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My transformation by Tony5624

My transformation from very long hair to very short hair in two months.

This is a story about my journey over a period of four months, I had very long hair which was approximately to my mid back length, it was in good condition and well kept. It started with me wanting to get a trim to keep it tidy, I was in my final year at school, almost eighteen and thinking about my next event of going to college.
The rules at school weren't strict about long hair, but one rule that was, if you had long hair, it must be tied back in a ponytail or up in a man bun, it was neater with school uniform apparently according to our head teacher. Everybody abided by his rules including me, I didn't mind my hair up, but out of school preferred it loose.
I found a barber shop to get a trim, I wasn't sure about this place, it was very old fashioned and run by a guy in his early forties. I didn't have a problem being gay, in fact quite confident about it really, I did get an inkling about the barber thinking he possibly might be gay too, he greeted me as I entered the shop and ushered me straight to the barber chair, I did still have my uniform on but had untied my hair and combed through neatly. The chair was facing into the shop and not facing the mirror, I sat down and the barber put the cape around me chatting and making small talk. He was a very handsome guy, very fit and what looked like well toned body with a very short almost military haircut. I straight away felt totally at ease which is unusual for me in a barber shop, I was not a big lover of them really, he very gently combed my long hair chatting all the time which in turn made me want to chat with him too,he asked me about school and what I wanted to do after I left, I told him I was almost eighteen and in a couple of months or so I would hopefully be going to college if I managed to get in. He said to me, so you will be wanting to shorten the hair a bit then ? It's extremely long now young man, I laughed and said, yes it's been a while since I had it cut last, it needs a really good trim sir, he agreed with me and said, okay, leave it to me. He said you don't need to call me sir' my name is John, I said okay sir, I just like to show respect to guys that are older than me sir. I am Jack,I sat there with him snipping away and chatting about lots of different things, he was such a nice guy and I was quite turned on by him really, I had a thing for older more dominant guys, being totally submissive myself, I really felt that I was enjoying this hunky guy cut my hair, the time just seemed to disappear so quickly with him snipping away at my long hair, he finally put the scissors down and asked if wanted my long sideburns shaved shorter too, I said, yes please sir, I find it hard to do myself with my razor, with that his clippers shaved them before using his razor to finish off, he combed my hair through and took the cape off before turning the chair to face the mirror. I took a look and he said how is that for you Jack, I was so shocked at how short it was showing all my ears and totally shaved sideburns, but I said thank you sir it's fine. I paid him and left.
I couldn't believe how short he had cut it but didn't want to seem upset in front of him, I went home and had a shower then looking in the mirror felt quite turned on by him and my shorter haircut, I was very hard and needed to relieve myself, after I put my uniform back on to see what I looked like and that turned me on too.
I got all the usual jibes from guys at school but brushed it off and after a few days it stopped. My best friend Nate liked it and said he might cut his hair too, but then soon forgot about it. About two months passed and I was really feeling horny about John and decided to go back to his barber shop again, but this time left it to the end of the day, I arrived at his shop and walked in, he had a smile on his face when he saw me and said only just in time, I was just about to close, sit down Jack, I will lock the door and pull the blind down, nice to see you again Jack, I said it's nice to see you again sir, it was a bit of a shock when you cut my hair last time sir, I did not expect it to be that short, but after I got home and showered then washed my hair I was actually quite pleased you did cut it shorter and it may sound strange but, I felt quite horny after too sir. That's okay Jack, I must admit, I thought about you after you had gone and really hoped you would come back, especially when you said you were submissive and liked an older dominant man.
So what are we having today Jack ? Well sir, I am not really sure, can I leave it up to you please sir ? That's fine Jack, have you had your interview for college yet ? No sir, that is the day after tomorrow, okay then Jack, I will give you a nice short neat haircut ready for that interview, okay sir, thank you sir.
I wanted to say to him not too short, but I just couldn't get the words out and it seemed he was in charge now.
He put a cape around me and like before I was facing into the shop and not facing the mirror, I was nervous, but felt very turned on at the thought of him deciding what haircut I am going to get, my pants were bulging and my school uniform was beginning to feel tight down there, he put his hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes saying, just relax Jack, with that he leaned forward and kissed me, my bulge just doubled in size and I felt so horny, he had me totally at ease.
He started cutting with clippers at the back of my neck, the cold blades made me jump and shudder at the vibration, the clippers we're moving up my neck at an alarming rate, it felt very alien to me, my hair being long most of my life have never had clippers used before on it, then he shaved the sides with them too, he cut the top and fringe very slightly before lathering the neck and sides with shaving cream, I could feel the razor next to my skin scraping it smooth, then combing a parting to the side , he turned the chair to face the mirror, the feeling of sheer fright came over me at first as I saw bare white skin where once was my thick straight long hair, then I warmed to the look as I could see just how sexy it was, he removed the cape and I was able to feel my bare neck, the feeling so strange to me, it very much a big turn on, my cock hard and trying to bulge out of my trousers.
John said, well Jack, that's your haircut finished for today, do you like it short? I said, yes sir it is really sexy sir, good he said, you need to go to my private room at the back now Jack, undress and lay on the massage table.
I did what he requested and he followed me in, I lay on the table and he pulled a little trolley up next the the bench, he took a blindfold from the trolley and made me put it on, then I could feel him place some straps on my wrists and my ankles, now I was totally helpless and at his mercy, it turned me on immensely and I was so hard, I could feel a warm lather being a brushed on to my body from my neck down, under my arms and around my pubic hair then my arms and legs, John said to me, I am going to get you shaved nice and smooth Jack, try not to move too much,, yes sir I said, very nervously, I had never shaved any of my body before let alone someone doing it for me, it took ages and felt so very sexy and extremely exhilarating, finally it was finished and he dried my body with a towel, then I could feel some warm liquid being poured over my very hard erect cock and a very firm hand massaging it up and down my shaft, the feeling so awesome and getting me harder by the minute, his lips meeting with mine was so hot and horny until I was about to explode my hot cum sporting out in gushes, John said, that was very naughty Jack, he untied the straps and turned me over then I could feel a leather strap thrashing my cheeks quite hard, then again twice more, he then poured some warm oil on and massaged my sore red buttocks, finally he took the blindfold off and made me sink to my knees in front of him to suck his hard erect cock until he exploded over me. He cleaned me up and told me to go and shower. After I had showered and washed my hair he said, get dressed and come to the barber chair, I feared another even shorter haircut was about to be given, but he just said your hair needs some product and styling, your long fringe keeps falling over your eyes,he used some brylcream and combed a sharp side parting then combed the long fringe back off the face, he said, that's you finished Jack, I said thank you sir and could see my new style in the mirror, I said, thank you sir, it's wonderful sir, John said come next week same time, I said, okay sir, I will sir.
I walked home feeling so horny, what just happened was amazing, I arrived home and it was about seven thirty, Mum didn't get in from work until just after eleven. I went up to my room and looked at myself in the mirror, the sides of my hair shaven to the skin, I could feel the back was the same, I couldn't stop touching my bare shaven skin, it turned me on so much, I took my school uniform off and hung it up, standing in front of the mirror looking at my smooth shaven body made me think of being very young, so smooth and totally hairless, I lifted my arms up to see my shaven armpits too, my shaven cock and balls looked so hot, for some reason being shaved made me look bigger than before, even my arms and legs were smooth and silky to the touch.
I got some moisturizer out and smothered my shaven body to make sure I didn't get sore then I had the urge to take some photos and my cock grew harder by the minute, my hair immaculately combed into a side parting and the long fringe slicked back off the face was so sexy, I had never in my life had such a short haircut.
I didn't know what Mum would make of it, she was so surprised last time after losing all my long hair, I needed to make an excuse as to why I have been back to the barber shop and come home totally scalped, I thought I would say it's for my college interview, when she got in from work, she said, wow Jack, what happened, are you joining the army ? I laughed and said, it's a bit short Mum, but I want to create a good impression at my college interview. Okay darling she said, you do look very cute, and she kissed me on the cheek, she said, I thought you might be trying to impress a new boyfriend . I laughed and said, not yet Mum.
I went off to bed and couldn't stop feeling my smooth body, I got so hard I had to relieve myself again, I had thoroughly enjoyed my new experience tonight, then the thought of going into school in the morning crossed my mind, there were bound to be questions again.
Nate said last time he liked my new short hair although his was still longer than mine was back then originally, he did say he would come to the barber shop next time with me, but I was having fun with John and not sure Nate would like this as much as me.
We had in the past few months had a bit of a crush on each other, but nothing serious just a bit of kissing and that's about it really, although, I would like to see him with shorter hair, bet he would look amazing
I arrived at Nate's house on the way to school, we both had a free period first thing this morning so he had asked if I wanted to stop at his before school, he gasped when he saw my super short shaved hair, wow, Jack, what happened, I came clean and told him the whole story, he said, that is so sexy mate, wish it was me, I would like to try that whole experience, can I see what you look like with a shaven body mate ? I undressed and stood totally naked and very hard in front of him, he fell straight on his knees and started giving me the most amazing blow job, I couldn't believe it, he finished me and gave me a towel to clean myself up before we both kissed for ages, this was the first sexy encounter we had both had together and it was awesome, Nate said to me, I am so jealous of you Jack, it's awesome what John has done with you.
I said would you really enjoy being totally dominated by him Nate, he likes a very submissive obedient boy, Nate said, yes, without a doubt Jack
I said, let me call John and ask him if he would be interested? Nate said that's great , I rang John and asked if he had any customers, he said no, I put it to him about Nate, he said, bring him along tonight at closing time.
I said to Nate, your getting a haircut tonight mate, he said, really Jack, are you okay with that? I said yes of course, I get to watch, that's so f***ing horny mate, look, shall we skip school altogether today and enjoy some fun here instead, he said, yeah, why not.
I said, you better get naked too, he stripped his school uniform off and stood in front of me totally naked and a bit hairy, I laughed and said, feel the hairy body for the last time mate, I gave Nate a bow job too and we spent ages after kissing and enjoying each other's bodies, Nate said to me, your smooth shaven body is so awesome mate, I ran my fingers through his long hair and joked about him being given a short haircut tonight, I said, give me a comb, I want to comb your long hair before its all cut off tonight, he said okay, it's a shame you couldn't trim the ends for me too before its all cut tonight, I said, I could do that if you want mate, give me some sharp scissors too.
With that I sat Nate on a chair in the bathroom and combed his long silky hair, I took the scissors and started cutting the length, I cut about three inches off the length all round, I was amazed at how well it looked, Nate looked in the mirror and said to me, that's awesome mate, I didn't know you could cut hair, neither did I mate. I combed it some more and then tied it back. I suggested that Nate shave his face before tonight, he did that while I cleaned up the hair from the floor.
At five thirty we both straightened up our uniforms and left for John's barber shop, as we arrived there, John was just about to lock the door and pull the blind down.
He welcomed Nate and said, jump straight in the chair Nate, I have certainly got some work to do with all that long hair,
John caped Nate up straight away and said to him, I hope your ready to lose all that long hair Nate, it's going to be short like Jack's.
The chair was facing me into the shop, I was looking straight at Nate and he looked nervous, the long dark blond straight hair about to be cut short by John. I was looking forward to see Nate with short hair which is something I have never seen before. John started by chopping huge lengths of hair with scissors, then when most of the long hair was on the floor, he took the clippers and shaved the back and sides extremely short then finished with the straight razor' he sent Nate through to the back room telling him to strip off and lay on the massage bench.

Nate did as he was told and when I followed John into the back room Nate was laying nervously on the bench, John strapped him to the bench before blindfolding him. John lathered him up from the neck down, then started shaving him smooth until every bit of hair was removed from his gorgeous body, John dripped warm oil on his very hard cock and started running his strong hands up and down his erect shaft very slowly and positively until Nate finally exploded gushing warm cum everywhere.
John told him he was very naughty, he untied his straps and told him to turn over on to his front, the tied him again, I saw the leather strap in John's hand, then heard the strapping sound on his red buttocks, twice more he inflicted pain then dripped some warm oil on his red buttocks, and massaged them before making him go to the shower, but then he stopped him and told him to get on his knees , next he had to give John his blow job, then he was told to shower, John waited for him at his barber chair to finish him off, brylcream was applied to his hair and a smart side parting with his fringe combed back, he looked so cute and very sexy.
We returned back to my place, Nate and I had such a horny session and he told me how much he enjoyed the whole experience. His very smooth shaved body was such a turn on for me, he looked awesome and his hair was so sexy.
Both of us had school uniforms on and we found each other so hot and horny, we kissed a lot and we both kept touching each other's bodies and our short haircuts with the brylcream combed fringes was just awesome, Nate kept rubbing the back of my neck, he loved the feel of my shaved hair.

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