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A nightmare, move to a new school for my by Tony5624

A nightmare , move to a new school for my final year at seventeen.

My parents had to move house after they got divorced and I went with my Mum, which meant I had to change schools, I am in my last year at seventeen, apparently the school is quite strict and my Mum had to buy a new school uniform, my first day was a complete nightmare . I was told by the head that long hair for boys is not allowed and I must go and get it cut short.
He said I should go at lunchtime to the barber shop, he phoned and made an appointment for me to attend. I was really scared to do this, my hair had been long for years now and I hate short hair, but knew I had to obey the rules,

I walked to the barber shop I had been given instructions to go to by the head, I had also been given orders to return to the heads office on my return for him to inspect my haircut"
As I entered the barber shop, my heart sunk in my mouth, it was a shop so dated and old fashioned and the barber himself looked like he should have retired twenty years ago.
There was only one chair and it was very worn and old, the leather was cracked and not very inviting, the counter was covered in old bottles and tubs of old hair products that had all sorts of strange smells. All in all, I was not happy about being here, but I could not take the chance of being excluded on my first day.
The barber said, I expect you are Conor, take a seat please, I can see why you have been sent here for a very needed haircut, it's so long, but don't worry, I will soon rectify that. I sat in the chair that was facing into the shop, the barber snapped the cape and had it over me in a swift move, tucking it in tightly around the neck.
I said to him, I don't want it very short please, he replied saying, if you go back to school with a haircut that is not short enough, the head will send you back, then I will have to do it again, so I might as well do it right to start with. I felt so annoyed, but can't do anything about it. The old barber picked up his scissors and started chopping my hair, great long lengths of my hair were falling down onto the cape, I just felt sick, this is the first time in years my hair had been cut and it not being my choice, it reminded me of being a little kid in the barber shop with my Dad and him telling the barber what to do. The scissors were relentless and the pile of long hair was growing by the minute in my lap and on the floor. Then he replaced the scissors with clippers, I went cold for a minute as I felt the cold steel blades on my neck shaving my hair at an alarming rate, then he moved to the side, I could feel the clipper blade at the side of my ear and straight away realised he had shaved my sideburns right up to the top of my ear, I was really dreading looking in the mirror at the finish, just wondering how awful it must be looking, next to get the chop was my long fringe, I noticed it wasn't even covering my eyes now, I just wanted to get up from this butcher and leave, but his hand held my head firmly as he continued snipping away, eventually he wet my neck and where my sideburns were originally before picking up a razor from the counter and sharpening on a leather strip hanging at the side of the barber chair, then I could feel it scraping away down the side of my face, then around the neck, my neck felt cold as he did this, considering ten minutes ago my hair covered it to my shoulders, that was all gone, he put the razor back and put something in his hands rubbing them together before rubbing them through the little remaining hair on my head. It appeared my haircut was finished, he turned the chair to face the mirror, I gazed at this boy in the mirror, surely it wasn't me with a schoolboy short back and sides haircut, I felt devastated, angry even that this could happen. He removed the cape to show me with my school uniform on and a haircut that made me look like I was twelve. I stood up and asked how much the haircut was, only to be told the school had paid for it and that I was to return in four weeks time for my next haircut.
I took this photo when I got home from school.

Mum was really surprised when I arrived home, I told her the story of the whole event with the head master sending me to the barber shop, she said, oh darling, this is all my fault for moving here and making you change schools, I will phone the school and complain tomorrow, they have no right to force you to cut your hair, I said to Mum, no, it's not your fault at all, but please don't complain, it might make things worse for me. I just have to live with this for my last year, I might even get used to this awful short haircut, I even have to return to the barber shop in four weeks. Also, I am not alone, most of the other boys have hair this length or shorter, so at least I don't stand out being the only one with long hair. Mum said, okay, I won't phone up and complain, I don't want to make things worse for you. I said, thanks Mum, do I look really bad without my long hair, I could almost feel a tear in my eyes as I asked her this, she said, no darling, you look very nice, it was just a shock to see you with short hair.
I went to bed that night, but usually I would be brushing my long hair, but tonight I just kept running my fingers up my shaved neck, the short bristles felt so strange, but it actually turned me on the more I felt my bare neck, it was such a weird feeling, I could not stop running my fingers up my neck and it was making me feel very hard, then I felt where my sideburns were and that feeling also made me hard, I could not understand why, but I had to keep feeling it then I was so hard, I had to relieve myself.
I went on the Internet to get some information about how I was feeling, it turns out, I have a hair fetish. Every night I kept feeling my shaved hair and getting hard and then have to relieve myself, after a couple of weeks the feeling wasn't so good, I realised it was because my hair had grown a bit and I didn't get the feeling of the shaved bristles, I did shave my sideburns every couple of days to keep them short.
I felt I needed to go back to the barber shop and get it shaved again, but this time, I said to the barber I liked the way he cut the back nice and short and realised this gave him the green light to go a bit shorter, that night I went to bed and kept rubbing my fingers up my neck, it got me so hard this time I almost exploded straight away.
Another two weeks went by and I went back to the barber shop, this time there was a young guy in there about twenty or so, it threw me out a bit, I said, where is Bert, he said, that's my uncle and he is ill, so I am stepping in for him.
So what can I do for you young man he asked, I said your uncle cuts the back and sides short, but can you leave the fringe as it is please, okay he said, by the way, I am Mike, would you like me to bring the sideburns up a bit more, I just said, yes please and let him get on with the haircut. He seemed to be taking more time than his uncle and I could feel the clippers up the back of my neck and each time he ran them up the neck, he ran his fingers up too which was making me feel so hard, he definitely was a lot more thorough than Bert and very good looking too, his hands were really nice and loved the way he was running his fingers through my hair too, he spent more time on the sides and I felt it was shorter at the side too, he finished with some cream and combed my fringe back neatly, whereas Bert just did it with his fingers, he turned the chair to face the mirror, I was quite shocked how much shorter it was, but he had combed the top and fringe nicely too, he took the cape off then looked at the bulge in my trousers, he smiled and said, don't worry, I am gay too and winked at me, I paid him and he passed me a piece of paper, after I left, I noticed it was his phone number.
When I got home I went up to my bedroom, Mum was still out, I looked in the mirror and realised he had shaved the sideburns completely and felt the back of my neck, it was a lot shorter, but it felt really nice, I got so turned on and came so quickley.
Mum came in a little while later and said, Conor, you have had another haircut, do you like it shorter, I said, yes Mum, I do.
I had decided it was time to tell my Mum I was gay, I was so nervous and felt so awkward, I just thought I need to just say, I said, Mum, I need to tell you something, she looked up from cooking dinner and said, yes darling, if your going to tell me your gay, I already know, she smiled at me and said, darling, I have known for years, but I didn't want to embarrass you by talking about it, I wanted you to tell me.
I said, so you don't mind then ? Of course not, I love you for who you are, not what you are, I am completely fine with it, so stop worrying.
I said, thanks Mum and gave her a hug,

My new haircut by Mike, Mum liked it and so did I, it's now just five weeks since my long hair was cut off to a short schoolboy haircut, now I don't think I could go back to having long hair again.
I went up to my room again and decided to ring Mike, he answered and I said, hey, this is Conor, you cut my hair earlier and gave me your number, he said, hi Conor, I liked you a lot, would you like to meet up, I am still at the shop if you want to come down, I said, okay be there in ten minutes, I called to Mum, just popping out for a bit.
I got to the barber shop and Mike was just closing up, he said, come in Conor, let's go to the back room.
I followed him in and as soon as he was in there he grabbed me and kissed me, I was quite surprised but loved it, he was stroking my neck as he kissed me again, I loved him doing this then had to say to him, look Mike, you know aI m only seventeen at the moment, I am not eighteen till two months time and I am still at school.
He smiled at me and said, it's fine with me, then he started kissing me again, running his fingers up my neck nearly made me shoot my load in my pants, I shuddered as he did this and kissed him more passionately this time, he said, wow, you know what your doing then, I said not really, you are the first guy I have been with.

I said to Mike, by the way, I really love your hair, what do you put on it to get that shine ? He said, it's just brylcream, it's really old fashioned but I love it, do you want me to put some on your hair Conor? I said, yes please, he took me back to the shop and sat me in the chair, he massaged some into my hair before combing a side parting and combing the fringe back, wow, I said, that is awesome, you know you cut my hair much shorter than your uncle does it don't you? He said, sorry, don't you like it ? I said, I love it, I showed him a picture of my hair about an hour before his uncle cut it for the first time, he said, I wish I had been the one to cut all that long hair off for you.
I bet you look really hot in your school uniform Conor, let's return to the back room, I want to kiss you again. I had got such a hard on after he did my hair again, the feel of him running his fingers through my hair was awesome, but when he was using the clippers it was like heaven, I had to talk to him about the way I felt, he said to me, that's awesome Conor, now I know what turns you on and if you want, I can cut your hair each time from now on.
We kissed and gradually stripped off, I was a little embarrassed as I shave my armpits and pubes, but when I looked at Mike, he was the same, totally smooth, I loved that, he ran his hands all over my body and up my neck, he whispered in my ear, if your not comfortable, just tell me, I said, Mike, I am okay and really like you, love the way you kiss and find you very horny.
I said to Mike, on my way home tomorrow, I will stop here and you can see me in my uniform. He said, if I don't have any customers, I will get you in the chair and use the foil shaver on your neck and sides then finish with some brylcream, do you think you will enjoy that ? I said oh yes, without a doubt, then after if it's closing time we can have some fun in the back room.
Mike said, okay, look forward to it, I left him and went home, Mum had dinner ready and we sat and ate, she asked me if there was anyone that I liked at the moment, I said there was, but it's very new. She said, okay, just be careful.
The following afternoon couldn't come quick enough, I went and had a shower, while in there, I shaved my body too and washed the brylcream from my hair. I had bought a new tub to use each day, then I went off to bed, feeling my newly shaved haircut, I was immediately hard and had to relieve myself again. The next morning I got ready for school and used my brylcream to comb my side parting, I left school in the afternoon to walk to the barber shop, when I got there, Mike had just finished his last customer, he said, straight in the chair Conor, I did as I was told, he locked the door and pulled the blind down, he said to me, you look awesome Conor, very smart, now let's get your hair looking smart too, he put the cape around me, switching the foil shaver on, he pushed my head to the side and used the shaver, the feel was amazing and got me hard straight away, he did the back and finally the other side, it shaved to the skin and looked awesome, it felt so exciting, then he massaged some brylcream and combed a perfect side parting, I have to say, I looked perfect and felt so very horny.

We had such hot fun, he was amazing at kissing and exploring my whole body, he said to me, nicely shaved and smooth today Conor, good job I did the same this morning before work, do you like a guy with a smooth body too ? I said' yes I love it, it's so nice to feel a body without all that hair.
This was something a guy like me could only wish for really, a young lad with a newly found hair fetish and meeting up with a young sexy barber, what a combination .
Thinking back a few weeks when I had extremely long hair and had no idea I had a hair fetish, I realise now that when I used to spend ages brushing and combing my long hair and trying different ways of styling it, that was all part of the hair fetish, also the body shaving and always trimming and shaving my sideburns was part of it as well.
Mike was just perfect for me as he understood my need for anything hair or shaving related.

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