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Growing up and needing a shave part two by Tony5624

Growing up and needing a shave part two

I left the barber shop feeling awesome, the first time in my life that I had the haircut I wanted and more importantly a clean shaven face without sideburns and the awful moustache. I knew at this point in my life that I definitely had a hair fetish, but it didn't bother me at all, I also knew that I was gay too, which was forbidden in the religion my family brought me up with, but now I was free of all that, my misery was now over.

Time for a new life to begin, a new job was very high on my list of things to do. The next morning I started to visit all the restaurants in the local area as that's what I had experience in, but knew it may be difficult without supplying references, but I was determined to do it, I put some smart clothes on and with my new short haircut went around asking if there were any jobs, the first few were the same answer, no sorry, we are fully staffed, I was beginning to feel a little dejected when I found a new restaurant due to open the following week. I went inside to be greeted by a guy about thirty, the place was still like a building site, but I could see the potential. He asked me what I was looking for, I thought I would be totally honest with him and tell him the truth. He listened to me before asking me some questions. He seemed really friendly and caring, I had a good feeling about this, he told me he was looking for a head waiter, did I think I could do the job? I said, yes, I had experienced the whole workings of my uncle's restaurant, he smiled at me and said, well young man, you look very presentable, nicely clean shaven and a very nice short smart haircut, he smiled at me and said, there is one thing I want to ask you before I say yes to you, what are your views on working with gay members of staff ? Do you have any problems with that, as we are right in the middle of the most famous gay area in London ? I smiled back at him and said, it's not a problem for me, I am gay myself. He didn't look at all surprised, he said, I thought you might be, but I wanted to check anyway, he said, I am Anzar, I will be your new boss and just so you know, I am gay too.

I was so happy, I now had a real purpose in life, a responsible job, a new look which I had been complimented about and I had admitted to my new boss I was gay, wow, what a day!!!
I said, thank you sir for giving me this opportunity, I am Devendre, but please just call me Dev. I promise I will work hard and as far as my appearance is concerned, this is my new image, although, I have already decided I like short hair and may get my haircut a little shorter soon. Anzar looked at me and said, I am sure I have made the right decision, let's have a drink to wish our new member of staff a very warm welcome.

I left my new restaurant where I was to be working and thought I would explore the area, I was so happy it was all gay friendly around there, I walked down one of the side roads and noticed a little barber shop, I made a point of looking in the window, it was very small and like the one I went to, it was very old fashioned, but the young guy inside was very smart, with a shirt and tie and a nice striped waist coat, his hair very similar to the style I had, but a lot shorter, he was clean shaven like me and very good looking, I stood there for a minute thinking, I really want my hair like his, shaved so short at the back and sides, a side parting and fringe slicked back so perfectly. Before I had a chance to walk on, the barber opened the door and said, can I help you sir ? I said stupidly, oh, I was just admiring your beautiful hair, he smiled and said to me, yes it would suit you like that young man, come in. I didn't know what to say, but he was quite insistent, come in and let me cut your hair the same. The next thing I felt his hand on my shoulder guiding me to the barber chair, him giving my neck a little gentle squeeze, he obviously liked me and I could see in his eyes he was very friendly, he got me sat in the chair so quickly, I didn't get a chance to say, I only got my haircut yesterday, the next thing the cape was placed over me and his comb was running through my hair, his touch was so gentle and I could see him looking into my eyes too, he said, so you like my haircut then ? I said, yes sir, I love the way the back and sides are shaved so close to the skin, he said, this is a high skin fade, it will look perfect on you, such a handsome young man. I thought, wow, he really likes me and before I could say or do anything, his clippers were shaving high up my neck, it felt so good, I could feel myself getting so hard, before long the back was shaved and he moved to the side, shaving high up to my temples and as he did, I could feel his hard bulge in his tight trousers pushing against my arm, that made me even harder, then he moved to the other side and I could feel the same. He lathered up my neck and both sides and started shaving with the razor right from my temples down even past my ears and down where my sideburns used to be, he did both sides then did the same with the back, I felt the razor just below my crown and shaving down to the bottom of my neck, it was so exhilarating, I could almost feel myself about to explode, then he reclined the chair and lathered my face, I got a beautiful close shave like I had never experienced before, shaving where my moustache used to be was the best. He very gently cleaned my face with a dry towel and pulled the chair back upright, he said, I see you use brylcream on your hair young man, excellent choice, with that he applied a little more and combed a perfect side parting and combed my fringe back, he looked at me through the mirror and said, you now look gorgeous young man, then took the cape off. I stood up and said, it's perfect sir, thank you, I paid him and he slipped a card in my hand, he whispered, ring me if you fancy a drink sometime, I said, I will definitely do that.

I walked home in a complete daze, I kept feeling the back of my neck, so smooth and totally bald to the skin, then I felt my very smooth face, couldn't wait to get home. As I arrived back to the house, I opened the door to my room, now in private, I stripped off and stood looking at myself in the mirror, I was so happy with my total transformation, very hard and so turned on, I had to just relieve myself, wow, what a day, a new job, an awesome new haircut and a really nice guys number, what could be better.!!!

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