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My Mate Needed A Haircut by PB

Following the store about myself I remembered some years ago when a good frined of mine invited me round for an evening at his flat. I had not seen him for sometime and it was good to meet up. I took some cans and I left them in the kitchen whilst Gary came down from changing. We exchanged greetings and I remarked upon his hair which was really long for him and his job, he explained had kept him away from home and he had not got to a barber for about 2 months. Gary handed me a can and we got talking and converstion got back to his hair.
He suddenly remembered he had been given quite some while ago a pair of elderly clippers and he walked off to find them. On his return, he asked if I would trim his hair for him. I said Ok but I would not be responsible for the outcome.

A few drinks followed and he sat in the kitchen with me wrapping a cape around and combing through some quite thick hair. I was amazed at how easy it was to cut and layer his hair and was snipping away and he held a mirror. His hair fell in chunks on the floor and it did look good. He had it still shoulder length but sitting on his collar and the sides neatly resting over his ears with a high side parting and a fringe. Ok I thought and I started to take the hair covered cape away. What are you doing he said? I thought I was finished but he said no, take it shorter as he would be away abroad in a weeks time and it would be hot.

I combed through his hair again and started to cut away. I felt it was a shame to carry on as the style I had attempted to do I felt had worked and really suited him.

The back started to look quite short and the sides followed but the top kept a reasonable layer. Gary said keep going and use the clippers.

The elderly clippers whirred into action and I ran them up his head at the back and move around his head. It felt good and I felt more confident. Soon his hair was removed and left with a grade 2 level all round. The top was cut really short and within 10 mins the cut was finished. I had never had any training but felt I had achived 2 haircuts and both looked good.

Gary stood up and shook off the remaining hair and admired his new look. It did look good and for about another 6 months I cut his and his mates hair at his flat and made a few extra pounds towards a students income!

Never underestimate your ability to try at least once!

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