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Bus ride home part 2 by Tony5624

Bus ride home part two.

Andy and I relaxed for an hour or so with a couple of beers, I was really quite taken with him, I took a huge risk asking him back to my apartment not even knowing anything about him, but I just had this good feeling inside me and I did like his sexy body too. His damp hair had now dried and flowed back past his shoulders, although I preferred a guy with short hair, there was something about this incredibly sexy boys hair, so long and so soft and very silky, running my fingers through it seemed to get him turned on and very hard, I needed to ask him if he was just wanting to cut his hair to spite his ex boyfriend. I said, Andy, every time I run my fingers through your long silky hair, you groan with delight and I have noticed you getting very hard as I continue doing it, are you really sure you want me to cut your hair short ? Or are you just wanting to cut it to spite your ex ?

To be totally honest Cole, it's a mixed feeling, yes I want to spite my ex' but you are so nice to me and I really do like you, I want you to cut it because you like short hair as well, and, yes, I do get turned on with you running your fingers through it, you are so gentle and caring and you show such love and you turn me on immensely.
I said, Andy, will you keep it long for just one day more until after we have had more awesome sex, I know it's a lot to ask, but I just want to enjoy it for a little while longer, I reached out and ran my fingers through it as we kissed. I could feel just how hard and turned on he was, he whispered in my ear, ok, I won't push you to cut it, I won't ask again and I want you to tell me when your ready, I said, thanks Andy, you are so hot and so genuine, I just don't want to rush or push you to do anything.

Andy and I spent another great night enjoying each other's bodies, I spent a long time trying to decide when to cut his hair and more importantly, how and what style was I going to give him. , the feel of his hair was incredible, I have to say, I have not felt hair as good as his for a long time, that's why I wanted to take my time so I get it right when I do it, also, I want to put it up again in a man bun, that was such a sexy look for this gorgeous young guy. I brushed his soft silky hair and he groaned with joy as I did, pulling it up high into a tight ponytail then fastening it with a band, I wound it round and he had a perfect man bun again, his body shining in the light with such a smooth shaved look from neck to toes, I couldn't keep my hands off him as he fell to his knees and showed his total appreciation, he was awesome, we drank a few more beers before going to bed.

The next morning I asked Andy what he wanted to do, he said, I want to go and find a job, I don't expect you to keep me, it just doesn't feel right, but before we leave here, can you put my hair up for me, it looks better for job hunting, I said, yes of course I will, you can take as much time as you want, I don't want you rushing into anything, apart from that, I love having you here and want you to feel relaxed and happy here.
Cole, you are amazing, he said, so kind, I am just not used to someone caring so much.

At the end of the afternoon Andy stopped at the barber shop, he said, I have a job starting next week, it's just at McDonalds, but it's a start, I said, that's awesome Cole, it's a start, you can live with me for as long as you want, I really like you a lot and love having you here, I closed the shop and we caught the bus home, I said, let's get a shower and decide what to do next, I pulled the band off his hair and we both got in the shower, I shaved my body and shaved Andy too, then washed and conditioned his hair, we were both rock hard and enjoyed some hot fun in the shower.
I had decided, I was going to cut his hair tonight, but it was going to be what I knew he wanted secretly, a short cut, the point is, how short was I going to go, I knew that once I started cutting his long hair, it would need to be very short, was I going to do like a normal short back and sides or a skin fade or did I want to go all the way and make it a military flattop ? The one thing I knew was, it wasn't going to be a buzzcut, that wasn't something I really liked.

I placed a chair in the lounge and got all my things out ready, I said, sit down Andy, I am going to cut your hair now, he sat there with his long wet hair, I had already decided that, I wanted to keep the long silky hair , just to remind me how beautiful it really was, I combed it into a side parting and blow dried it perfectly, I said, I am going to take some photos of your hair before I start cutting it, the long dark hair had a gorgeous shine to it and the long side fringe suited him so well.
I unfolded my cape and covered his smooth shaven body, one last time I combed through the long silky hair before picking up my scissors, I had some real reservations about making the first cut, but knew it had to be done to keep him happy, the first cut sounded so loud in the silence of the room, I was hard and so was Andy, who would have thought of a barber getting turned on so much about cutting a guys hair, I had in my hand a piece of hair about fifteen inches long from the back of his head, I placed it carefully on a tray, then the next piece and so on until the back had no hair hanging down over his shoulders, then moving to the left side, the same, then the right side, now the only long hair remains was his long side fringe, that too was snipped short, the tray had a huge pile of beautiful silky long hair laid out perfectly. I now picked up my clippers, putting a grade one guard on before pushing his head forward, his chin touching his chest, I placed the clippers at the nape of his neck and gently started pushing them up taking the hair to just a short stubble, I noticed doing this , Andy was getting very hard and also the look of the short hair on his neck was getting me harder too, I took the clippers right up to his crown, the whiteness of his skin was showing through, it was then it made my mind up that a very short military flattop was the cut I wanted for him, I said nothing, but changed the guard for bare metal, this time taking the rest of the stubble to zero, I moved to the side and took the clippers up above the temples, now you could clearly see how white his skin was, I picked up my flattop comb and took the top down to less than one inch tapering back to about an eight of an inch at the crown, his thick dark hair now standing up perfectly into a proper flattop, I was so hard it was incredible, I applied some shaving foam to the back and sides, changing the blade in my straight razor for a new one, I shaved to the skin, the smooth look was awesome and the feel even more of a turn on. It was now time to reveal to Andy his new short military flattop. I took the cape off to find him absolutely rock hard , I led him to the full length mirror and let him see the new look, his face was awesome, he was so shocked at the change, he could hardly speak. I said, well ? What do you think ?

More to come on this one.

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