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Bet with Adrian - part 2 by Domko

Sorry for my poor English, I'm not a native Englishman.
Before you start reading the continuation of this story, I recommend reading The Bet with Adrian.
After a year of watching boys with short haircuts in old-fashioned barbershops, I got the opportunity to be cut in such a barbershop where the barber had experience in cutting soldiers. It was the barber Sergeant Schmidt.
6-7 weeks have passed since the haircut at Sergeant Schmidt's. And my hair was touching the tip of my ears. It was Friday and I was spending time after school with my friends on the playground. When I came home in the evening, grandfather was with us. I was surprised by his visit, it was not customary for him to come to us on Friday. At dinner, he told me that in the morning we will go to his village together, because he wants to introduce me to his very good friend and I will definitely like him. I didn't learn more that evening, only my mother was nervous and angry.
On Saturday, after breakfast, my grandfather and I went on the train. Here, my grandfather told me to remember the train journey when I go to him all by myself. I laughed at that, saying that I am 14 years old, so I can already travel by train to him alone.
After half an hour we got off the train. We did not go towards his house but in the opposite direction. I asked where we were going and he told me he wanted to introduce me to his friend Mr. Johnson. After 10 minutes, I noticed a Johnson Barbershop sign on a small house. I asked my grandfather if he was going to get a haircut. He replied that he wanted to introduce me to Mr. Johnson and I would definitely like him.
We entered the barber shop, we both said hello to Mr. Johnson. Grandfather told him that I was his grandson Patrick and that I would like to become his customer. Barber Johnson smiled at me and said he would like to be my barber. It was a smaller barber shop, instead of wooden waiting chairs, there was one wooden bench on which older guys were sitting. The bench was fully occupied, the guys moved to make room for grandfather. Grandpa told me to stand against the wall next to three boys who were about 8 and 9 years old and one was about a year older than me, he could have been about 15 years old. One even smaller boy, about 5 years old, was sitting on his father's leg.
The barber was very old, more than 65 years old, and his barber shop looked even older. After 20 minutes, the smallest boy went for a haircut, the barber set up a large wooden chair on which his father sat him. The barber wrapped the boy in a white sheet, turned on the scissors, spun the boy's head and cut his relatively short hair. After his haircut, the boy stood next to me and then his father also got his haircut. Later, 8- and 9-year-old boys also got their hair cut. Both were seated on a large wooden chair. I didn't notice if the barber asked their father how to cut them, like he did with grown men. Their hairstyle was very similar to a little boy. Later, their father and other old gentlemen also got their hair cut. After more than an hour, when another customer was called, a 15-year-old boy, whose hair covered about 1/2 of his ears and a large part of his forehead, went to sit on the barber's chair.
The barber wrapped the boy in a white sheet, combed the boy's hair. Even now, the barber did not ask anyone how to cut the boy's hair. I assumed that the barber knows boys and knows how to cut them. The barber took a pair of scissors, bent his head forward and started to cut his hair, then did the same on both sides of his head. Before long, the boy was cut like the previous boys. The boy paid and at his word: Another grandfather showed me to sit on the barber's chair.
The barber put 2 pillows on the chair so that I could sit higher. When I sat down, Mr. Johnson the barber asked, How old are you Patrick? I replied: 14 years sir. The barber wrapped me in a white sheet and pulled it tightly around my neck. He combed my hair, took the scissors. He sharply bent my head forward and started cutting the hair on the back of my head. The buzz of the scissors excited me, but I still didn't know what kind of hairstyle was waiting for me. I assumed that the grandfather had informed the barber a few days in advance that he was coming with his grandson and what he thought about my haircut.
The barber was turning my head violently and the scissors were still working, chasing my hair at the back and both sides of my head. Later, he cut the hair on the top of my head to 3/8 inch length, combed it forward and cut the bangs to a slight angle. He made further adjustments with the scissors. The barber undid the sheet and I jumped off the chair. The barber said: We're not done yet Patrick, sit down. In the meantime, the barber dusted off the sheet from my hair and strangled me again with it around my neck. He took the plastic container in which he dipped the brush and began to apply the resulting foam to the sides and back of the head. He took the razor, began to sharpen it on the leather belt. He tilted my head and scraped off the foam. When he was done scraping, he wiped the remaining foam on a towel.
He applied greasy smelling cream to my hair and combed my hair. My grandfather replaced me in the barber's chair. I knew that my haircut was not military like the one I got at Sergeant Schmidt's barbershop and I assumed that I got the same short haircut as the other boys had. Grandfather also bought a greasy cream that the barber used to apply to his hair. On leaving the barber shop Mr. Johnson said, I'll be waiting for you guys in 3 weeks.
On the way to my grandfather's, I asked him if he had told Mr. Johnson beforehand that I was coming and what kind of hair to do. Grandpa laughed and said no, because he didn't know if mother would agree to me going to Johnson's barber shop with him. That's why I asked how the barber knew how to cut my hair. Grandpa said that Mr. Johnson, the barber, gives all the children who go to school the same haircuts if the parents do not request, for example, a shorter haircut. So if you go to school and you are 19 years old, Mr. Johnson will cut your hair like you are cut today. I didn't want to openly admit that cutting hair with a clipper, its tickling on the head excites me a lot and is like a massage. I also asked my grandfather how often I would go to Barber Johnson. Grandpa replied that just like him, every 3 weeks. So your father and I also went together. And during the summer, my father went without hair. His words excited me even more, so I just said: Thank you, grandpa. Being forced to go to the barber and not being able to control my short haircut was even more exciting than going to the barber of my own free will.
I went to my grandfather's to look in the mirror to check the new hairstyle more closely. I found it to be even shorter than the hair cut Herris walks. He has shaved arches around the ears for about 1 inch and the back of the head is half shaved and then gradually longer stubble to the top of the head. I had big white arches 1 and 3/4 inches and the nape of the head was bare up to 5/4 of the back of the head.
Before leaving for the train, my grandfather gave me a greasy hair cream that he bought at the barber Mr. Johnson. I met Patrick and his father on the way home from the station. Patrick laughed at me for having a new short haircut.
My mother told me at home that she fought for me to have long hair again, but she did not convince my grandfather, and now I will go to the barber with him for a while. I reassured my mother that I would definitely get used to short hair and that it had the advantage of not having to comb it all the time. We both laughed at that.
On Monday at school, I received a new dose of ridicule from my classmates. I confessed to Herris that from now on I was one of the guys with a regular short haircut.

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