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My transformation part two by Tony5624

My transformation part two

It had been a couple of months since Nate and I got our short haircuts, we were both just about to start college, we had been seeing each other quite a lot since our encounter with John the barber, the one thing we had kept up with was shaving our bodies like John did for us both, although it was a couple of weeks since our last shave, so it needed doing again,but the hair had grown somewhat. We both agreed it was time to visit John the barber again, so I called him and asked if we could both have his haircut special again, hello Jack, nice to hear from you, he was pleased to here from us again and arranged for us both to be at his barber shop at five thirty the following afternoon.
Just for the fun and to make the visit good for John, Nate and I both decided to wear our clothes we used for camping, we both had camouflage army clothes and boots we also used when we went fishing, we arrived on time and entered John's barber shop, he was just cleaning up and locked the door, pulling the blind down at the main window. We both noticed John's new haircut and commented how good he looked, afterwards thinking maybe it was not such a good idea, his hair was really severe, cut into a military flattop, the sides and back shaved bald to the skin. John said, so what are you two army boys up to, we told him this was the gear we wore when we go camping or fishing, but holidays are now over and we start college tomorrow. John said, that's good, you boys need a good haircut for the start of college then, who is going first, I said, I will and Nate can watch me get a good haircut, I sat in the chair ready, facing Nate into the shop, John caped me and pushed my head forward, the sound of his clippers humming at the base of my neck, then that familiar feeling of them shaving up my neck, then the sides, there seemed to be quite a lot of hair on the floor and the cape, next a very unfamiliar large comb and clippers started cutting the top down, it felt like it was going really short, then I realised John was giving me the same haircut he had , I was about to say something, but felt so turned on, I was getting really hard, I actually was secretly wanting this to happen, my military flattop was almost complete, Nate's face was a picture, I could see how hard and turned on he was, just sitting there watching. John lathered up the back and sides of my head and started shaving to the scalp, the feel of bare skin was awesome. Eventually I was turned to face the mirror, I couldn't believe how different I looked, I felt my bare skin, it gave me such a hard feeling, but best of all, Nate was next up for the flattop experience.
At least I was hoping that's what was in store for him too, I sat there eagerly watching as John put the cape around him, I could see that Nate had a nice bulge as he sat there looking at me, I was now rock hard and ready to see him get the same military flattop I got from John, it was not what I thought would be happening today, perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut about John's new haircut, even though it looked awesome on him, being the very dominant guy he is, it's just so perfect for him, but for me, I think it will take some getting used to and I am worried about the new guys I will see in college, will they think we are a couple of freaks ?
The clippers fired up and Nate's head was pushed forward, John had his firm hand on top of his head holding Nate still while the clippers with no guard on then shaved up the back of his neck right to the bare skin, it made me even harder watching him get skinned, if that was at all possible, the sides got the same treatment, bare white skin so prominent now, wow, I was in heaven just watching as Jonh was relentless with his clippers, next was Nate's long fringe, the big flattop comb and clippers made short work of his exceptional long fringe, now standing up and about a half inch long with the top of his hair totally flat, then the lather all around the sides and back, the razor starting high above the temples and shaving down past his ear, then the other side and finally the back, this was awesome. Nate looked so hot, he was released from the chair and we were both told to go to the back room.

We did exactly as John ordered and went into the back room, he called out, get stripped off you two boys, we did exactly that and noticed just how hard we were, then John came in, he stripped off too, his body shaved so smooth it was very hot, he said to me, get on the bench and lay on your back, I did that and he strapped me down and put the blindfold on, he covered my whole body in shaving cream and shaved me completely like before, I guess my whole body now was completely smooth, then I felt the warm oil being poured over my chest, the massaging now started, then I could feel my hard cock being taken in the mouth, this was so hot, being massaged by hand and by mouth, then I realised it was John massaging my body and Nate doing the blow job, I was so turned on, I had just shot my load, I felt my straps being released and my body rolled over, now laying on my front the sharp pain inflicted on my bare buttocks, it was John's leather strap, six times, I could feel the burning, then the warm oil to sooth, I could feel hands running up the back of my neck , this felt awesome, the oil massaging the bare shaved skin, then I was told to stand up and kneel on the floor next to the bench. Nate was given his instructions to lay on the bench now, strapped and blindfolded, he now got shaved completely, he then got the same treatment by John and I had to give John some horny blow job too, the whole experience was just mind blowing. Walking back to my place was such a buzz, we couldn't wait to get naked for some hot sex. We both stripped off and couldn't keep our hands off each other, the one thing we were both fascinated by was the feel and look of our brutally short haircuts, so military it was unbelievable, but most of all it was the feel, both Nate and myself kept running our fingers over the shaved necks and the feel of the flattop itself was awesome, because we both had thick hair, the way the top stood up felt amazing. We kissed and got so horny and the sex was incredible, we both talked about our next day, the first day at college. We agreed again that what we had was just casual and that if anyone there took our fancy, we would both be ok with it.

We arrived at college the next morning and got settled in, we were on different courses, so we both got to know new friends, I was surprised how many positive comments I got about my hair, including one from a very hot looking guy who had extremely long hair, almost the same as mine was months ago before meeting John the barber and getting it all chopped off. This particular guy, Dan and I chatted such a lot, he was obviously gay too and we really got on well. That was good for my first day at college, he brought up the subject of my hair again, asking if I regret cutting it, I said, now, not at all, but the first cut was quite a shock, but then I went back for another haircut fairly soon after and found that I liked it short, but one day I will tell you about the whole situation. That was probably the wrong thing to say, he looked very intrigued and kept prompting me for more about it. I said, when I know you better, I will tell you, but for now, let's get to know each other better.

Nate had a good day too, also he told me a lot of good things said about his haircut, but nothing further than that, I said, I had a great day and met a nice guy, Dan, he seems really nice and we both want to know each other better. The following day, I chatted some more during break with Dan, we talked about various different subjects, but it wasn't long before he mentioned my hair again, he asked if I liked his long hair, I said, yes, it's ok, but I think it would look better tied up in a man bun to be honest, he said to me, ok, I will try that tomorrow for college and you can give me your opinion, I said ok, at lunch break Dan said, hang on Jack, shall we get lunch together? I said, yes ok, he said, just need to go to the locker room first to get my wallet, I said, ok, I will come with you and then go up to the canteen. We got to his locker and I was quite surprised, he turned and kissed me quite unexpectedly, I liked it and said, let's meet up after college. He smiled and said, yes please, we went to lunch and then made our way back for our next lesson. We left college and he said, come back to my place for a while until my Mum gets in from work, we chatted a lot and kissed a lot too, he said, tomorrow I will try my hair up for you, I said ok, but you need to shave the long sideburns if your going to wear it up, Dan said, oh, am I not sure I can do that, I like my sideburns, I just looked at him and said, ok, it's up to you. I left as his Mum was due in soon, I said, see you tomorrow, Dan said, meet me at McDonalds for coffee before we go to college at eight. Ok, see you then Dan.

More to come soon!

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