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I Love Paris by Jack

`Goddamm, I didn`t even recognize you, Man. Wow.` I ran my hand over the top of his head and laughed, `um, so what happened?` It had been maybe a week or so since I had seen Sam. His amazing smile was even more pronounced and his dark brown eyes looked enormous now that his hair was all gone.

`I kinda forget all about it.` He plunged his head under the shower head. The water sprayed over his scalp and ran down his chest then soaked through his speedo. `There`s this new, no-nonsense barber here at the club, and last week I stopped in for a quick trim and pretty much came out looking like a marine. It was kind of a shock at first, but, um, funny thing, it`s sort of growing on me,` he raised his eyebrows and smirked, `and I gotta admit, it feels awesome in the water, Dude.` It was hard not to stare at him, he looked so completely different, like someone I sort of knew but didn`t really know, kind of like running into someone`s brother or something. As strange as it looked, it was also really sexy, not that he hadn`t been pretty hot with hair, but he was like totally, totally hot now. `I pretty much said the same thing I always said to old Jack, you know, let`s cut it short on the sides and leave it a little longer on top, but I guess the new guy took it way to the extreme.` He turned the water off and adjusted his dick then tied the strings on his suit. `It all happened pretty fast and then he spun me around and it was all gone, well except for this little bit on top, huh?` And that was no exaggeration, the sides were clipper shaved down to nothing and the top was just stubble, induction-style.

As I pulled on my cap and adjusted my goggles Sam looked over at me and shoved me, then asked if I was up for a little, friendly wager. I shrugged my shoulders. `A quick sprint to the other end, freestyle.` We did this kind of stuff all the time, as we were pretty evenly matched. It typically meant one of us buying the other a beer or a cheap dinner, or maybe a blowjob. `Okay, you win, I give you a round-trip, business class ticket to Paris.`

Sam is this super successful investment banker. Me, I`m a high school French teacher who barely clears a thousand bucks a week. My eyes bulged out of my head, `that`s a little steep for me, Man.`

He held his hand up and rubbed his head, `let me finish, okay.` I felt his hand run up the front of my suit and discreetly move inside. `But, if I win, you meet my new barber and you get the same haircut as me. Deal?` He reached for my hand.

`Okay, let me get this straight. I win, I get this business class ticket to Paris, right?`

`Yep. Round-trip. That`s both ways.`


`And, I win, you get a little haircut.`

I considered the odds. These little races typically worked out pretty good for me. As I remembered it, I probably beat him six out of ten times. Paris! Yess!

Just as we finished closing the deal with our normal, gentleman`s handshake this other guy whom I`d seen around the pool a few times before showed up. Today he suspiciously had the same haircut as Sam`s and it looked like it had been cut pretty recently as it was nice and fresh. It definitely did not look as good on him. He was quickly solicited to officiate over our race. I was suddenly more than a little nervous. I kept mouthing the words, PARIS. BUSINESS CLASS. ROUND-TRIP, but images of me with that severe haircut kept racing through my mind. I took my mark and into the water I went.

At the other end Sam yanked my cap off and ruffled my wet hair, `you are gonna look so sweet when Jimmy is done with you, Bud.`


He stared into my sad little eyes, `okay, so, just to make it a little more interesting, how about we make it best two out of three? You win, you still get the ticket.`

`Bussiness Class.`

`Yeah. But,` there was a long pause, `I win, you keep it cut for six months, every week. Six months straight. That`s twenty-six high & tight induction cuts. Deal?`


`It`s Paris, Dude. And, let`s say I throw in a four star hotel for a week.`


I forced a smile. We shook again. We pulled ourselves out of the water. I took another look at his incredibly short haircut. We took our marks. I heard the short, pudgy guy with the high and tight shout, `ready, set, go.`

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in Jimmy`s chair, still wearing my wet speedo, telling him to cut my hair just like Sam`s. Neither of them tried to discourage me. This Jimmy guy looked nothing like Jack. For one thing he was probably forty years younger and for another thing, he had a shaved head. He pulled these big clippers out and yanked the attachment off, flicked them on and let them hover over my head just buzzing away for a few seconds, `down to a zero, just like your friend.` I nodded. They raced across my scalp. `How many is that this week, Man? Three, now?`

Sam blushed a little, `Umm,` he counted them out on one hand, `this is four, I guess.`

I looked over at him and shook my head. Jimmy secured it with a vice-like grip. Hair piled up on my lap pretty quickly, mounds of it, then the #0000 edger came out and cleared a path high up the back of my head all the way to the crown before moving on to the sides. He finished me off with a little hot lather and a straight razor then spun me around. Sam was right there beaming in the mirror and running his hand across the top of my head. I looked nothing like myself that was for sure, but my dick was way hard.

Fifteen weeks later, I`m thinking that I`m finally getting used to the new me, the kids at school have pretty much stopped rubbing my head and laughing and I have to admit that it does feel awesome in the water especially right after it`s been cut. And, at Sam`s urging, it is cut every Monday after work before I meet him for a swim. Sam`s hair has of corse grown back in and he loves to make fum of my hight and tight especially when we`re goofing around in the shower.

So, here we are standing on the magnificent pool deck at the Ritz in Paris and I feel Sam give me a good shove. I`m afraid to look over, but for some insane reason I do, `so, um, what do you say, you win, it`s dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower Saturday night, my treat. I win, I get to shave your head tonight. Deal?`

`Shave my head?`

`Yeah. Completely bald. Then you do mine. Deal?`

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