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Bus ride home by Tony5624

Bus ride home

I sat on the bus and I was the only person on there, the bus pulled up at the next stop, a young guy got on, his long straight hair wet from the heavy rain outside this evening, he walked up the bus looking at me before sliding into the seat right in front of me. Such a good looking guy, gorgeous dark eyes and dark complexion, a nice clean shaven or smooth face, I could not make up my mind which, but unfortunately his hair was extremely long, not really my thing, being a barber, I preferred the short clean cut look. I knew straight away he was gay, the look he gave me as he sat in the seat immediately in front, running his fingers through his long wet hair and giving me that sort of flirty glance as he did. It was just a couple of minutes before he turned and spoke to me, before long we were chatting as if we were old friends, I asked where he was going to, he said he was just getting out of the weather, he had just split from his boyfriend and was trying to work out where to go for the night, so being stupid, I offered for him to come to mine, he seemed harmless.

I said, I am Cole, nice to meet you, I am on my way home from work, I usually get the bus, for one thing it stops right outside my barber shop and nearly outside my flat, also it's hard to park in town near my shop. He said, hello, I am Andy, so you are a barber then, I nodded and smiled, looking at his incredibly long hair, he said, are you sure about me staying the night ? I said, yes, it's not a problem, you only have a small bag, surely that's not all your belongings is it ? Andy said, yes, that's all he would let me take, he has a real mean streak and can be really cruel, but I did love him until recently when I caught him cheating on me. But it's a long story, I will tell you later.
I said, you are soaked through, you can shower when we get back.

Andy said, you are so kind, thank you so much for this, my parents live miles away and to be honest, I could not face all the questions and the comments from them, " I told you so " they didn't like him at all, he is the one to blame for my very long hair, he was so controlling and insisted on me growing my hair long the way he liked it, I said, so it's not your choice then ? Andy said, no, but it was for him.

I said, it's the next stop we want, we got off the bus in the pooring rain, it was only a short walk to my flat. We got inside and I said, there is the bathroom, have a shower and get out of your wet clothes, there is everything you need in there, soap ,shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and clean towels.

I got changed out of my damp clothes and just slipped a pair of shorts on with a t shirt, I opened a bottle of wine and put some music on while Andy had a shower, he had just a pair of boxers on and his long hair in a towel, I said, do you want a glass of wine ? He said, yes please, I said, come sit here and I will dry your hair, he sat on the chair and I towel dried it before running a wide tooth comb through, his hair was quite thick, but very straight, I combed a side parting and started blow drying it, it came to the mid way between his shoulder blades, but was in excellent condition, when I finished he looked in the mirror, he said, wow, that looks awesome, I never thought about a side parting before, thank you Cole.

I really need to get it cut now, I have no reason to keep it long, perhaps you would cut it for me Cole, I said, look Andy, I don't have a problem cutting it, but what if you get back with him, then he will go through the same thing all over again. Andy said, that won't happen, I am sure about that, but what about you Cole, do you like my hair long ? I said, to be honest I am more of a short hair guy, but that's my preference, so if I said I will cut your hair, how would you want it ?
Andy paused for a moment, running his fingers through his silky long hair, he said, what is your favourite haircut Cole ? I said, I really love a short back and sides haircut or a skin fade, but definitely with a side parting. Andy said, in that case, let me leave it to you to cut it how you like, I am happy to let you do what you think is right for me.
I said, ok Andy I will cut your hair, but not tonight, he looked at me and said, ok, but when ? I will give you a total hair makeover, maybe tomorrow, he turned to me sitting on the chair still and ran his fingers through his hair pulling it back behind his shoulders, he leaned forward and kissed me gently, then whispered , thank you for everything so far, you are an incredibly kind and gentle person, I forgot what it was like to meet a genuine guy.
I returned the kiss, running my fingers through his soft silky hair and also pulling it back behind his shoulders, we had the most awesome night and I felt so passionate, it was a chance meeting that turned into a beautiful evening.

The following morning was my day off, we had some breakfast and chatted more about last night, we both agreed it was incredible and that we both felt the same about each other, I said, so are you keeping your hair long for now or are you still wanting me to cut it ? Andy said, I really want it cut, but I want you to decide how and what style, is that ok with you Cole ?
As long as you are sure about it, then I will do it, we can get on the bus this morning and stop at the barber shop, I will collect everything I need and later this afternoon I will cut your hair short, Andy smiled at me and said, Cole, thank you for understanding my reasons. I asked him to sit on a chair and I brushed his long hair up into a high ponytail, then wound it into a manbun, I asked him if he used to tie his hair up like this, he said, no, I wasn't allowed to, but I like it.

We went into town and had lunch after walking around for a while, we returned to the barber shop so I could collect everything I needed for Andy's haircut, I was still quite impressed at how good he looked with his manbun, his hair shining so well in the sunshine as we waited for the bus, as we returned back to my flat, the urge for us both to enjoy sex again was too much and no sooner we were inside our clothes were off, his gorgeous body so nicely toned was so hot, he said to me, I love the way your body is shaven so smooth Cole, you must spend a lot of time shaving yourself, I have always wanted to be so smooth all over, you even shave your arm pits and legs too ? I said, yes, every three days I shave, I love my body to be smooth and hairless. Nice he said, I stood right behind him, kissing his neck as his hair was still perfectly tied up in the tight neat man bun, he shuddered with utter delight as I did this, whispering in his ear, I said, let me shave you smooth too, he groaned with such passion, I could feel how hot this session was going to be. I guided him to the bathroom and turned the shower on, wetting his entire body and soaping him from his face to his ankles, I picked up a new razor, starting with his face, his sideburns were the first to go complimenting a completely smooth boyish facial look, then I systematically worked down his entire body, changing to new razors every time I entered another section of his sexy body, then the part that got him so hard, he stood perfectly erect, as I shaved his pubic area totally and utterly bare, then lastly his legs, I washed him down and dried him off before applying some moisturizer to his entire smooth shaven boyish body, we went to the bedroom and enjoyed hours of exhilarating sex"

Eventually we emerged from the bedroom to relax a little while, Andy said, WOW!!! That was the most awesome sex I have ever had, I pulled the band from his very disheveled hair, his long silky dark hair just fell over his shoulders, his body so smooth and slightly glistening with a little perspiration as I brushed his floppy damp hair' I said, let's have a beer and relax for an hour, then, as promised, I will cut your long hair short.

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