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Later in the Evening by FilthyCyborg

This the second half of my earlier story, Evening. It will make more sense if you read that one first, but I’ve done my best to make it so you can enjoy this one on its own.


Shane leaned back into the room to see what Dylan was talking about. Standing front and center in the medicine cabinet was Dylan’s can of shaving cream, with his razor right next to it. Shane glanced at his boyfriend’s freshly-buzzed head, then the great mound of Dylan’s former hair on the floor, then up to the other’s cock, which was already becoming hard again.

"I’ll tell you what," Shane said, half surprised, half amused, "We probably both need a shower after that. We can shower together and see what happens. But!" he interrupted himself, reaching out to put a hand on Dylan’s chest. "ONLY after this floor is clean. You hear me?" Without waiting for an answer, Shane stepped out of the bathroom and lay down on their bed, assuming that the menial task would be enough to calm down his hornier-than-usual boyfriend.

Not five minutes later, Dylan emerged from the bathroom, declaring, "All done, babe!" Surprised, Shane stood up and walked over to Dylan, kissing him briefly on the lips. He stepped into the bathroom and the surprises continued " not only was all of the hair neatly tossed into the wastebasket, but the floor was dry and shining. Dylan had not only dealt with all of the hair and the stray semen, he had also found time in those five minutes to scrub the floor. Shane just looked at Dylan in amazement. "What can I say; I know what I want," Dylan joked, taking Shane by the wrist and kissing him deeply before pulling him to the shower.

They quickly removed the rest of their clothes before closing the curtain and turning on the water. The room got steamy before the water even had a chance to heat up as the men covered each other in hungry kisses. When the first splash of water landed on Dylan’s freshly denuded scalp, he pulled back from Shane’s neck and let out a powerful moan that reverberated through his boyfriend’s entire body. Dylan was well above half-mast already and was done waiting. He grabbed the can of shaving cream, shot a load of it into his scalp, and roughly smeared it over his scalp. "Please, babe," he uttered breathily, "shave me." He held the razor out to Shane.

If Dylan was needy earlier, he was downright desperate now. Shane grabbed Dylan’s trembling hand, took the razor, and kissed his tall boyfriend. He placed one hand on the back of Dylan’s neck, gently steadying him, and brought the razor up to Dylan’s hairline, pulling it back towards his crown. The newly-revealed, narrow strip of Dylan’s scalp was devoid of any trace of hair, pale and smooth. Shane felt Dylan’s boner, now at full attention, brush against his thigh. Dylan’s moans grew more needy. "Hold still," Shane huffed out, making the second stroke and keeping his steady hand on Dylan’s neck. Dylan moaned again and began to pleasure himself. He timed the strokes of his dick with the strokes of the razor against his scalp, reaching the tip each time Shane pulled the razor away from his head. Shane felt himself getting hard in response to how turned on Dylan was. He felt his growing cock bump Dylan’s hand. In response, Dylan wrapped his hand around both dicks and began to pump more vigorously.

Shane quickly pulled the razor away from Dylan’s head, not wanting to ruin the pleasure with a sudden nick of the scalp. Dylan stroked their dicks a few more times before releasing them and looking into Shane’s eyes pleadingly. "Why’d you stop?"

One eyebrow raised, Shane pointed at the razor. "This is sharp. Let me finish you first, okay babe?" He leaned in to kiss Dylan again, but pulled back at the last second, chuckling. "Keep it in your pants. Uh, or something. You get me."

"Yeah I do," Dylan whispered back before taking Shane’s hand with the razor and bringing it back to his scalp. Effortlessly, Shane resumed shaving, which Dylan took as a cue to resume his deep moans and the slow strokes of his own aching hardon. He was probably leaking precum by now, but with the shower gently caressing his body, who could tell the difference?

Shane increased the speed of his shaving efforts, maintaining caution, but determined to give Dylan the most thorough head shave he could while his boyfriend was still caught up in the ecstasy of it. If they needed to touch him up after he came, so be it.

Soon, the top of Dylan’s head was bare, and Shane began at the back of his head. As it had earlier, this triggered a great wave of pleasure to shoot through Dylan’s body. This time, he was able to keep himself together. Shane moved his free hand to hold Dylan’s chin still in hopes of speeding up the process. He gradually used this grip to turn Dylan around and actually shave him from the back, then gently turn his head to each side so he could quickly shave around his ears. In what felt like no time at all, Shane had peeled all of the shaving cream off of Dylan’s scalp, and all of his remaining stubble with it.

Shane leaned Dylan’s head into the direct spray of the shower for the second time this evening, and once again, Dylan had to fight the impulse to immediately cum. Shane turned the tall man around once again and kissed him deeply. The kiss lasted the longest of any yet tonight as they two men’s hands explored each other’s bodies tenderly. When they finally pulled away from each other, Shane looked deeply into Dylan’s eyes, taken at the raw power of the other man’s passion. Quick as a flash, he said, "F*** it," and brought the razor up to his own hairline and shaved a small strip off.

Dylan’s eyes shot wide open at this. "Babe, you don’t have to…"

"S**t, that stings without shaving cream," Shane blurted out, disregarding Dylan’s words. He took the can of shaving cream into his hand and shot it directly onto his scalp before haphazardly spreading it around. His tone turned demanding as he looked Dylan in the eyes again and held out the razor. "Hurry up. I want you inside me."

Still taken aback, Dylan felt that he had no choice but to comply. He confidently took the razor and made quick work of Shane’s fresh buzz cut. Shane’s hair was longer than Dylan’s had been at the beginning of the shower, but naturally thinner, so it was barely any harder to shave off. Dylan was less horny now than he was having his own head shaved, but this still turned him on greatly, and if the motions Shane’s arm was making were any indication, he was loving it too.

Dylan made quick work of Shane’s hair, the promise of the other man’s welcoming hole much too sweet to prolong. Soon, it was Dylan’s turn to hold Shane under the spray and watch as Shane enjoyed the unique pleasure of the water beating against a freshly bald head. They kissed again, but only briefly, as soon Shane was turned around, face to the wall, and Dylan was lubing him up for the incoming plunge.

And plunge Dylan did. As hard as Dylan was, he and Shane were both incredibly close, and it took only a few strokes before both men were simultaneously releasing their loads. Catching their breaths, Dylan leaned in and kissed Shane’s neck before tenderly saying, "You know, you didn’t have to do that for me, babe."

"Huh? Nah, I didn’t do it for you," Shane frankly replied. "I did it for me. I dunno why, but in the moment, I f***ing NEEDED it, man. Maybe it was how turned on you were. Maybe I didn’t want you to beat me, two haircuts to one in the same night. Hell, maybe you awakened something in me I’d never known before. I don’t care. All I know is that was INTENSE and I do not regret it." Shane turned around and kissed Dylan once more, rubbing the other man’s shaven head for the first time. For Shane, the feeling was electric. He felt his dick twitch. "We need to finish up here and head to the bed. I have a feeling this evening is long from over."

Some hours later, Shane and Dylan lay on their bed, still nude, snuggling gently after who-could-remember-how-many rounds of passionate sex. Dylan lay with his head on Shane’s chest as the other gently rubbed Dylan’s smooth head. Shane moaned happily, leaning his head back, and softly chuckled, "ah s**t, I can’t believe we actually shaved our heads!"

"You’d better believe it!" Dylan laughed back. "I know what you said in the shower earlier, but do you regret it?"

"No way, babe. You?"

"Not as long as you keep rubbing my head like this I won’t! I’ve wanted to do that for so long and it was even better than I imagined it would be! I’m so glad I picked up the courage to ask you for it. Thank you SO much Shane!"

"No problem, Dylan," the shorter man replied before kissing his boyfriend’s head. "Huh, I found a rough spot. Guess we’ll have to take care of that in the morning."

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