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Second Headshave Experience in Barbrshop by Rohan

Hi this story is about my second headshave in barbershop.
This incident occurred in 2023 approximately 4 years after my first headshave.

By now I had completed my education and was working in a corporate company. One day I suddenly felt a strong urge to shave my head, I don't know why but it just happened out of the blue.
Then I waited till the weekend and on Saturday morning I went for it. There was light rain on that day so I entered the first barbershop I could find on the road.
I waited in the shop for 5 minutes until the barber came. The barber then asked if I want a haircut, I nodded yes and sat on chair.
The barber then caped me and started spraying water on my hair then he asked "what haircut do you want?", I replied "shave it all off".
The barber then confirmed if I want a headshave then he started spraying the water again, He then asked for the reason of shaving, as usual I replied dandruff and hairfall.
He then started talking about his local anti dandruff product and kept on talking for around 5 minutes, then he changed the blade in the straight razor I was glad that his advertisement was over and my headshave was about to begin.

Before shave started he asked me if I wanted to keep the "shendi" (a small tuft of hair kept on backside of shaved head), as last time I did not keep the "shendi" I decided to keep it this time .
And finally the shaving begins, he started shaving from back of my head as the razor moves across my head I felt ticking. After finishing the back side he started to shave left side, I could see the bald pathes on my head now. He then paused for a minute to take a call, I started touching back and side of my head if was an awesome feeling, he then resumed and started shaving the front side after shaving the front side he stopped and went inside other room as someone called him.

I was sitting alone in the shop with 70% shaved head (left and front side completely shaved back side was 60% shaved as he left some hair for tuft). I started looking outside the shop, the passersby were looking awkwardly at me as I had only half of my shaved.
After 5 minutes the barber returned and started the shaving again, he shaved right side and then finally shaved the excess hair on backside leaving a small round tuft of hair.
I then asked him to shave my head again in reverse(against the grain), he then sprayed water on my head and started shaving in reverse.
After shaving he asked if I wanted to shave my beard I replied yes.
He then applied shaving creme on my beard and started shaving it, as i have very thin beard it did not took long. Once he was finished I got off the chair, took few photos of me and paid him.

After I left the shop i did not cover my head as I was more confident this time, I went to few shops to get supplies at the same time flaunted my shaved head to lots of people before returning back home.

Hope you enjoyed the story will write another sequel if I shave my head again in future, bye.

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