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Bus ride home part 3 by Tony5624

Bus ride home part 3

For the rest of the week Andy kept looking at himself in the mirror at every opportunity he got, he kept saying to me, this haircut is incredible Cole, I love it so much, it was a huge shock at first, bearing in mind I had to have long hair for over two years with my ex. Also seriously, I can't thank you enough, I know just how hard it was for you to cut all my long hair short, it was really nice the sex we enjoyed while it was long, so thank you again Cole.

Andy really loved the new look once he got used to it and I really love it too, I have found his weak spot too, before it was me running my fingers through his long silky hair, but now, he loves me kissing the back of his bare shaved neck and teasing him by running my tongue up his shaved nape, every time I do that he gets even harder and shudders uncontrollably, it's just so awesome, it just means as well as shaving his entire body, I have to keep his back and sides razor shaved every three days too.
I really love the sexy boyish look of his military flattop too, it really gets me excited and so turned on by him.

Sunday evening was very special, he was starting work tomorrow and he insisted I give his hair a small trim to make it perfect and shave him too, I was happy to oblige as this turned me on immensely, our evening was just perfect, we really liked our new relationship so much and were very happy with everything.
Andy went off to work the same time as me and I waited for him to finish at my barber shop, we went and had a few beers to celebrate with a Chinese meal after, there seemed to be a lot to chat about, he mentioned a few people he was working with and said everyone was really nice to him ,which made his first day go really well.
Andy said how several people there said how awesome his hair was, which he said made him feel so good, there was one boy who actually asked where I go to get my haircut, I told him my boyfriend cuts it for me, he jokingly said, I would love him to cut my hair. Andy said, he was quite surprised at that comment as the boy had quite long hair, although I couldn't see how long as everyone has to wear hair nets in the kitchen.

We returned home after our evening out and Andy said, let's shower, all I can smell is fried food on my body, I didn't need any persuading, we enjoyed a very long and sexy shower before going to bed exhausted, life with Andy really was perfect, I hadn't been happier in my entire life. The following morning we both left for work, I had a busy day at the barber shop and then Andy met me there to go back home, he was very talkative and enthusiastic about his day, he said there were some nice people he worked with and no problem with him being gay as two other guys there were too, also two of the girls were a lesbian couple, he said it's such a friendly place, in fact the boy who asked me about you cutting his hair asked if we want to go for a drink after work tomorrow, I said I would ask you first. I said to Andy, yeah sure, I don't have a problem with that, I guess he is one of the gay guys then ? Andy said, yes, is that ok with you ? I said, yes of course it is, I am not controlling like your ex was, I want you to feel comfortable with anything, you don't need to ask about everything, the one thing about me Andy, is that I am very easy going and very open minded, I am the sort of guy that will try anything once, then if I don't like it, I don't do it again, just relax and be yourself, we have a really great relationship going, just remember, I am not like your ex.

Andy said, Cole, you are really nice to me, I have not been this happy in ages, I like the way you are so thoughtful and caring, I like you so much, I am scared of messing up and losing you, Andy' that is not going to happen, as I said, I am very easy going and very open minded, that's one of the things I like about you, your happy to experiment with sexual things too, you know I love a smooth body, so you encourage me to keep you shaved, I like everything about you and want you to be open minded too, if there is anything I don't like, I will tell you. Ok Cole, I will arrange to meet at the usual bar in town then.

We met up with Mario at the gay bar in town, Andy introduced me to him as his boyfriend, which was nice, I felt we really are a couple, Mario said, nice to meet you Cole, you are such a brilliant barber, I love the way you cut Andy's hair, he tells me his was way longer than mine before you cut it. I said, yes, yours is past your shoulders, but his was down to the mid shoulder blade length, that's how his ex made him keep it. Andy said, yes he was very controlling, Cole is so gentle and caring, that is one thing I really like about him. I said, so Mario, is there a boyfriend or are you single, he said, single at the moment, we have recently come back from Spain, my Dad is Spanish and my Mum English.
Andy said to Mario, you have something you want to ask Cole, he doesn't bite, unless you ask him to, with a little grin on his face, Mario went bright red and said, maybe later, I said, don't be shy Mario, we are both very open and adventurous, I winked at him, which I think made him go even more red, I said, sorry Mario, I am only joking with you, I have a strange sense of humour. I said to Andy, have you told Mario how I did your haircut ? He said, no Cole, he might not like that sort of thing. I said, look we are all adults, I am sure he wouldn't be embarrassed by it. I said, I just need to go to the toilet, back in a minute, I gave Andy some money and said, get some more drinks for us all.
When I got back, Andy was telling Mario about his haircut fun with me, Mario looked at me and said, hey that sounds so sexy. I winked at him and said, well, you only need to ask, I am sure Andy would be up for all three of us having some fun, Andy smiled at me and said, if it's ok with you Cole, it's definitely ok with me. I was now getting quite turned on, Andy was definitely showing signs of getting hard too, I said to Mario, have a think about it and let us know, he said, I don't need to think about it, I am ready. I said, ok then, let's do this Saturday evening, unless your working Sunday Mario, no he said, Saturday is fine, I am really looking forward to it, I said, great, you can come to the barber shop when you both finish and we will go home from there.
We had a great evening, quite a few drinks, then we all left, see you Saturday Mario, Andy said, see you at work tomorrow.

We got home and chatted about what we thought would happen on Saturday, we were both quite turned on by the whole set up, I said to Andy, when you get a break at work tomorrow, chat with Mario and tell him everything we do, just to make sure he understands what he is getting into. Ok Cole, I will, but I am sure he knows already.
Needles to say, we had some awesome fun this evening as we were both so turned on.
Saturday seemed to take ages to come round, but we both went to work as normal, after a long day , Mario and Andy arrived at my barber shop, I had already packed everything I could possibly need in my bag, I locked up and we got on the bus back to my place. I was feeling incredibly horny as were both Andy and Mario.
We arrived home and I straight away opened a bottle of wine, I said to Mario, so you want the same haircut as Andy then, he said, I think so, what do you think?, I said, it will definitely suit you, as long as your ready to lose all that long hair, and of course you will need to be shaved too, looking at him to see what reaction I got to that remark.
Mario said, yes I am ready for both, I have been fantasizing about being shaved smooth all week, by now Andy was stripped off showing his newly shaved body, Mario started to strip too, he wasn't hugely hairy, but being dark haired it showed more, his face had some hair, not quite a beard, but partially , I stripped off too and we went to the bathroom, I said, are you joining us Andy, he said, no, I want to watch you shave him smooth, then I will shower after.

I took a bag of razors into the shower and Mario walked in too, I started by washing his long hair, it was slightly less thick than Andy's, but still very full and long, I conditioned it too, pulling the long hair back off his face, I could see we were both hard, I picked up the first razor and systematically shaved his face smooth, I looked at Andy and saw how hard he was, enjoying everything that was happening.
I started shaving Mario's body, he was really enjoying it, I got down as far as his pubic area, that got him even harder, shaving cream , then razor, taking every bit of hair from his very hard cock ,he was looking awesome now, just his legs to do to complete the whole body shave. As he stepped out the shower, Andy went down on his knees and gave him some very hot relief.
I led Mario to the barber chair set up ready for him, his totally smooth hairless body looking absolutely amazing, I sat him down and started drying his long wet hair, I had decided to get his haircut similar to Andy's, being as his hair was less thick, I decided to take the back and sides higher, and the flattop slightly shorter in order for it to stand up perfectly, I ran my comb through his slightly damp hair combing the top and fringe back off his forehead, this at the moment was about eight or nine inches long, I switched on my clippers and started taking the top down using my flattop comb, the long hair was sliding down the cape into his lap, eventually the pile was so huge and the top resembling a nice square flat area. Now the shaved to the skin back and sides, I used balding clippers, pushing his head forward, his chin touching his chest, I lifted the long hair from the nape and started pushing the clippers up to his crown, the first cut was great, his very dark hair removed leaving a white scalp right up to the crown, I continued this until the back was completely bare, then moved to the side, the first cut from the front of the ear up to above the temple looked awesome, I knew I had made the right decision to take it higher, it was looking so hot already, I continued with both sides and then just blended in.
The cut now finished, I mixed some shaving foam and lathered up the sides and back with my shaving brush, I like to brush it in properly, then with a new blade in the razor, I shaved so close to the skin, it was shining very white, I towel dried the shaved area and applied some balm. I used some light wax on the top and the military flattop was now complete, I removed the cape to find Mario so hard, he leaned forward to give me some well earned relief while Andy stood there kissing me , the whole threesome thing was awesome, Mario stood up and looked in the mirror, his totally shaven smooth body was so hot and with his new haircut we all agreed he looked so dam hot, a very successful evening for all.

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