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Anita stamps her authority by M G

Five weeks had passed since my girlfriend Anita, 20 years my senior had accompanied me to the barbers and had my hair ruthlessly cropped. Now in that 5 weeks there had been a lot of positives, she had taught me to cook simple meals,how to launder and iron clothes and how to scrupulously clean her spaciously owned flat. There were also negatives. She was very extremely controlling and would not tolerate any form of compromise or dissent, she would simply say, " Anita knows best " She did not approve of my mates and virtually forbade me from seeing them socially. She also insisted that i attend her flat every night, sex was infrequent much to my frustration and many a night i was sent home when she decided she wanted to go to bed. One night she suggested that i invite my Mum and Dad round to the flat for a meal ,so the following Friday they came round and met her. Anita looked great in a sober looking knee length black dress and matching high heels.Now this meeting suited my mother who viewed with suspicion this older women who was dating her son. I recall when i went home the night that Anita had my hair cropped my Mother went ballistic at my haircut, i even lied to her and told her it was my decision. I later told Anita about the incident, who seemed to find it amusing. Anyway the meal went reasonably well until Anita offered my Dad a King Edward Invincible cigar. Dad was delighted but Mum didn't approve of him smoking and her face showed it, she liked it even less when she realised Anita was having one as well !! Anyway the night came to an end and Mum and Dad went home in a taxi, Anita then said to me, " Right you wash the dishes and tidy up, i'm having a whiskey and i think it's time you had another haircut so were going to the Barbers tomorrow, whether your Mother approves of it or not !! The following day we made the short trip to the barbers , Anita immaculately dressed as always in a knee length light grey gaberdine type coat, black cotton trousers and black high heels. The Barbers was busy so we patiently awaited our turn, Anita then spoke in a hushed tone and said, " I'm in two minds whether to get the barber to shave your head completely bald,i wonder what your Mother would say about that " I felt sick i didn't want my head to be shaved so i quietly and repeatedly pleaded with her not to have me shaved. Anita looked at me and said triumphantly , "Very well i am prepared to be lenient on this occasion, but you will tell your mother i am in charge of your welfare now and i decide what haircut your having and you can also tell your mother that if i choose to smoke cigars in her presence i will " I frantically assured Anita that i would speak with her, anyway my turn for a haircut came around and you can imagine my relief when Anita instructed the Barber to give me a number one on top and a high zero back and sides.

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