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Bet with Adrian. by Domko

sorry for my poor english i am not a native english
It's been 50 years since I celebrated my 13th birthday, my name is Patrick. I had a good childhood. It was a time when most boys had long hair. My mother was proud of my long blonde hair that was slightly wavy. My hair was the envy of many girls. As I remember, my mother used to cut my hair. That was just a small adjustment. I've never been to a barber shop. When my father said that he would take me to a modern barbershop, my mother said that she would do my hair on Saturday.
When I was 13 years old, a new classmate came to my class, his name was Herris, who had short hair like two other classmates in the class. Herris came in with a short haircut after about 2 weeks. I couldn't help but admire his freshly shaved head. His father was a policeman and made sure his sons got a haircut every 4 weeks. More than once I would like to touch his smooth skin or the stubble on the back of his head. I realized that it turned me on to look at boys with fresh short haircuts.
I started looking for old-fashioned barbershops in the city, I found 7 of them. I found out that boys and their parents went to these barbershops most often on Fridays and Saturdays. When a boy walked into one of the barbershops, I watched carefully as he left the barbershop, then watched him for a while, examining his short haircut. This is how I visited barbershops for a year. The boys leaving Seržanta Schmidt's barbershop probably had the shortest haircuts.
I would like to try a haircut in such an old-fashioned barber shop. I knew that my parents wouldn't take me here to get a haircut like some boys. I began to dream that I would walk into this barbershop to get a haircut with clippers. But finally, when I was near the barbershop, I didn't have enough courage to enter the barbershop. What would I tell my parents or school that I lost my beautiful hair? I started thinking about how to get a haircut and have a reasonable explanation for it.
I had a classmate, Adrian, with whom I made bets on sports matches. Whoever lost bought ice cream or took the winner's bag from school. I thought we could make a bet and the loser would have to get a haircut at Sergeant Schmidt's barbershop. Adrian was taken aback by the suggestion for a moment, then laughed at it. But I put a bet on a match where there was a high probability that I would lose. In the end, Adrian agreed, but added to the bet that the winner would show a picture in the barber shop of how the loser should be cut. Adrian used to go to an old-fashioned barber shop as a little boy, but now he had long, shoulder-length hair. I was impatiently waiting for the result of the match and I was ready to lose my hair on Monday. Much to my surprise, my team won the match and Adrian was to lose his long hair. I went to Adrian, he was sad about his loss and it was obvious that he would have a hard time saying goodbye to his hair. He asked me to go to the barber shop in the evening, when there will not be many customers.
I found out that Seržanta Schmidt's barber shop is open until 8:00 p.m. on Mondays, so I went there with Adrian at 7:00 p.m. We entered the barber shop where 5 old men were waiting on waiting chairs. The barber asked if we were going to get a haircut, to which we nodded and sat down on the waiting chairs. The barber locked the door behind us so that Adrian would be his last customer.
Adrian was sad and sat quietly, looking at the ground and nervously playing with his hair. I was looking at the equipment of the barber shop. Everything was completely new to me. I also looked at old grayed-out pictures of the hairstyles of children, soldiers and grown men.
I didn't realize how time flies. The barber called, which of you goes first? Adrian stood and slowly walked over to the barber and sat down in his large leather chair. The sergeant wrapped Adrian in a large blue and white striped raincoat. I went closer to the barber and showed him one of the pictures and said that father wanted Adrian to have his hair cut like this. Adrian didn't see which picture I pointed to. The barber just smiled. Combing Adrian's hair, he tilted his head and started to cut it on the left side of his head. He was horrified to see a large area without hair. I sat on the waiting chair and enjoyed his hair falling.
When Adrian, who had his hair cut, vacated the chair, the barber told me to replace him. I protested that I wasn't going to get a haircut. To that, Adrian said that dad wanted us both to have the same short hair. I was about to protest, but the barber shouted at me to go and sit down immediately. I reluctantly sat down in his leather chair. But then I was happy to enjoy a classic short haircut. I was only sorry that I could point to a picture with a less short hairstyle.
The barber didn't even ask what short haircut I should have. He thought that if Adrian and I were brothers, we should have the same hairstyle. The barber took the clipper from the hook, dripped oil on it and put it under the hair above the left cheekbone. He tilted my head so that my right ear was touching my shoulder. The clipper started. I jerked my head but the barber held it firmly. The noise of the scissors and the tickle of the machine passing through the left side was like a massage. I was very excited. My crotch started to tingle. Hair fell on the raincoat and on the ground. The barber bent my ear and cut the hair around it. I was left with 1/25 inch long stubble on the left side of my head. The barber repeated the same on the right side of the head. Then he tilted my head forward. I could feel the metal teeth of the clipper on my neck and they went up the whole back of my head. The barber replaced the scissors, tilted my head back, and the blades of the scissors were touching my forehead and passing through the top of my head. When he turned off the clipper and I looked in the mirror, an unknown boy was sitting there. The barber brushed the cape away from my hair and applied foamy white cream to the back and sides of my head. After scraping off the white foamy cream, a white, smooth scalp remained. After finishing my haircut, I looked exactly like the soldier in the picture as well as Adrian with 1/8 inch long hair on top of my head and bare skin on the sides and back of my head. For several days it was very exciting to stroke the back of the head. It really tingled in the crotch.
We both had the shortest haircuts in the class, but maybe in the whole school. Mother at home was shocked to see me without hair. The father was also surprised, but not as shocked as the mother. I explained how I lost the bet and had no choice but to get a haircut.
At school, Adrian and I shocked all our classmates and we were both the center of ridicule. Adrian admitted that both parents were satisfied with his voluntary new haircut and hoped that his parents would not force him to go to the barber for a long time.
Herris was very surprised with our hairstyles, who told me that if his father did not take him and his younger brother to the old-fashioned barber every 4th Saturday, he would very much like to have long hair. That's why he was surprised that Adrian and I bet on a haircut for a military hairstyle.
My grandfather was the most happy with my haircut. He said that he finally has a grandson, because until now I reminded him of a girl.

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