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How i became bald by smoothDan

all the events in this story are real only embellished with a bit of fiction and certain characters names have been changed.

I don’t exactly remember when my fascination with bald heads started. But i do remember as a kid looking at magazines and cutting out the images of men with buzz cuts or shaved heads. it intrigued me and enticed me to fantasize about maybe one day having such a hairstyle myself.

Fast forward a few years, I was now 24 and discovering the gay scene in Los Angeles. I remember going to this club off Santa Monica Blvd. It was gay night on Fridays and it was the biggest club i had ever been to where most of the crowd were hispanic or latino. Back then you would see the trendy guys there enjoying a night out. But also it was when the baggy clothes and gangster look was still popular among latinos.

I loved seeing people dance and have fun but also i would stare in awe at the handsome guys that sported bald heads. like a magnet i was drawn to it. I had downloaded an app on my phone and had been messaging with this guy. Jaime was his name, we had been messaging for a few days now and had discussed of the possibility of running into each other at this very same club. I had his number already so i sent out a text asking if he had decided to come out that night. Jamie replied right away saying yes I'm at the door. My stomach squeezed nervously. I waited for him at the patio and finally spotted him. Jaime was everything i found attractive in a man. He was latino, light skin with a goatee. He was wearing baggy jeans and a button up shirt two sizes too big for him and yet i drooled over him. But what i found sexier than his fashion sense was the fact that he sported a bald head. Jaime was totally smooth and completely shaven, even the lights reflected off his scalp.

that night we danced, we drank and briefly gotten to know one another. We said goodbye at the end of the night and he said ‘i hope i get to see you outside of this club sometime." I simply nodded and secretly hoped so as well.
the next day i woke up to a text. "hey good morning. or should i say good afternoon? I really enjoyed meeting you any plans for breakfast?" I responded right away "no plans just in bed still." Jaime replied in a second. "lets go grab some food i am starving."

we met up at a pancake house. Back then i had no style of my own. I was never daring with what i put on my back and kept second guessing why a guy like that was into a guy like me? I was a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy and dressed my size. I was a medium back then believe it or not and i had a short buzzed medium fade back then. #2 on top faded to skin.

we greeted one another, the hostess walked us to a booth and after a few minutes of small talk and nervous smiles we ordered. The food took a few minutes to arrive and our conversation seemed to have no end, Jaime said he found me attractive and i told him i too found him attractive. in the end my curiosity got the best of me and i asked him how long he had been shaving his head. "since i was a sophomore in high school" replied Jaime. i complimented him on how great he looked and asked him if he ever thought of growing it back. "not any time soon. Im hooked on the look, plus it feels great when its freshly shaved" he said. "is that why you are attracted to me? my bald head?" he asked with a laugh. I blushed and nodded sheepishly. i told him it was one of the reasons. "I think it’s pretty sexy." I said. the next question he asked caught me a b it off guard. "have you ever shaved your head?" Jaime asked. "no, well, yes in high school but grew it right away because my parents didn’t approve." i stuttered. "I think you would look great if you asked me." Jaime said. "maybe some day." i simply replied.

after that first date there were many others and a few months after we became official, one day we were in bed snuggling and Jaime asked if i wanted to move in together. I immediately said yes and a few weeks later we moved in together 45 minutes east of Los Angeles. During all this time i wore my hair in a different style of bald fades, sometimes with a #3 on top others with a #1.5 guard but always clean and neat and always hair on my head.

the heat was fast approaching in LA and i remember being cuddled up one morning and i started complaining about the heat and the sweat on my short hair. I used to play with Jaime’s goatee and rub his bald head. "i love the way it feels" I said. "I know i shaved before you woke up cause i know how much you like it." Jaime responded. The next words out of my mouth caught me by surprise. Something had taken hold of me and i finally dared to request what i had wanted since I met him. "babe would you shave my head bald like yours?" i asked. "You sure you want to be bald?" Jaime said. this gave me time to reconsider. "I'm not sure." I said. "babe it’s your head but not gonna lie i just got a hard on thinking about it." said Jaime. I reached down his pants and confirmed his reaction.

in a matter of seconds we were both in the bathroom in just basketball shorts. Jaime had his beard clippers in one hand with no guard and with the other he was playing with my hair, tousling the short bristles. "say goodbye to this." he said. He pulled a stool and asked me to sit. I obediently did as i was told. With no mercy Jaime raised the clippers and i felt the bare metal teeth against my scalp right down the middle. I had asked Jaime to turn me away from the mirror. I didn’t want to see. I had never seen him smile so bright, he was certainly having fun.

for those that have shaved their heads, you know exactly the emotion and feeling of the clippers running against ones scalp leaving nothing but pale skin behind. Jaime worked fast, fist the top then the sides and back. I reached up and felt the coarse bristles of my buzzed head, felt like fine sand paper. i was in heaven. I got hard right away and noticed Jaime was too and a little wet. I simply smiled and let him finish what he was doing. "you ready for the next thing papi?" Jaime said. he only called me papi when he was horny. "yeah babe i want to be bald!"
Jaime caressed my scalp as he applied shaving cream all over. First he shaved with the grain. rinsing after every stroke. from back to front on top and top down on the back and sides. Once he was done he kissed me gently and said "I can’t believe how hot you look." I simply smiled and kissed him back. We made out for a couple of minutes, Jaime then whispered in my ear. "How about we finish this in the shower?" I simply nodded dazed from making out so hard. He always had that effect on me. Jaime had brought in the razor and shaving cream inside of the steaming shower.
Once his shorts were gone i could see the throbbing bonner he had. I sat down on the shower bench but then i knelt so his dick could make way into my mouth. I felt more shaving cream being applied to my head and then the razor shaving what was left of my hair only this time against the grain. I could still hear the scratching sound as the razor took everything away. Jaime was super careful to leave no trace of my brown hair behind. when he finished. i got up and we made out some more as the water fell on our naked bodies. Jaime then said "turn around." I obeyed him immediately and i felt his arms hug my body. I spread out my legs and then i felt his dick pushing against my ass. I felt him push through until he was fully in. Jaime kissed the back of my neck and my freshly bald head. "You are so f***ing hot!" he said in my ear.
When we got out, we dried off. he hugged me tight and told me how happy I had made him. The hot steam had fogged the mirror. I did not dare to look at myself. But every time i touched my head i smiled broadly. I was a proud gay man with a hot boyfriend. We walked into the bedroom and we put on basketball shorts again. the soft fabric gave me a hard on again. Jaime walked me to the corner of the room where we had our full size mirror. I kept looking down not ready to acknowledge the fact that i was now as bald as the man i loved. I raised my head and finally looked in the mirror. It was perfect! my head was round and smooth all over. The pale skin looked odd against my brown skin but i knew eventually it would even out once i had some sun exposure. My smile said it all.

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