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College boy by Tony5624

College boy

My life just had no real meaning at the moment, just drifting from day to day with no proper direction, I seemed to be in a rut, my Mum was at long last seeing other men after my Dad died three years ago, I missed my Dad, but didn't want to see my Mum as lonely as she had been over the last three years.
I was still very important to her and I know she encourages me to do well in life, that's why I was trying hard at college, but it wasn't exciting me much.
I woke up this Saturday morning, Mum had just left for work, I jumped in the shower and washed my long hair, I had a thing for hair and spent way too much time thinking about it, I didn't want my hair fetish to take over my life, but right now it seemed like the only thing that gave me any pleasure, I was gay and always looked at other guys not necessarily for their bodies, but mostly for their hair. I actually had fond memories of Dad and I going to the barber shop when I was younger, he wasn't one for short hair, but always liked it neat, so I had never experienced short hair like some of the boys in my class at school.

I got out the shower and dried my hair, it was chestnut brown and very straight , floppy and extremely shiny, it tended to fall into a parting just off centre, my fringe came down to my chin and the back over my collar by at least six inches. Mum did say to me the other day, you could do with a haircut Jack, it's got a bit long, I said, yes I know Mum, I will go and get a trim soon, she never kept on about anything, she just said it once and left it to me to respond. That night I went to our local gay bar and didn't really see anyone that I liked that much, so I left and went home for a reasonably early night.

Monday morning I went off to college and that afternoon a few of us were being taken to a company that supposedly would inspire us and give us a general idea of what they had to offer, I was so surprised to see one of the guys I usually see at the gay bar, he didn't really make a big thing of showing anyone that he knew me, but he did say to me, stay behind after the tour and talk to me. I did just that, I did actually like this sort of guy, he was about twenty eight, which was ideal for me, I liked an older guy than myself, his hair was short and immaculate. He took me to his office and said, I was quite surprised to see you earlier, it made me feel like an old teacher with a young student, that's why I asked you to stay behind, I have often noticed you at the bar, but always thought I was too old for you, so never came over, but today, you seemed quite keen to listen to what I said. I replied to him, no, it's ok, I prefer older more dominant guys and I was genuinely interested, up until now, I have not really had the enthusiasm with my college course.

Well Jack, I like a nice guy younger than myself and I am dominant, but that's not the reason I asked you to stay back, my Father started this company and has recently retired and left the running of it to me now, I would like to offer you a chance to come and work here if your interested, I think I could teach you a lot.
Wow ! I said, I would definitely be interested, also Jack, I would like us to get to know each other better. How much longer is your course at college? I said I am in my final year now, so just three months left to complete.
He said, I remember my Father giving me the opportunity when I was still at school, he would encourage me and often pick me up from school in the afternoon and say, the key thing to success in business is to always look smart and treat people with respect, then I would be taken to his barber shop and not given a choice of haircut, but given a smart respectable haircut, which, I always thought was too short, but I accepted it. I started getting a feeling of excitement at what he was telling me, I thought, wow, I wonder if he wants to do that with me, the thought was so hot , being taken to the barber shop by him, my hair fetish was now doing overtime and all sorts of thoughts came to me.
I smiled at him, saying ,Robin, so you want to take me to the barber shop and give me a haircut of your choice ? He said, that would be awesome if you would like that Jack ? I got immediately very hard at that thought, I looked at his haircut and realised just how short it was, mine on the other hand was so long now, was I prepared to have such a short haircut? The thought I was having right now was that of , " what the hell" let's accept his offer.
I said this is you showing your dominant side and taking control? He said, yes it is Jack, I will be totally in control if you accept, I said, ok, let me think about it tonight and let you know tomorrow. Robin said, ok, ring me tomorrow.

I walked home, I was in a complete daze, the thoughts running through my mind were wild, I was so turned on and excited, but I didn't want to show him how much I wanted this. Mum arrived home from work, she asked me how my day was, I said, possible good news, I had a visit to a company today and an offer of a job after college finishes, but I need to cut my hair, she said, that's ok isn't it? I can give you some money to get it done, I said, thanks Mum, I need to decide tonight and call tomorrow with my decision.
I went to bed that night so turned on and hard thinking of being dominated by Robin and knew my answer was yes. The next morning Mum left some money out for me for my haircut, I phoned Robin and said yes, he said, I will pick you up from college this afternoon.
Ok, I said, he arrived in his very nice car, well groomed and dressed in a very smart suit with white shirt and tie, his hair immaculately combed, he smiled as he pulled up for me, hi Jack, are you ok? Hey Robin, yes, very good thanks, my heart nearly skipping a beat as we drove off to what I imagine was going to be a very high class salon, we drove through town and just out the other side to a little side street where Robin parked the car, he said, it's only just round the corner. We walked into the next street where I straight away saw the traditional barbers red and white pole spinning outside a little barber shop. I was quite shocked to see a little old fashioned back street barber shop, Robin opened the shop door, we stepped into another era, a fairly dark barber shop with two very old and worn leather chairs facing into the shop and an older guy about sixty standing there in an old grey overall, he smiled and said, good afternoon Robin, how are you Sir ? Hello Arthur, very well thanks, he jumped straight in the chair and I sat on the waiting bench facing him. The barber wasted no time in getting the white folded cape over him, is it the usual Robin ? He hesitated slightly and said, it's quite warm now Arthur, maybe a little shorter this time, ok he replied, then picking up a pair of clippers proceeded to cut his already short hair much shorter as requested.
I sat there quite mesmerized watching the barber really go to work on Robins hair, I was getting hard watching him get a very short haircut, then realized, oh my God, I am next up for a haircut, the barber by now just finishing with some shaving cream and shaving his sides and neck, it was so short, then some sort of hair cream , a sharp side parting combed with his fringe slicked back neatly. The barber spun the chair to face the mirror and held a mirror up to show Robin his very short haircut from the back, he said, that's perfect Arthur, thank you. The barber brushed him off before releasing the cape, Robin got up and came to sit next to me.
The barber spun the chair to face into the room again, then asked me to sit in the chair, my heart was now in my mouth, was I ready for this ? The cape was fastened over me and Arthur didn't look at me and ask what I wanted, instead he looked at Robin, asking him how I was to have my hair cut, Robin said, he is having the same as me please Arthur, nice and short. The excitement suddenly turned to fear, oh my God, my long hair is about to be cut so short, the barber changed my parting to the side then he picked up a large pair of clippers from the side, I felt his firm hand on top of my head pushing it right forward, my chin touching my chest, then he lifted my long hair at the back placing the cold metal on my neck, the vibrating clippers were pushed up my neck, the feeling was totally alien to me, having only ever experienced scissors to cut my hair before, the clippers seemed to be traveling up my neck very high, then after a few more passes, I could feel the cooler air reaching the back of my head, then the barber pushed my head to one side and placed the metal of the clippers at the side of my face near the bottom of my jaw, the clippers raced up past my ear to my temples, huge waves of my long chestnut hair fell into my lap, the weight was scary, I was so concerned now worrying what I would look like with such a short haircut, the barber proceeded to shave the other side now increasing the pile of my hair in my lap, the the clippers were replaced by scissors now, combing my long fringe forward past my chin, then sliding them in just above my eyes he shortened my fringe drastically and a huge thud as it landed in my lap also. The shaving cream was applied and the straight razor used all round, then the hair cream massaged into my now short hair and combed into a perfect side parting like Robin's. He spun the chair to face the mirror, talk about a shock, I didn't even recognize myself, a lump in my throat made it hard for me to swallow as he asked me what I thought, I said, thank you Sir, it's very nice, he brushed me off and showed me the back in the mirror, it was shaved to the skin, I put my fingers up my neck to feel the smooth skin going up to a little stubble near my crown, he released the cape and I stood up ready to leave, Robin paid for both haircuts the we left.
Robin felt my bare neck and said, Jack, it's perfect, you look gorgeous, I said, really, he said yes I love it Jack.
Robin said, do you want to come back to mine now ?

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