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I really did it last summer by Scott

I have had a love of getting my haircut ever since I can remember. Even growing up in the 70's and 80's I tended to keep it shorter than my friends. I let it grow from time to time but when I got it cut it would always be pretty short. I'm the type of guy that looks forward to getting a haircut and when I get one I rub and cherish it all day. If I could get a haircut every day I would.

The only thing I had never done with my hair is shave it bald. I have always wanted to, but never had the guts. There are many times I'd build up the courage and walk into the barber shop ready to say shave it, but like many of you I always chickened out. I'd end up with a high fade ever buzz the top down with a #2 from time to time. I always thought I would grow out of my love for haircuts but that has not happened. There is something about that that I know those of you that have the same love that I do can understand what I am talking about. Those of you that are reading this and are saying "he is nuts" are probably right but you just haven't figured out that you have the same passion for sitting in the barbers chair yet. Even if you like longer styles you know you like to get it cut.

Well last summer I was progressively getting shorter and shorter from my typical business mans cut. Tapered back and sides couple of inches on top combed to the side. I have thick brown hair and am not thinning or balding at all (I wish I was haha). In June I got a med high fade and buzzed the top down with a number 3.5. About 10 days later I got a high and tight and a #2 on top. Each time I went to the barbers I had decided that that was the day I was going to shave it but I always chickened out.

Two weeks passed and I was itching to get a cut. I was like 100 degrees out and I pulled up to a random shop. My hair was about ½ inch on top at this point with the high and tight grown out some. I walked in. Perfect no one else was there so I could get the courage to do what I had always wanted to do. I sat down. The barber put the cape around my. My legs were shaking as I was facing the mirror. Picturing myself bald. The phone rang and the barber was taking his sweet time. I just stared at myself as he talked on the phone. He finally finished his conversation and came over to me. He asked so what'll it be today. I gulped. Shave it!!!! I couldn't believe I got the words out. He didn't say a word. He turned me away from the mirror. Grabbed his clippers off the hook. Placed them on my right side burn. And pushed straight up the side of my head all the way to the top. He worked around to the back buzzing it real tight all the way up to the crown. At this point a couple of teenagers walked into the shop My knees were still shaking as I sat there getting sheered. I looked up at them they kind of looked amazed at me but I showed no expression. The barber finished the sides and back and got his Oster 76's fired up and buzzed down the top. I was so excited to get the lather treatment I could bare hold in my smile. The fact that there were two teens watching at this point gave me a little thrill for some reason. I wondered if they would be inspired to do what I was doing. Anyway, I hear the clippers turn off. Then the hot lather machine comes to life. Oh boy I think!!! This is it. I feel the lather being applies around my ears and neck line and the straight razor being used to shave around my ears and neck. The barber spins me to the mirror and says "shaved enough for you"? I gulp!!

It's short. Very short. But not bald. What do I do? I do what I always do. Yeah I tell him it looks great. He brushes me off. I pay him. And walk out. Same ol same ol. Nice and buzzed but not shaved.

Now I get in my car. This particular shop is great for viewing haircuts. So I decide to wait and see what the two boys are going to get. They both had regular haircuts and as I watched it was quite obvious that is all they were there for. So I stayed for a few minutes watching them get their regular haircuts rubbing my head wishing I had the nerve to go back in there and get this over with. But as always I pulled away. Happy but not delighted.

I decided to go to the gym and work out. See if I could get some of my energy out. See if anyone I knew there noticed my ultra short buzz. I said hi to a few people I knew there but no one seemed to notice my hair. I had a powerful work out. Then I hit the steam room. All alone in there rubbing my head and the thoughts all started to come back again. I walked out of the steam room to my locker. Got my stuff out to take a shower. Standing there in the shower letting the cool water flow over my head felt so good. I put shaving cream all over my face. Then I just started to rub it all over my head. Wow this feels very good I think to myself. Then I started to shave my face and as I got to my side burn area I just kept going higher and higher up the side of my head. I was surprised how easy it was coming off. I could feel the smooth skin left behind as I took a stroke with the razor then rinsed and then would take another stroke. I worked my away around the back. I'd take a stroke then feel it then take another stroke. I shave all the way to the crown from the right side of my head to the left side getting it totally smooth. Man this is easy and feels so good but I still have this some on top. I nervously placed the razor on the back of my crown. Then I slid it towards the front of my head. I took a look at it. There was a lot of hair on the razor. I felt where I had just taken a swipe and could tell there was a big difference in the lengths of hair. I knew at this point there was now turning back. So short stroke after short stroke I remove every last hair from my head. It seemed to take forever but I wished it would never end. I just kept going till I felt like I got it all. Then I put my head under the water. Ran my hands all over my head. I felt a lot of places that I had missed. So I re-lathered my head and shaved it again. This time against the grain. Oh man!!! This was so cool. I didn't want it to end. Once I shaved it again against the grain I put my head back under the water and felt all over my head again. I got it all that time. Not a spot of stubble was left. Totally smooth just what I had wanted all my life.

I stepped out of the shower and took my towel and started to dry off. I was so weird when I got to my head. But it felt so good. I headed to my locker and got dressed. Then I headed to the mirror. I really didn't want to look but finally got up the courage to take a peak. Man this looks so good. What had I been so afraid of? I walked out of the gym with my chest all puffed out feeling very good about myself. I had finally done it.

The reaction from friends and workers was mixed. But at least I found a way to get a haircut every day!! I kept it shaved till September. But I can't wait till next summer!!

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