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One Happy Family by Alex

I had a rather normal life growing up. I played sports in high school-basketball and swimming. I was an excellent student and had my share of girlfriends. No problem getting dates. It was during those years in the ealry 70`s when long hair was in style. I wore mine long like the rest. What a mop I had too of thick blonde hair. I wanted to cut my hair shorter even going as far as shaving my head bald.

And so begins my story. I had just entered high school when my uncle, Tim, who is seven years older than I shaved his head. Tim was like a big brother to me and a great athelete. I wanted to be like him in every way. Tim wore his hair long as I did, well everybody just about did back then. Then Tim discovered in high school he was losing his hair. He could you say faced it dead on. Instead of worrying about it Tim decided to shave his head. Being a swimmer he could get away with it. However, Tim kept his head shaved from then on.

I was fascinated with his smooth hairless head and when I got a chance I liked to rub it. I yearned to shave my head like Ted. If only my hair would thin out maybe I could do the same. My hair was blonde and thick, I might never be bald. I did not let my yearning to be known to anyone not even Ted. I just could not get over thinking about shaving my head. I knew I could if I wanted to but did not want to be an outcast amiong my friends. And besides all the girls liked my hair as it was.

I came up with a reason to get my head shaved. And that was by joining the swim team in my sophomore year. Just seeing those swimmers with their shining bald heads was more than I could bare. I decided to try out for the team and give up basketball, so I too could shave my head and still be accepted. All because I felt the need and desire to be bald like Tim.

This was my ulterior motive but I did not let on to anybody about my wanting to be bald. Now I had the opportunity to become a baldy too. Upon joining the team I was eager to just get rid of my hair once and for all. I did not want to be over zealous about it. So I played along by at first telling my teamates I did not want to shave my head completely. Inside, knowing full well this is what I craved to do.That year I was the last hold out. When the time came to have my head clippered and shaved I put up a ruse. I did not want them to know how much I was looking forward to it. I was able to keep my real feeling to myself. I had to admit it was a sensational experience. What a great sense of pleasure I got out of having all my hair buzzed off and then shaved clean.

My parents were not the least bit thrilled figuring it was okay because I was on the team. My uncle was shocked to see me with a bald head. He even asked me if I was going to keep it shaved. Of course I said no it is just for swim season. It was true I wanted to just keep it shaved. I didn`t since everybody grew their hair back after swim season. I could not wait for swim season to start after that mainly just to shave my head. I have to say I did excel in swimming. But for me just the feeling of the cool water on my bald head was great. My yearning to keep my head shaved was ny secret.Throughout high school I shaved my head for each season.

I thought about keeping it shaved my senior year. But then decided to wait until the fall, when I was away at college. For there nobody would know me. Fall came and off to college. Nobody had any idea of what my plans were that first year. Perhaps, it was a rebellion against long hair or just the desire to be bald like Ted. Anyway this would give me the opportunity to do it. The time came when I had my head shaved in the dormitory. A few on my floor had decided on a haircut party where they would buzz down or shave their heads. I pretended I was not interested. Even though my roomate was getting his shaved.

I actaully wanted to blurt out oh yes I want to be shaven bald. But I kept it to myself. I wanted to at least observe the haircuts and head shaving. But did not want to be too obvious. The haircutting and shaving was going to be done in the bathroom on th floor. I had seen some chairs set up for that purpose. Not to make myself too eager too see it happen, I decided to take shower. I picked a stall which afforded me a great view. Waiting till it began I sauntered in to shower, not really to watch heads being shaved. I was immedialtely asked if I was there to participate. I answered no just in to take a shower.

How stupid that was for I think they all knew I was there to watch the haircutting. And I really was. I did have a great view and kept getting called come join us Alex, why not join us. I was eager to participate and could not wait any longer to join them. Daniel and another literally drag me from the shower wanting to shave my head. The two of them as well as the six or so others were shaved smooth. I really wanted it as well. I would not let on I fought with a modest effort saying no I do not want my head shaved.

Finally it was coming to fruition I was going to be bald again, just what I really wanted. I accepted it with thoughts coming to me how great it was going to be. I now could once again being bald like Ted. I fought a bit more and was held then releting I said okay just this once to see how I like it. Knowing inside it was what I wanted and once over planning to keep my head shaved. No more hair for me. The clippers felt great as my hair tumbled to the floor joining the what was already there. The warm lather and feel of the razor scraping away my hair was finally happening.

Their I was bald again and liking seeing myself without hair. Everyone told me it looked awesome and I should keep my head shaved. I answered maybe I just might. Only a couple of those who were shaved looked good with shaved heads, other than myself I thought. One was Daniel who formerly had thick red hair. The other was Stephen who was already showing somewhat advaqnced signs of hairloss at nineteen.

It was over I was glad I had it done. I then and there decided it was bald forever. Yes, I was keeping my head shaved no matter what other said. Even if I was the only one who shaved their head in the dorm. However, I wasn`t, Stephen ended up keeping his shaved as well. And I did just that shaving my head daily too keep it smooth. Upon returning home for a break during the holidays my parents were appalled. I boldly stated I like it this way and am keeping it shaved like uncle Ted. My uncle was not the least bit pleased when he saw me bald. He would not accept that somebody with a full head of hair would prefer to be bald. But that is what I wanted.

I now have long graduated from college. Having kept my head shaved since that day and never looking back. Times sure have changed from the seventies. No longer are men who choose bald over hair seen as strange. Both of Ted`s sons are bald as he is. But then it came to be their choice due to their own start of hairloss. That`s not the case for me I probably still would have most if not all my hair. I do not care. I prefer to have my head bald. Even my own son Tim shaves his head by his own choice. It was in high school he shaved off his full head of hair. I had asked him what he wanted for his sixteenth birthday. I had expected him to say a car and planned on taking him out to get one.

To my complete surprise his request floored me. Instead of a car he asked if he could shave his head like some of his friends. I told him if that was what he really wanted, but he could have shaved it anytime he wanted. He said no I just wanted to do it on this birthday. And shave it he did. By the way he still got the car. Between his shining dome and new car he got his share of dates.

Time sure flies. Tim has graduated from college and recently got married. And yes he still shaves his head as do Uncle Ted and his two cousins. Both of who have sons who want to shave their heads as well. We are just one bald happy family, even grandpa who has given in to it in his later years.

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