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My brother took charged of my haircut. P by Clyde

We have a simple in the province. I have a brother which is 5 years older than me.

Both of my parents are working and they barely had time for us.

One friday evening, while we are eating my dinner, my dad told my brother to go to the because his hair is already. He also ask my brother to bring me with him so I can also get my haircut.

Growing up, since our parents are always busy working, its only me and my brother left at home.

He is always treating me good when are parents are around, but when they are not, he is bullying me.

There was one time we are playing. He made close my eyes and put a gum on my bangs so I could not remove.

Our parents arrive home and ask us what happened. He told them I was playing alone when he checked on me, he saw the gun on my hair

My dad had to put cut my bangs and brought me to the barber early morning the next day. The barber had to shave me bald because the bangs is already too short.

I asked my dad if I can just wat for him to be available to get my haircut.

He told me that he is busy this weekend. He said just go with your brother since he is opd enough to bring you.

He said moving forward, my brother will be in charge of my haircut.

The next day I was too lazy to wake up. I dont want to be with my brother.

For some reason, i am being anxious thinking that he is in charge of my haircut but I have no choice.

My brother went to my room and asked me to get up because we will eat our breakfast and go to the barber.

Our house is near the city of we do not need to take a cab. The barbershop we're going before was just walking distance.

Few minutes later, we arrived at the barbershop but it's close.

I told my brother to just go back the next day. He said he will go out with his friends the tomorrow so we will just go to another shop.

While walking, we saw another barbershop. It's looks new and there's only one chair.

The barber was just opening his shop when we pass by. My brother ask if we can get a haircut. He said yes and asked us to go inside.

The pictures on the wall are modern style. I was already thinking what haircut to get

Barber : who will go first
Brother : i will go first
Barber : alright, please take a seat

Then my brother went to the seat. The barber pur a tissue on his neck and asked what will be his haircut. He said to jist trim the sides and do not touch the top.

After around 15 minutes, the barber is done trimming his hair.

He went out of the chair and asked me to replace him.

The barber then put a tissue and cape on my neck. He asked me what will be my haircut. Before I can answer, my brother butt in.

Brother: i am in charge of his haircut
Barber: oh okay. How do you want me to cut his hair.
Brother: he is just 13, maybe something short?
Barber: a short back and sides?
Brother: hmm maybe shorter
Me: short back and side is my usual haircut, you can give me that
Brother: dad asked me to take care of your your haircut so you will get what i think suits you
Barber: a flat top would be nice, or a crew cut?
Brother: may a one all over? so that it will not grow fast and zero on the sides and back?
Barber: that will be too short but i think it will look good on him
Brother : alright give him that
Me: Noooo! Thats too short
Brother: please behave or else I will tell dad your hard headed

I had to keep quite. We both know dad when he is angry. Dad wants us to behave well all the time.

I was looking at myself in the barber and I feel like I will be crying in no time.

The barber took the clippers and put a #1 guide on it

He hold my head and started buzzing the side of my head.

My hair is falling to my lap. The barber keep passing the clipper from my sideburns going up. He then move on the other side of my head and did the same.

After that, he buzz the back my head. I can feel that my head is starting to feel light.

I can see my reflection to the mirror and it was the first time i see myself with that short hair.

The barber placed the clipper on top of my head and started buzzing my hair. That's when I started crying in silent.

I was so angry with brother. I can see laughing at the background and enjoying what he is seeing.

The barber shaved the side and back of my hair. My brother thanked the barber and we both went home.

My dad asked why my hair was too short. My brother told him I requested for it. My dad loved my haircut and said I should maintain it.

Im not 15 years old and I still have the same haircut. My brother always take me to the same barber

I wanted to protest but he made our parents believe that it is what I want and Im afraid to tell them I am forced to do it. Im scared that my brother will do more.

I cannot wait to get back at him.

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