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Quite A Change by PB

Having sent two stories about my haircuts I remembered another which may be of interest and took place way back in the late 1960`s. I was student and as usual in that era had really long hair and with some mates we all went to Jersey for a couple of weeks holiday. At the time we all had little money but just wanted to get away after exams for a good laugh and enjoy ourselves. We decided to stay for the summer as the weather was good and we got summer work conducting on Jerseys buses. Riding around with shorts tee shirt and a ticket machine it was great fun and we all made quite a bit of money.

The weather was really good and hot and as the summer came to an end we decided to head home. I was well bronzed and my hair was at shoulder length. During the summer we each took it in turn to trim one anothers hair as and when it got thick and in our eyes. Nothing special just a towel round the neck and a cave man style cut.

On my return home I received a letter the very next day inviting me for an interview in London and I rang the company to say I would be there. I checked out a suit and a smart shirt and tie and thought nothing about my hair length at all. A mate of mine called round later in the afternoon and said fine but you won`t get a job with that hair! It was getting late and any barbers would be closing so I thought I would get a trim in London when I got off the train.

The next day arrived and I got the train to London. I had about 2 hours to spare on arrival and noted on the platform concourse a sign saying Barbers. I made my way and found down some steep steps an old looking shop with barbers in long white coats. The smell of the shop seemed to lure me as it had all the looks of a 1920`s salon and large red leather chairs. Although I liked my long hair I did feel that a trim was necessary and that it would not be a problem to go in. There was no one in the shop and at first but just as I entered a middle aged man with shortish hair came through staring at me and probably thinking I was just going to ask the direction somewhere.

I told him I wanted a hair cut and he said Ok son take a seat. I sat on the large chair and the largest cape I had ever seen was wrapped around me and it hung well over my legs and I almost felt trapped. He grabbed my hair at the back and yanked it up to force the cape down my collar. It felt tight and he got a comb out of an antiseptic bowl and wrenched it through my hair. It hurt and pulled my head back. He combed for what seemed like ages and then said what did I want him to do? I answered that I really only wanted a little off. He said he did not like long hair and in his opinion it did not suit me. I felt a bit nervous but he turned and picked up a folder with balck and white pics in and said any of these he could do. I looked at them and they were all old pictures of guys with short back and sides and one I noticed at longer hair but it was a fair bit shorter than mine. I said something like that really and I am not worried about it being a bit shorter but just so that it looks like I have made an effort to look smarter. He slammed the folder shut and combed the hair again with a high parting. Thinking he would just use scissors to thin and shape the guy went to his cupbaord and pulled out some really old clippers. I said I don`t really want a short hair cut and he said don`t worry son I work with clippers like scissors.

I took him for his word. He came towards me and pushed really hard my head to the left. Without so much as a hesitation he scraped the clippers against my head. I was really worried as huge lumps of hair fell. This was not me and I said again NOT SHORT. He seemed oblivious of my concerns and pushed my head at all angles to shave my head all round. It looked awful as I looked up. My hair on top was still long but everything round the sides and back was shorn off. I told him I was not happy but he seemd to not listen and carried on clippering away. The clippers stopped and I spit out hair from my mouth where he had no interest in me but giving me a sort haircut whether I liked it all not. I did have hair around my head and I could not seem what sort of grade it was? I was horrified. He then took some scissors and proceeded to cut huge chunks off the top. This was looking real bad and I was crying inside. What on earth was I say at the interview! Eventually he stopped and he took a hand mirro and showed me the back. It was out of shape and I felt horrified. He took the cape away and I left after paying. I was very unhappy.

I felt everyone was looking at me and I felt cold around my neck.

I started to walk out of the station and as I walked along I saw another barber who was a young guy sitting reading his paper. Why did n`t I wait until I saw somewhere I felt happy and at ease to go to. I walked in and the young lad jumped up and dusted the seat. He looked at me and I said I was so upset about a haircut I had just had on the station. He made me sit down nd wrapped a large red cape around me. He inspected the length with his comb and said it was more than bad. He said the only thing he could do was take it back to a crew cut. I sank in the chair having within an hour of leaving the train gone from long hair to a crew cut. I agreed if only to think it was for the interview and that it would eventually grow back. The guy talked to me as he cut and put his hand on my shoulder to reassure me it would be ok. The cut started and those clippers on again for the secound time. This time it felt smoother and unhurried. He worked his way round and lined out the nape and my side burns. The top was layered properly and then as he finished he ran a razor over my neck. A gel applied and a slightly casual look completed the cut. I studied the mirror in detail as he tidied up the mess. As he finished he showed me the back in his mirror. Yes it was short but boy did it look good. I did look smart and as he took the cape away he wished me well for the interview.

I left went for the interview and sat next to two long haired guys!
I got the job!!!!

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