kept glancing across at me as I sat there relaxing, I knew he was looking for another guy, but unusual to be here on a mid week day, this was more of an evening and weekend place . He plucked up enough courage to speak to me, he said, nice quiet place here, yes I said, I was surprised to see another person here, I have never seen anybody here before, I come here regularly on a Wednesday afternoon after I close my barber shop. He said, oh, your a barber? Yes I said, he laughed and said, I expect you think I need a haircut, I smiled and said, it's very long, but if your comfortable with it that length, then it's up to you, I prefer short hair myself, my last boyfriend had very short cropped hair.
He looked at me and smiled too, he said, to be honest, I have been studying and not really bothered about how long it is, but, soon I know when I look for a job, it will need to be cut. Perhaps I should get you to cut it and kill two birds with one stone. I looked at him and said, what do you mean, he said, well I need it cut and you like short hair ! That's if you want to go out with me ?
Oh, I see, well I am single right now, so maybe your right. I said, so have you thought about how short or what style ? He looked at me and said, can I leave it up to you?
I said, yes, of course, I stood up and moved to behind him, I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, do you mind as I put my hand on his tight bun, he said, no, you do what you want, I pulled the band off and his thick long straight hair as it fell behind his shoulders, the sheen in the sunlight exaggerated the natural highlights of his dark blond hair. I tucked it back behind his ears each side, it was soft and very silky, the one thing I really disliked more than the long hair was the sideburns, they were unruly and long, way past the bottom of his ears, I said to him, I can understand letting your hair grow long, could not be arced to keep cutting it, but why grow the sideburns long, after all you take the time to shave the rest of your face, he said, I suppose I like them long really, why do you ask ? Don't you like sideburns ? I said, no to be honest, I like a clean shaven face. He said, perhaps I should let you shave them when you cut my hair, I unzipped my ruck sack and took out a pair of detail clippers, I said, I will do it now, holding his head to one side, I switched the clippers on and cut a straight line at the top of the ear and shaved down past the bottom of the ear, he straight away put his hand up to feel the side of his face, he said to me, oh my God, you have shaved them off completely, I said, yes I have, and it looks better without them, I moved to the other side and held his head still while I shaved the other side off too. I put the clippers back in my bag and took out a razor, I shaved him clean, it looked so much nicer. I sat next to him and kissed him, he was really enjoying it, his lips so soft and wet, I looked him in the eye and said, I am going to get my scissors out and cut your hair short, he looked at me and said, what right now ? Here, I am not sure, I said, yes, here and now, if you want me then you just sit there and accept me giving you a short haircut. He went very quiet and sat there, he nodded and said very quietly, okay, you can do it.
I took out some scissors and a comb, I stood behind him, combing his long silky blond hair, the sight of his hair against the bare skin of his back which was quite tanned looked awesome, I slipped my scissors in to his hair at the base of his neck and gently closed the sharp blades on the very long hair, the cut hair slipped down his back and onto the ground behind the log, he was silent as I moved my scissors again and the next lot of thick straight blond hair slipped to the ground, then with my comb, I lifted the hair at the side and cut straight through exposing his ears completely, I kept lifting the hair with the comb and cutting it shorter and shorter at the back and sides, I cut the top and fringe shorter too, I left the fringe just touching the tip of his nose and combed it to the side, I finished by taking my detail clippers and shaving up the neck really short and close and the same at the sides, it was nice short taper, so different to how it was to start, the pile of long hair on the ground was huge, this guy looked so dam hot now, I just wanted to rip his shorts off and have some horny fun, I put my things back in my sack and stood in front of him, I got him to stand up and we kissed and explored each other's bodies, we were both so hard it was an unbelievable experience what just happened, he looked down at the massive pile of hair on the ground and said, well you got your way, hope you like what you have done, I had a small mirror in my bag so let him see his new short hair, his mouth dropped open as he saw his new short haircut, he said, that is so short, I have never had my hair that short before, we stood there naked and he was on his knees taking my hard cock in his mouth, he was so good, it wasn't long before he had got over the shock of the short hair and we were kissing so much, his body was so hot and sexy.
He said to me, this is an experience I shall never forget, it was so horny, but I am not sure about the shaved sideburns, I said, you look awesome with them shaved clean, I said if you want to go out with me, then you keep them shaved and I will cut your yyhair every two weeks, okay he said softly. There is just one thing left to do, I found a tube of wet look gel in my bag, I squeezed some onto my fingers and massaged it into his hair, I combed a straight side parting and combed the fringe back neatly, there, I said, that's now perfect, let's go back to my place and have the rest of the day there, he said' yes, let's!
On the way back, James said to me, it's so good to meet a nice dominant man who knows what he wants, the whole experience of this afternoon has been something I have dreamed of happening, not the haircut, although that was incredibly sexy, but a nice guy taking control and telling me that's what is going to happen, like it or not, that turns me on immensely. I said, that's good, because I always like to be in control and the haircut is part of that, the short schoolboy look is perfect and it is going to stay like that, no growing it long again and certainly no growing sideburns again, understood? Yes sir, James said.
We arrived back at my barber shop and went up to my flat, James asked if he could look in a proper mirror at his new look, I took him to the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror, turning his head to the side and touching the side of his face which was now smooth and clean shaven, he said, I look like an obedient schoolboy now sir, I replied, yes you do, it's perfect, yes sir he said. So you like to be controlled and told what to do, yes sir, I love it when a decision is made for me and told what I can and can't do, I said, I have a surprise for you next time you come here, it's nothing nasty, just pleasurable.
Your at college still at the moment? Yes sir, I have six months more to do, then I start looking for a job to support myself, I live with my Mum at the moment, but she is not at home that much, my Dad died when I was twelve, now she is dating another man. Will she be surprised to see your new look ? Yes, she is always saying you need a haircut. My mate at college will be really surprised, his hair is the same as mine was, I can't wait to see his face tomorrow. Does he know your gay ? Yes he does, we both are, I said, James if you want to come over after college tomorrow then give me a ring, I finish work at five thirty. I got a call at lunchtime from James, he said, I know it's wierd, but can you cut my mates hair, he felt quite jealous that I got my haircut without telling him, but, would you be willing to do it the same way you did mine at the nature reserve? Don't have to give me an answer now if you want to think about it, he told me it was the most sexy thing he had ever heard of.
I said to James, I don't mind as a one off thing, but I don't usually mess about once I have met someone I like, I can do it next Wednesday afternoon at the reserve, does he realize I take control and cut it the way I want, James said, I told him that's how it was done.
James said he will come tonight at five thirty, he has a surprise for me , he said he hopes I like it.
I closed up and James arrived on time, we went upstairs and I was surprised to see he had stuck with the wet look gel and his hair was perfect, he had even shaved his face too. He said, can I use your bathroom, yes of course you can, he came out a few minutes later with a white shirt, school tie and he looked so sexy, he said, is this ok sir, very much I said, you had better get on your knees, he did that immediately and started sucking my cock vigourasly. I then took him to the bedroom I have with a massage table in it, I said, get undressed and lay back on the table, yes sir.
When he was relaxed laying back naked, I could see how turned on he was, very hard and laying there ready for me, I Spread his arms and legs before securing them to the table, this turned him on even more, strapped down he was now helpless, I now blindfolded him, his pubic hair was trimmed a little, I decided to shave it, but first I shaved under his arms, now smooth he looked better, then I shaved the small amount of hair on his arms, then shaved his legs smooth, he was now smooth all over apart from his pubic hair, I used some shaving foam all over his pubes which aroused him even more, then shaved him totally smooth. He was now rock hard, I took some baby oil and spread the warm oil over his cock and balls, I started running my hands up and down, he was shuddering uncontrollably as I worked my hands up and down bringing him to completion, he came so much, it was obviously such a turn on for him. I removed the blindfold and kissed him before releasing him from the straps, I said, you can get up now and show your genuine appreciation, he fell to his knees and sucked my cock. I took him to the bathroom and let him shower, he felt his newly shaved body, he said, thank you sir. I then took him to the bedroom and we had lots of very sexy fun, feeling his very smooth hairless body we kissed and had some very erotic sex. He looked absolutely awesome, short hair, shaved face and shaved body, he thanked me for a very special evening.
I asked James about his friend, tell me a bit about him, well he said , Andy is the same age and we went through school together, he is gay like me but we don't see each other like that, he has hair a bit longer than mine was, his is darker than mine but the same thickness and texture, it's straight, very silky like mine was before you cut it short, he does have a little facial hair and , yes he has long sideburns like I had too. He said he will meet you there at lunchtime, he knows exactly what to expect and is very compliant like me he is very submissive too. I said to James are you sure your okay with this ? James said, yes I am sir. But it is only going to be a one off thing, after if he wants to keep it short, he will come to your barber shop.
Okay, that's fine with me. James and I had several evenings together before Wednesday arrived.
I closed the shop as usual at twelve thirty and had my bag packed ready, I arrived at the reserve and walked to the meeting point as arranged, as I approached the spot, I could see Andy sitting on the log waiting, his shirt was already off and his hair long and straight hanging past his shoulders, almost touching his arce, he turned and looked at me as I arrived, he was a good looking lad as was James but with longer hair and a similar body, very smooth and hairless, I said, Andy, you need a serious haircut boy .
he spoke very softly saying, yes sir I know I do, I am sorry for allowing it to get so long. He had the same long sideburns James had, but he had shaved the rest of his face as James said he had a little facial hair, he obviously decided to look the same as James. The only difference between the two of them was James hair was originally parted to the centre whereas Andy had a side parting.
I opened my bag and took out my clippers, I combed his long hair behind his ears and down the back of his shoulders, I had now exposed his ears on both sides and revealed his long sideburns, I pushed his head to one side and held his head very firmly, then switched my clippers on, I plunged them straight into his sideburns at the top of the ear and shaved down to the bottom of the ear, removing the sideburn completely, the the same with the other side, then he whispered softly, thank you sir for shaving my sideburns properly. I took out my razor and shaved them clean. Can I feel how smooth my face is Sir ? I said, no, not yet until I have finished.
I combed his long thick hair, it was much thicker than Jame's hair, very similar but a darker blond, it was straight and very silky, probably about six inches longer too, my comb glided through nicely and when combed look very luxurious, any girl would give anything to have such perfect hair. I had already decided I was not going to waste this hair by leaving it on the ground, I brought a cable tie with me to secure the long ponytail, I took the tie and pulled it tight on the ponytail at the base of his neck, I took a couple more photos on my phone, I now had some of the hair loose and some tied. I pulled his head back hard and leaned forward to kiss him, he loved it so much and said, thank you sir for treating me firmly, sir, can I take my shorts off, I am feeling so hot, I said ,yes you may, with that he stood up and slipped his short off, he had no pants on and straight away I noticed his smooth clean shaved cock, very hard and erect. I think James must have told him I shaved his whole body smooth as there was no sign of any hair anywhere on his body, he was totally smooth all over..
I said to him, are you naturally smooth ? He said very softly, no sir, I shaved for today sir. I slipped my shorts off at this point and he fell to his knees and started sucking my erect cock. Holding him by the hair, I stopped him before I came.
I sat him back on the tree, before I had a chance to do anything, he said to me, not too short please sir, I smiled, then I took a pair of scissors and cut the thick long ponytail off, I placed the very thick heavy hair carefully in my bag, I noticed his fringe had now fallen forward covering part of his face where it had fallen naturally into a side parting again, I used my comb and scissors to shorten most of his hair, I shortened his fringe a lot more than I did with James's it was now eye level rather than covering his eyes, before taking my clippers which I placed a grade two guard on , I pushed his head firmly forward and shaved the back of his neck short, I did both sides the same before changing the guard to a number one, I pushed the clippers up the back of his neck again, reducing the length even more, his hair was now shorter than Jame's and I took the back even shorter almost shaving to the skin, he looked awesome with his very short taper, I got it even closer and shorter, now you could see how white his skin was which was a big contrast to his tanned body,I was loving the look, and the feel, I ran my fingers up his neck feeling the stubble that reamained, I placed some wet look gel and combed a perfect side parting with fringe combed back off the face. A proper schoolboy short back and sides haircut, I don't think he realizes quite how short it is yet !
Andy, you are now finished, you are now allowed to touch, you can feel the new short haircut, he said softly, thank you sir, I guess you have given me the haircut I needed. I said, yes I have, you look more presentable now, thank you so much sir, it feels very short sir, am I allowed to have sex now sir ? I said yes you may, he stood up and kissed me passionately, he was exceptionally horny
His newly shaved neck was very short and felt great when I ran my fingers up it while kissing him, his very hard cock standing to attention as I did.
I took some photos of the new cut to show him, his mouth dropped open with shock, oh my God sir, it's so short, it's shorter than you cut James hair sir, thank you sir, I know I deserved a short haircut sir.
I said, do you want to come back to my place now, yes please sir, if I may please sir

We walked back to my flat, when we got back we were very hot and sweaty, I said to Andy, we need a shower first, he said, yes sir, are we going to shower together sir, I said, yes of course, we messed about in the shower quite a bit and then got dried off, I dried his hair and put some gel on for him, parting it perfectly to the side and combing his fringe back off his face, he looked so good, I was pleased I cut it extra short for him, even though he seemed very shocked at the new short haircut, I must admit, it was a lot shorter than I cut James's hair, which he really noticed, but he was desperate to please me, so he accepted it.
We had a great evening and he was so compliant and submissive, just the perfect boy for me really, later in the evening before he left, he said, sir please may I come again to see you sir if you will allow ? I thought for a minute and said, if you are allowed to come again, you will undergo another even shorter haircut, he said softly, yes sir of course sir, I would expect you to do what you think I need sir. I said, also you would need to shave your entire body before you come, yes sir, I promise I will do that sir.
The next evening I got a call from James, he said to me, I saw Andy today and you really gave him a severe haircut yesterday sir, if I come round later sir, does that mean I will be given the same severe haircut sir ?
I said, come now and you will find out ! This was the outcome !!!
When James arrived I was waiting for him, I buzzed him up to my flat I said, get yourself in here boy ! He very sheepishly walked into the room with my barber chair in it, he said, yes sir, I am here sir, am I going to get a severe short haircut sir ? I said, strip off and get sat in the chair. His long fringe was the first thing that got my attention, he had not put any gel on it and it was hanging over his eyes, I took my scissors and snipped the long fringe short, then with my clippers, I shaved the back and sides very short and close, I put some gel on his hair and combed a sharp side parting with the short
James was actually quite jealous of the very short severe haircut I had given Andy, I think it was a little bit of rivalry between them to see who could have the shortest haircut' James does not know about me seeing Andy, he thinks I just cut his hair, the next time James came to me for the evening he asked if I was going to cut his hair shorter, I said, I think I would like that as it is fun me being in total control of you. I said when I think back to the day at the reserve when your hair was just touching your pert little arse and I chopped all that length off, I had no idea that a few weeks on I would be still cutting more hair off.

I love the feel of the razor shave neck now, I call James my little army boy

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