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The morning walk to work by Tony5624

The morning walk to work.

Every morning I walk to work, I always feel the exercise is good and gets me in the mood for just another day at my barber shop, I am now twenty four and have run my shop for two years now, it's only small and just me working one chair. Most mornings I see a young guy walking to college, that's opposite my barber shop, that's how I know he goes to college. At first I thought it was a girl, a very feminine walk and super long straight strawberry blond hair, then a couple of days later I noticed as he crossed the road, it was a boy.
This went on for quite a few weeks until one morning I didn't see him, but as I got nearer to my shop, I saw him standing at the window looking at my style board , I said, what haircut are you looking for ? He looked at me and went red, he blurted out, oh, I don't want a haircut today, just looking. Ok, I said, but when you do want a haircut, do you like any that are there on the board? If not, I have a style book inside with more choice if you would like to look.
He politely said, thanks, but I need to get to college now, maybe I will come to look on my way home. Ok, I said, see you later then, after college. He smiled and walked across the road to college. I knew he was gay, but couldn't work out why he had such long hair, he was very feminine looking, even spoke a little girly, but there was something a little sexy about him.

That afternoon it was just approaching closing time, I was cleaning up and just about to pull the blind down and lock the door when I noticed the same long haired boy just about to come in, he opened the door and said, is it too late to look at your style book ? I said, no come in, I am just closing up, but can go through all the options with you. I said, by the way, I am Ozzy, he said, oh' I am Sebastian, you can call me Seb. I said, nice to meet you Seb, I was hoping you would come back to see me, I can't get over how long and fem your hair is to be honest. He blushed a little and said, it's a long story, but I came back to see you as I notice you most mornings and like the look of you, I like a guy just a bit older than me, I am nineteen now. I said, great, I am twenty four. I would love to cut that long hair of yours, what's the story behind that long girly hair Seb ? He said, it's a bit embarrassing to be honest, but my Mum desperately wanted a girl, she treated me like a girl from a young age and had my hair long, I always remember my Dad keep saying get his hair cut, but she refused until he walked out when I was ten, ever since then I have never been to a barber or a hairdresser, my Mum always just trimmed my hair, now, unfortunately she died three months ago, so now it's up to me to do what I want with my hair. I have always fantasized about having my hair cut forcefully by an older strong guy, being tied up and at his mercy, I know it may sound strange, but that's what turns me on, but to be truthful, I don't think I would ever be able to find someone to do that for me.

Wow, Seb, that's a strange one, firstly, sorry to hear about your Mum, but secondly, that fantasy interests me so much. I think you would look awesome with short hair, I have always thought that every morning that I see you, I remember the first time I noticed you walking in front of me thinking that girl has gorgeous hair, then the day I realized you were a boy, I thought how I would love to cut your hair short. Seb said to me, well Ozzy, if I had short hair, it would have to be because I was made to have a short haircut, so the whole thing would have to be staged to get it perfect. I'm very intrigued Seb, it sounds so hot and very exciting, but honestly, I have never done anything like it before, but what makes it such a turn on is the fact, I want to cut your hair short, so let's talk about it more.

I said to Seb, look, I like a guy with short hair, I have always liked a boy with a nice short very boyish haircut, my idea would be to get you stripped off naked, made to get down on your knees and have your hands tied behind your back, I would be naked too,then I would play with you, cutting bits of your hair until your down to a short butchered cut, you would be made to give pleasure too as I stand directly in front of you, holding you by your long hair, you would be surrounded by all the long hair strewn over the floor, then take you to my barber chair and finish the cut with clippers. That's how I would do it, what's your thought on that ?
Seb was totally blown away by my suggestion, he said, that sounds awesome, would you really do that for me ? I said, oh yes without a doubt, let's do it now, but not down here in the shop, let's go back to my place. I said, let me do one thing before we leave, sit in the barber chair, I combed his long thick straight hair, it was so silky and felt so soft, I started combing it all up into a high ponytail before putting a tight band on it, then twisted it around into a perfect man bun. Seb looked at himself in the mirror, he said, that is the first time ever my hair has been put up. I said, it's going to stay up until we reach my place, we kissed for a while, getting quite horny, then we made our way to my house.

As soon as we reached my house, I said to Seb in a very stern voice, strip off and stand in the middle of the room, I watched as he did this, to my surprise, his body was totally smooth, not a hair in sight, I placed a pair of cuffs to his arms as I pulled them behind his back. As I did this, I could see his cock grow in size, it was so hard already and we had not even got to cutting any of his exceptionally long thick hair yet.
I pulled a little table across into the middle of the room and l put my clippers and scissors onto it, I stripped off myself, I was hard too, sweating already with anticipation as to the sheer joy about to become reality, a no holds barred haircut, I knew what was about to happen and felt so horny. I looked at this young guy, slim, smooth and very horny too, I had already told him, no talking until I had finished, then he could comment and not before. I stood behind him very close, my cock touching his tied hands, I leaned forward and kissed his neck gently, he let out a groan of absolute delight and I sear his cock got even harder, I reached up and pulled the band from his man bun, his thick silky long hair falling onto his bare shoulders and down his back, almost touching his pert little bum, I combed it through, the comb just glided through the thick silky hair until it hung perfectly. I moved to stand directly in front of him, combing his long hair over his face, he had no fringe/ bangs, as his hair was all one length and his face now completely covered with long silky hair, he stood completely still, waiting in fear of what was about to happen. It was at this point, I half expected him to say, no, don't cut my hair, but no, he stood still and silent, but very hard.
As he stood there, not being able to see as his thick hair covered his face, I picked up my scissors, my hands shaking slightly at the sheer delight of what was about to happen, I slid the blades of my scissors into the thick long hair, jus just above his eyes and slowly started to close the blades, the resistance was quite hard, the thickness of his hair made it hard to cut through, even though my scissors were very sharp, a little more pressure and firstly the sound in the very quiet room, just the sound of our heavy breathing, then, SHHHNICKKk' as the blades severed about eighteen inches of long silky hair, so thick and heavy, it started falling to the floor, then the next wave and another two waves of cut hair from a very straight cut fringe/bang, my heart now racing with horny excitement as I got the first glimpse of his eyes and face without any long hair covering it, just a large pile now on the floor in front of his feet. The new look was quite incredible, a very fem girly look, the remaining long hair with a cute girly straight cut fringe , cut straight across just above his eyes made him look so feminine.
I ordered him to sink to his knees, kneeling among the pile of silky long hair that now made way for his fringe, he was so hard and so was I, next I grabbed a handful of his strawberry blonde hair in one hand, severing it with my sharp scissors that were in the other hand, the heavy hair just fell to the floor in front of him again, his cock now standing perfectly upright, this was really turning him on so much, handful after handful severed and dropped to the floor. I could now see his ears clearly, just the very long hair at the back to cut now, I stood behind, pushing his head forward, cutting thick handfuls and tossing them to the floor until finally his hacked hair looked just that, hacked and very uneven, now was the time for the clippers.

I stood in front of him and allowed him to take my rock hard cock into his mouth, just to let him see what he was going to get after the complete haircut, then I pulled back. I switched the clippers on and fitted a grade two guard to them, placing the vibrating teeth on his forehead at his hairline, I pushed them back through his thick short fringe and right back to his crown, a new path of closely cropped hair started to rain down over his surprised face, the next path and so on until the top was just a quarter of an inch long, his back and sides got the same treatment until a fully buzzed head emerged all over, he looked relieved when I turned the clippers off, but just to remove the guard altogether, the switched them back on, starting at the side I removed all the hair to the skin, then the same the other side and finally the back up to his crown, bald and white skin on show all around now, I blended the hair in to reveal a buzz cut with shaved back and sides. Finally shaving cream was applied to both sides and the back, a new blade put in my straight razor before shaving him to a smooth skin bald fade buzz.

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