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Hypnotized - Concluded by Jerrod

The next night the four of us showed up for the show. We did not get dates for the night. So we ordered something to eat and a pitcher of beer. Zach asked us if either of us were going to volunteer to be hypnotized. We answered no we were not. Zach replied he wasn`t either, once was enough. The three of us said nothing and just looked at each other and grinned. Zach asked what we was so funny. Our answer was nothing just thinking about last night.

Zach did not have a clue as to what was in store. We were eager to find out if the hypnotist would be able to put Zach into a trance again without him realizing it. The show seemed to be endless. Then after a short break he came back on stage. He announced tonight we hope to give you a treat with a very special guest. Without furthur ado let us proceed. The buzz of clippers was heard and the whole place fell into complete silence. Zach got up and began walking to the stage.We asked where are you going? No reply. He seemed to be in a complete daze. Upon getting on the stage the hypnotist asked and what can I do for you?

Without batting an eye he replied I want my head shaved. Cheers and clapping resounded through the place. We called out go for it Zach. But he did not respond to anything. A chair was set in center stage. This gorgeous blonde came out with clippers buzzing in her hands. Then silence fell as if on cue. She began buzzing off Zach`s long red locks letting them fall all over him and onto the floor. There he was buzzed to the almost bare scalp.

We were in awe seeing him with almost no hair. For the most part Zach was bald. Everyone cheered. Then the hypnotist spoke to Zach, saying you will awake at the clap of my hands. You will remember getting your hair buzzed and whenever you hear a buzzing sound you will shave your head. Zach shave his head no way we said to each other. The hypnotist clapped his hands and Zach awoke. He rubbed his head and said I like it. And returned to our table. We commented on his new look. What a performance and even Zach enjoyed his short hair.

The show continued awhile longer. And when it was over we headed back. We just had to ask Zach. Have you ever thought about shaving your head completely bald. Zach launched back at us with NO WAY.I like the buzz for a change, but not shaved. Oh well we would see maybe. The next morning Kevin and I were in the bathroom. In comes Zach to take a shower. Kevin plugs in his electric razor. The buzzing sound spurs Zach who says I need to shave my head. I run out to get Chris to tell him Zach is going to shave his head. By that time others have joined us.And Zach is there in front of the mirror doing just that shaving his head bald. And he is enjoying it. All were in awe having seen him before with longer hair and not aware of the deal with the hypnotist.

This became a regular routine with him through college everytime he heard a buzzing sound. For that matter Zach was under the hypnotist spell and could not grow his hair in for long. Even a trip to a barber inevitably led to his head being shaved. To to this day Zach still feels the need to shave his head whenever he hears a buzzing sound.

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