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It Suits Me by Jerrod

Admitting he needed to change his hairstyle was a tough decision for Rex. Most of those he knew had gone for shorter hair long ago. But not him he had been wearing his hair long for years and had not intend to go short like them. Inspite of their suggestions to something shorter.

He had always worn long hair and did not realize nature was beginning to play its hand with his hair. That is until one regretful day at his barber`s. It was he who brought it to his attention. To his dismay he informed him that he was losing my hair and would be bald in a few years.

He could not believe what he was hearing. As long as he could remember he always had a full head of hair. And as far as he knew nobody in his family showed signs of going bald. Why me he thought. And yet there it was a very thin spot on the top of my head and signs of loss about the crown. No way could this be happening to him. But it was true he was losing his hair.

He was beside himself never given a thought before about facing such a plight. His barber suggested he try a shorter style. Not that it would curtail any furthur loss. Only because keeping it long would make it more apparent. Now here he was suggestion just what his friends had been suggesting. Could it be they were seeing Rex was showing signs of going bald, but were not willing to tell him?

He relented and asked his barber what he would suggest. When he said a flattop Rex was unsure. He had never had his hair that short before. Then and again maybe he should give it a try. He gave him the okay. The barber went ahead cutting his red hair shorter and shorter. The hair tumbled to the cape and floor. As he watched he did not fancy the new look. But agreed to try it for awhile.

His friends all like the new look. And commented on how much better it was that he was realizing his hair was thinning. Ah yes, they all knew it but were afraid to tell him until now. As for Rex he did not like the style he felt his longer hair was easier in some was to take care of compared to the flattop. It meant going to my barber more often to keep it just right.

He secretly hoped that his hairloss would not progress any furthur for a long long time to come. He really feared going bald and ending up with only a fringe. He just could not see himself as bald. He began to let his hair grow longer. Not as long as it was before. The truth of the matter was he was very self conscious about losing his hair. He wanted to conceal it as much as possible for as long as he could.

His vanity was in control. He began to believe nobody could see he was losing more hair. That is until one of those days he returned to his barber intending to get a flat again. As he sat waiting his turn and reading a magazine, a fellow about his age was in the chair. He was discussing with the barber about his own hairloss. From what Rex could see he did not seem to have lost much hair. But then his longish blonde hair probably was concealing his baldness. He wondered just what kind of cut he was going to ask for. Perhaps,a flattop or the like.

You can imagine my surprise when he said to the barber since, I am going to be bald I want you to shave it all off. The barber asked him if he was sure about it. He told him yes just take everything off shave me bald. Once it was done Rex was surprised how good he looked without hair. The now bald customerpaid and thanked the barber. Then turning to Rex he winked rubbed his head and said this is great.

It was Rex`s turn. He got into the chair. The barber said isn`t it time you accept the inevitable? Rex answered I guess so but I just have not been able to face myself becoming bald. Again the barber suggested a flattop and Rex wanted to agree to getting one. Instead, he surprised his barber when I said. I have to admire the one before me who was willing to confront losing his hair and had you shave it all off. I want you to shave mine as you did his. His barber answered good choice.

Rex was still a bit apprehensive about doing it. As the haircut progressed with the ultimate, that is having his head completely bald, it changed him completely. Rex found himself more confident and realized he did not look bad at all bald. His barber agreed with him. It now has come to pass that Rex is still bald. He comes in every other day for a head shave. His fiends My friends told him it suits him well. And I agree. How do I know all this? I am his barber. And I believe it was my own shaven head which finally convinced him to go for it.

Thanks now to Rex`s choice to finally shave his head, it has helped me as well. Some of his friends are now regular customers who come in for their own head shaves. My popularity has grown and so have my customers who come in daily to get their heads shaved.

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