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Short hair required at boarding school by Tony5624

Short hair required for teen boys at boarding school

I was just seventeen when I was sent to boarding school for a year, it was my choice, my parents had to go and work for a year abroad and I didn't want to go with them, so my Father arranged an all boys boarding school.
I travelled there alone as it was the same day they left to go and work in Hong Kong, I arrived at lunch time and reported to the main office. I was called in after registration to the heads office.
He was a tall burly man with very short cropped hair a bit like an army major, he talked to me about the school and all the most important rules and one was, no mobile phones, that was confiscated straight away, no personal computers as the school would supply us with one, so my lap top was confiscated too, I started to feel quite isolated already, next I was given a school uniform and P E kit, then I was directed to the barber shop, I felt sick inside and felt totally helpless.
I found the barber shop around the back of the offices and walked in to find a dingy little room with one barbers chair and nobody else in there. The barber was an elderly guy with short grey hair and a little moustache, the shop was clean and tidy, all his barber tools neatly laid out on the counter top with old fashioned clippers hanging there too. I had never seen anything like it before, I used to go occasionally to a unisex salon in out town, quite modern and trendy. The barber told me to take a seat, the barber chair faced into the room and not facing a mirror, the barber picked up a cape and flicked it open and around me in seconds, I looked at him and said, just a trim please sir. He raised his eyebrows and said, you don't get to tell me what you want young man, I tell you what you are about to get, it's a regulation school haircut, the same as all the other boys here in this school.
I was quite horrified, why did I choose this school, now I'm stuck here for a year.

I must admit, my hair was a little longer than usual, now I'm worried it's going to be very short, the barber ran a comb through my hair and the long top was combed forward over my face before he put his hand on top of my head and pushed it right forward so my chin was touching my chest, holding my head firmly in position there was a loud click and the old clippers whirred into life, they were placed at the base of my neck and the cold blades made me jump, the next thing I felt was them running up the back of my neck almost to my crown, then again several more times and each time I could see bits of long hair falling to the floor, then the barber moved to the side and did the same thing starting in front of my ear and shaving up to my temples then moving to the opposite side, the remaining part now left long is the top and long fringe which was still covering my face to past the bottom of my chin, the scissors then sliced through making it short above my eyes, this was a total nightmare for me and finally a side parting was combed with some hair cream and the fringe combed back, the barber turned the chair to face the mirror, he said, that's your trim young man, be back here in two weeks time. I could not believe what just happened, the pile of hair on the floor was huge.

I left the barber shop feeling quite stupid and very vulnerable, I was sure nobody else here had hair as rediculously short as mine, but trying to find my room I passed a few other boys with hair the same as mine, so at least I won't stand out against the other boys. Finally I found my room, my case had been put in my room with all my uniform and kit, I started unpacking, the room wasn't huge, but adequate, a small desk to work and a laptop that belonged to the school with restricted access to the Internet.
The bathroom was small with a toilet wash basin and a shower, I looked at myself in the mirror, I ran my fingers up the back of my neck feeling the almost shaved skin, just little bristles remained, it actually felt strange, but I found myself getting turned on by it strangely enough.
I wondered how I would find things here being gay, I didn't know anyone else here yet, or even if any other boys here were the same? I was quite hungry now so decided to find the dining room, there were quite a few other guys already in there eating, I grabbed some food and sat down to eat, one of the other guys came in and sat at the same table, the same haircut as me which had so obviously just been done, he said hey, are you new here too? I am Greg, hello, yes I am new too, Todd, nice to meet you mate, looks like you have just experienced the barber like me, yeah, not exactly what I expected, but I suppose we have to get used to it, Greg said, where is your room Todd? Ground floor number 37, that's cool , I am 42, he said, when we finished eating we can go back there and chat some more.

I noticed Gregs hair wasn't quite as short as mine, I said, how did you manage to get away with a less severe haircut than me Greg? Perhaps I pissed the barber off when I said just a trim please! Yeah I reckon, I just sat and let him cut it, it was a real shock, I had a ponytail about an hour ago, now it's a short back and sides, also I have to go back in two weeks, I said, mine was almost long enough to get into a ponytail, also I have to go back in two weeks as well. We laughed and said, it's like being in the army.
I had a feeling Greg was gay too' but didn't want to ask him on my first day here in case I was wrong.

Greg said, this was my hair, my boyfriend took this last week, unfortunately we decided to break up as I was going to be away for the next year. I showed him my photo too, then I said, I wondered if you were gay Greg, I am too, but don't like to broadcast it to everyone, I am stuck here for the next year too.
He said, wow Todd your hair was just about the same length as mine was.
I said to Greg, have you felt the back of your neck since your haircut, he said, no, I was so scared to touch it, I was dreading the thought of how bloody short he cut it, I said, it has a strange feeling, but quite a nice feeling, in fact, I feel a bit embarrassed saying this, but when I ran my fingers up my neck, it actually turned me on a bit, since then I can't stop doing it. Greg sat there and ran his fingers up his neck, bloody hell Todd, it's so short, it feels weird. I said, mine is even shorter than yours, he said, can I feel yours, with that stroked the back of my neck, I started getting so hard, it was awesome.
Greg said, at least we are all the same here, so we don't stand out against anyone else, other than the fact we are both gay, I smiled and said, yes it was a good bit of luck we recognized that straight away. I am not sure how much privacy we get here, but I hope to get to know you much better Todd. Todd said, yes me too, I think we have a lot in common, it may not be quite so bad here after all.

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