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Best Friend Buzzcut and Headshave by Jay L.

I have always fantasized about my friend and I buzzing each other’s heads for a very long time. Unfortunately, despite my many manifestations and hopes and even moments I thought he would want to do it, he showed no interest in anything other than a standard haircut which he has been rocking for a long time. A few times through the years he would show me his drivers licence when he was younger of him with a buzzcut telling me he looked good and even asking if he could still pull it off (and of course I have always said YES, YES, YES) but he still would never go through with it. His partner though he anti-buzzcut so he hasn’t been able to break free of that restriction plus he is also worried about being in a corporate job where everyone appears to have the same boring haircuts.

All of that changed recently though when we were at dinner. I go in and out of buzzcuts through the year depending on my moods and the weather. I had grown my hair since January but buzzed it off again recently. We went out for dinner and I took an Uber to his house where he got in and commented that I had buzzed it off again and gave it a good rub. At dinner he was asking me about it and why I spent 8 months growing it for me to just shave it off and I commented that it’s part of my transformation journey and I commented how I usually buzz my head when I want to restart something new " it’s kinda my style to personal growth. I am starting to lose weight and get into shape so I said I did it to start this new chapter. At dinner, he asked me what number I was doing and at the time I said it was a #3 but I was moving my way back to the foil shaver which was the end goal. He kept asking all these bait questions like how does it feel, how long will it grow back, do you feel more confident so I just said give it a shot. He kept looking at me with a look of wanting to do it but said he was waiting for summer before he considered it and it was still cool. I just looked at him and said he was full of excuses and we stopped talking about it.

A few weeks later he rang me asking if I wanted to go for a light jog that morning and I went past picked him up and we went for a walk/jog at a local park. It was a beautiful morning and as we were jogging he was telling me about how he doesn’t like his look and wanted to change it up and do something different etc. He was telling me about tattoos he wanted, losing a lot of weight, building his body etc and then he threw in about changing his hairstyle. I said to him that one is the easiest to do and to do it right away. As we finished he asked me what I was doing that morning and I told him I actually was going to the barber to shave my head and freshen up. He looked at me as if he wanted me to coax him into coming so I played along and said for him to come. He pretended it was no big deal but said he would just wait for me instead. As we drove, he kept asking questions which I answered and I kept encouraging him today is the day to make his big transformation. We went to the barbers which was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday morning and I went in to my regular barber while my friend sat outside in the car. I asked my barber if he had a spot after me and he did so I went back to the car and told my friend who freaked and said he wasn’t ready. My friend came in to watch me and I decided to encourage him by going straight for the smooth look and asked to go down to bone. My barber was excited as we had been talking about it and we did it was I went down to a razor with not a piece of hair left. My friend was nervous but you could tell he was excited and he sat in the chair. My barber was gentle and encouraging him telling him that he actually looks good bald and has a good head for it etc. My friend was feeling more confident with it. My friend then asked me what number and I told him why not start long and ease down. I also filmed it on his Samsung phone and he was buzzed down to a #4. He loved it and was feeling it non stop. My barber told him with his sleeve tattoos and head shape he actually looked completely transformed. That’s what my friend wanted to hear as it empowered him. I thought we were done and was ready to finish up but my friend asked to go shorter which was a surprise. My barber asked him how short thinking maybe #3 or #2 but he said to go totally bald as he had never done it before and always wanted to see what it felt like. Since I had gone totally bald and my barber was also totally bald he said he thought he could rock the look. My barber agreed it would look good plus my friend is Asian and it would make him look even more exotic. I couldn’t wait but also didn’t want him to have a breakdown later so I asked if he was sure but he was and within 10 minutes he went from a full lock of black thick hair to not a single hair on his head. The barber first buzzed him down to 0 right down to prickles then got the foil razor machine and took off every hair left, left a hot towel on his head and he was totally bald.

He had an initial freakout in the car but it changed him and us a lot " we were both feeling transformed, more confident and we were doing a lot of gym, hikes, walks and going out more. We also both kept the bald looks together. A few people made comments we were twins and his girlfriend hated it but then something happened a few months later at a Hike. He told me that he was actually coming to terms with being gay and that he had been in love with me for over 15 years. We actually hooked up for the first time on a hike and touching his bald head was an extra sensual touch. We then started shaving each other’s heads at home each week as a result.

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