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Ibiza 2 by Max

Modifed from the original wrtten by Dave (from an idea by Paul)

For months and months, Joe and I had planned on celebrating our 18th Birthday in a special way. We had been working at two jobs so we could pool our money for this special day. We were going to Ibiza and hang out for an entire month! Ibiza is known for the exciting night life for people of our age as well as those into their 30s. We had heard about a number of interesting night spots. We were determined to hit every one of them.

The day we turned 18, we were off. When we arrived at the island of Ibiza, Joe and I knew we had found our place on earth. The first thing we did was to check out the beaches. Talk about ‘a sight for sore eyes!’ You name it, you could see it there. That place was “HOT!”

Our first night in this hyper holiday spot was arriving fast and we were determined to hit it with force 10. The attitude was important . The look was important. I had been saving a skin-tight outfit, black - to show off my body after having worked out for 3 years. And my hair - naturally a light brown/blonde color, down past my shoulder blades. But it was more than that. My ex-girlfriend Simone – ex, when she found out that I was coming to Ibiza without her – oh well, - was a hairdresser. So my light brown hair had been turned white, bleached and dyed platinum. Sensational. She had also given me a root-perm so that the weight of the long hair didn’t flatten, but took on a raised shape. Sensational. After an afternoon on the beach in salt and sand I had showered and carefully shampooed my hair and blow-dried it. A stiff brush then tousled with the fingers. Sensational. Against the dark outfit and my dark tan, with my long platinum hair I must say I put forth quite an image. I was ready for Ibiza. But was it ready for me? Ah, the innocence of youth, as they say.

Joe had black hair and he kept his as long as mine. He too, had gotten into bodybuilding, so he too could set forth a striking figure. He wore about the same outfit as mine, but in white. White showed off his great tan and the black hair.

We had one place in mind to get a good jumpstart to our planned vacation. The place was called “BALDIES!” We had heard from some of our older friends it was something to experience, but we didn’t know what. A classy disco, lots of music, lots of chicks, at least. . When we arrived, the place was jumping. Once we got used to the atmosphere, we really enjoyed the scene. In the middle of the establishment we saw this enclosure made of glass. In it was a BarberChair and all of the equipment for head shaves. We find out that is the only style that the Barber does.

It seems that all of the people who work at BALDIES have the BALD HEAD - Yes! even the gals. Joe and I ordered our first drink and sat down to watch facing the Barber shop, between a drink or two and a dance or two, though we didn’t latch onto either of the girls in that early part of the evening.. We noticed a group of young people our age having a great time. One of the guys had a shaved head and was showing it off to his companions and egging on one of his friends to enter the Barber’s booth The BaldBarber, himself not much older that most of the young crowd in BALDIES! was waiting for him. It turns out that if you come in with a shavehead, you got a 10% off all of your drinks. However, if you went into that special glass booth, and you had your head shaved, all of your drinks for that evening would be FREE.

Of course, the headshaving was the entertainment of the evening. You could see the entire cut from anywhere in BALDIES! Joe and I sat and watched. You just couldn’t help it. The BaldBarber played with the young man’s hair for a time and then began clipping it off. Everyone in the establishment got into the show so to speak. Twenty minutes later the young man came out with a smooth bald head. Of course being that he had such thick hair and was quite long, his head was very pale.

I said to Joe, “How about getting your head shaved?” Joe looked at me and said, “There isn’t a chance in the world that I would do something stupid like that.” Well! Of course that was a challenge right there. We sat and sipped our second drink (which we still has – expense) of the evening and watched. A second feller from the same table as the new shavehead, was ungently urged toward the BarberBooth and one of the girls pointed to the BarberChair. He pretended to be reluctant, but it was obvious it was a pretence. This guy had black hair, but was cut in a sort of modern ducktail. His hair really had a shine to it. You could tell that he had spent a lot of money and time on his cut.

The guy went towards the glassed in chair but turned away and went to the bar instead to get himself a steadying drink. He sat at the bar for a moment, soon got up and headed toward the BarberChair, but skidded past at the last moment. This prompted a shout from the guys and gals at his table. Stopped in his tracks he threw his hands up in submission, almost spilling his drink, and headed back to the BarberBooth and plonked himself in the BarberChair, as his friends blocked the door, which slammed behind him. He pretended trying to get out but discovered that the door couldn’t be opened once inside.

Finally he sat down in the chair and the BaldBarber began. He took the clippers and ran them right across the top of his head. He looked just like a skunk….with that white stripe. Of course the clientele began to chant. I didn’t know it at the time, but there was a speaker inside of the booth so the person in the chair could hear and he began to grin. It wasn’t long before he was freed of his hair. When he came out, everyone cheered. I asked Joe if he was ready! He just looked at me and said, “No Way!”

Several guys were sitting at the next table and overheard our conversation. They were really into weight lifting. Each of them would more than make two of me. As things quieted down, but we noticed that one of the big guys had had several more drinks than maybe he should have consumed. He was encouraged by his friend to get his head shaved. Now his hair was quite long but looking at his size, it didn’t look as long as it really was. Finally he got up and went to the booth and banged on the door. The Barber let him in and he sat down. Everyone in the place was once again turned on. It wasn’t long before the hair was ‘flying.’ He looked good after he was shaved. He didn’t really need any more drinks, but he had the option of FREE drinks for the remainder of the evening.

Joe and I finally felt we had had enough to drink that evening. After all this was out first night of drinking since turning the legal age of 18. Still we were enjoying ourselves.

The next evening, we decided to return to BALDIES! We had a lot of FUN there the night before. We wanted to go as soon as they opened so we wouldn’t miss any shaves. The two guys were back. The weightlifter who had been shaved the night before, had a red head. He had been out on the beach too much. To start the evening off, his pal went to the booth. He wanted his head shaved so he could have FREE drinks for the entire evening. We had a good time watching the hair fall. When he came out, we both shook his hand and congratulated him.

Joe and I had several drinks and I noticed that Joe was a little on the tipsy side. I knew with a little encouragement, he would do most anything for a dare. I made sure he had another drink and then he was ready for my suggestion.

“Joe! How about going in there and getting your head shaved and then you could enjoy free drinks for the remainder of the evening,” I encouraged. He liked the word FREE! I helped him up and he had some difficulties moving. The two body builders came to his rescue. They carried him to the booth and the Barber opened the door. Joe stepped in and turned and grinned. Before he knew it, the door was closed. You could see Joe talking to the Barber and making motions as to how he wanted his hair cut. Little did he know, in his condition, that he would be BALD in a few minutes. Everyone in the place got excited knowing that Joe with that really long hair about to be shaved. I enjoyed every minute of it, especially when the Barber went right up the back of his head and continued until his clippers came out at the forehead. It wasn’t long before Joe was bald. He looked strange with the white head and tanned body. He got up and the Barber helped him to the door.

I went to help Joe, rubbed his head and told him he looked so cool and asked him to wait a minute. I motioned to the Barber and he came to the door, and told him I would like a piece of Joe’s long hair for a souvenir.

The Barber said, “Sure come in and get all you want!” I had had several drinks and I wasn’t thinking. I stepped in and began to pick up the hair and realized the door had closed. The Barber was grinning from ear to ear and was holding the cape. I realized I had walked into a disaster about to happen. I told the Barber I didn’t want a shave - just the souvenir. I went to the door and couldn’t get it open. The Barber then said, “The only way you will get out is to donate all of that beautiful hair. Of course If I had insisted I would have been let out, but then I would have looked like a bit of a chicken – unplucked – if I had left BALDIES! with hair after being in the BarberBooth. What the Hell! I shook my head and I could see the people were up on their feet and shouting. I was surprised how one could hear inside the glass enclosure. They were all shouting, ‘TAKE IT ALL OFF!” “SHAVE HIM BALD!” Just before I had gotten in the enclosure, I had finished a ‘stiff drink’ and I was now beginning to feel it taking hold of me. Before I knew it, I had to sit down….things were beginning to get a little bit out of focus. As I sat down, the Barber quickly put the cape on me and held up the clippers for everyone to see. Of course I could tell that the crowd was getting quite loud. The BaldBarber signaled to one of the waitresses, well stacked, and bald who came into the BarberBooth with a silver tray Before I knew what was happening, the Barber ran the clippers right up the side of my head beginning with my big sideburns I had been cultivating for some time. The right one slid off as the clippers reached the top of my head. He handed the shorn hair to the waitress and she placed it in the silver tray. The people roared. I pretended to fight the Barber’s swipes, but the pass of the clippers over my head was amazing. Before long, all my hair was off my head and on the silver tray. The waitress took it away, holding it above her head like a sporting trophy, to loud cheers from the assembled BLADIES! mob. Now warm lather was spread of the remaining stubble on my head and the BaldBarber went to work with the razor. Ten minutes I was completely smooth of the dome. Because the BarberBooth was glass, it acted as a mirror inside, so I was able to view the whole balding operation. He summoned the BaldWaitress again and she planted a decidedly wet kiss right on the top of my hairless head... As stepped out of the enclosure I found myself feeling my bald head. I loved what I felt. From here on there was nothing I could much remember, not realizing the scope of it until the following morning. After I got up I saw Joe looking in the mirror and rubbing his head.

“Joe! When did you get your hair shaved off?”

“I don’t remember. Did I get it shaved? How? Where is my beautiful hair? I miss it.”

“Joe, you are one cool dude,” I laughed. Then I laughed some more.

“Why are you laughing so much! You don’t have any room to talk.” I asked him what he meant. He rubbed my head and it felt so strange.

I went into the bathroom and took a look. I had to hang onto the sink so I wouldn’t fall. I looked in the mirror and could see two images, neither one in clear focus. I concentrated and finally the two images became one. I looked and grabbed my head. I was looking at me with my bald head. Talk about white. I couldn’t figure out how this happened. Joe said, “Dave, you are a sight for sore eyes. I say you look FANTASTIC! You need to get some sun on that noggin of yours.”

I came back out of the bathroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. I just couldn’t figure out how this had happened. But I all started to come back to me. We had both been to BALDIES! And both in the BarberBooth, and both voluntarily had our heads shaved. And I for one remembered through the mist that I had really enjoyed the experience of having my head shaved. Yeah, really enjoyed it. And there right on the top on my head was still the blood red lipstick of that erotic kiss from the BaldWaitress. But what about my carefully tended platinum locks. All Gone. Oh! Well. Hey it looked good. I would never have considered shaving my head, ever, unless we had gone to BALDIES, and even then it was never intended. I was tricked into it. Or was I? Did I go into te BaldBooth deliberately? Even I didn’t know. What I did know that I was not sorry that I had. Sure I loved my long platinum-dyed hair, but I sure loved this bald look. And my hair would eventually grow. But right then and there I decided that it would never be long again. A well trimmed taper style would be my new look Yeah, Well. OK. I’d still dye it platinum. That’s what I thought then. In the meanwhile I was BALD!, and I was going to make the most of it.

Still I was in a bit of a shock and I wasn’t going to go out and have everyone stare at me. (Later I would be extremely pleased if even strangers stared at my BaldHead). I called room service and ordered breakfast. When the doorbell rang, I went and answered the door. The room-service guy wheeled in the trolley. He was completely bald too, but his noggin was well-tanned totally smooth and looked absolutely natural in its hairless state.

He rolled it in and said, “Good Morning gentlemen. My name is Martin. You two guys look terrific. It sure is a change from what you looked like last night when you arrived at Baldie’sBar.

“So you were there – you saw us go bald?” I asked

“Sure. Well, the family owns Baldies –“

“Is that why you’re bald too?” chipped in Joe

“No not exactly. The other way around” Martin began his story. “See the family owns a few properties around here, including this hotel, that’s why I’m doing room-service this morning, to help out. Well my two cousins and I are real good friends. One night we were having a glass of red and Ronnie – one of my cousins - Ronnie’s a barber – the barber at Baldies, he complained that he hadn’t done a headshave for months. He was getting out of practice he said. He asked us if we would let him shave our heads. Timothy, that’s my other cousin said ‘no way’.

“But then we had another glass of red. I always like to help out the family so I told Ronnie that he could shave my head if he wanted to. I didn’t really think he would. Anyhow I desperately needed a haircut, and I thought that having a bald head just this once could be kinda’ cool. Not long afterwards Ronnie had sheared and shaved my head. And it was cool. Surprisingly I really likes it, instantly. And still do” He rubbed his hands over his bald head.

“So then Tim agreed fairly reluctantly, provided that Ron could also shave his own head. OK here was a challenge. Ronnie thought about it, wondering if a shavehead barber would drive custom away, but decided that this was a tourist area and it would be alright.

“So the three of us went bald that night. The next night Tim and I were working in the bar of a small joint we owned then and most everybody complimented, good, on our bald heads. And this kept going so we kept shaving. Then we had a bright idea. We put in a barberchair for Ron and we had our heads shaved there every night. But we created a monster. Just about every night some other guy wanted a headshave. And that’s where we got the idea of Bladie’s Bar. We took the small joint, and the places next door and the rest is history, as they say.

“That’s quite a story,” I ventured. “And you’re still bald.”

“Oh sure. We’ll never have hair again. Even without Baldie’s. Hey! guys this is for real, you both look fantastic without hair. And I am not saying that because it’s the right thing to say. Stay bald man. Here are a couple of comps for Baldie’ Bar. Come again.” With this compliment Martin left. When he had gone we sat down for breakfast. At each of our plates was a video tape and a plastic bag with some hair in it. The note said, “Congratulations! Here is your souvenir you wanted”. I then remembered what had happened the night before. What was the video tape? After breakfast, difficult with a hangover – but that was disappearing fast - we put one of the tapes in to watch, the one addressed to me. The tape began with me sitting at the table and then walking to the glass enclosure BarberBooth to help Joe out. It showed me going in and picking up some of Joe’s hair. As we watched, I saw the entire episode of me getting shaved. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was absolutely fascinating, and I began to remember every detail. One thing was completely obvious. My dyed sculptured former hair was completely over the top. So was bald in a way, but to be honest with myself, bald was better, much better,

I asked Joe if he was going to watch his tape and he said, “Sure! I like seeing you losing your hair.” He put in his tape and there sitting in the chair, was Joe. It seems that each person who comes to BALDIES and gets a head shave, gets a copy of the entire shaving.

After viewing the tapes, I felt more at ease about losing my hair. I really liked the shaved look. I liked it as soon as I could focus clearly the first time I saw it in the bathroom – after the initial shock - and liked it more every time I looked in the mirror I had propped up on the breakfast trolley. Well, we were both bald, and there was nothing we could do about that, except to get some sun on the white noggins and hopefully look as good as Martin, our room-service waiter. No good hiding away. The beach beckoned. So the tanning began. There was the whole if Ibiza life to explore and only a few short weeks to do it.

Before we went out on the morning of B1 (day one of being badl)I was getting dressed, putting on the same black outfit from the night before. But no. The shirt was sweaty and hairy and tight and black. Right there I knew that the new bald head and the summer climate called for something more colorful. And less clinging. Black was now dead. My first stop was to a cheap boutique not far from the hotel’s beach which I had noticed the day before. From there on my gear was loose and pastel colored. More holiday mood, and definitely better with my shavehead.

So on with the holiday. We swam – surf and pool - , sun-baked chatted up chicks, ate, and enjoyed some afternoon delight. We did visit some other nightspots on the island. We both agreed that we enjoyed out selves the most at BALDIES!

My head was now growing a week old stubble. Though I liked seeing hair again, but I realized I liked the bald look a lot. I asked Joe how he felt about his hair now that it was growing back. He told me that he couldn’t wait for the hair to grow longer. He didn’t like the looks of his bald head, After all he had always had long hair.

I had an idea. I wanted to go back to BALDIES and get a FREE HEAD SHAVE to get free drinks for the entire evening. Nothing said you couldn’t repeat the shave. Joe said that was a great idea but he wasn’t going to get it shaved again. We went in and we could tell that no one had yet undergone a shave.

I walked up to the bar and asked if I were to get my head shaved again, would I get FREE drinks for the entire evening. I was told yes! I walked over to the enclosure and the door opened. I stepped in and sat down. It felt good when Ronnie the BaldBarber relieved me of my hair for the second time. When he finished, everyone was clapping. I felt great. I had free drinks that evening and I truly enjoyed myself. I enjoyed it even more when the two body builders came in and stopped at out table and complimented me on my smooth head. They told Joe he needed the same treatment. It seems they had been in the night before and had the same idea as I had.

Joe said, “No Way! I am sober this evening and there is no way I am going to go in there and let him shave my head. I am growing mine out and by the time we get home, I should not look like a Baldie. Of course a lot of the regulars were chanting, “SHAVE IT! SHAVE IT! SHAVE IT!” Before Joe knew what was happening, the two body builders picked him up and carried him to the enclosure and in he went. Of course he knew he wouldn’t get out until he as shaved. He argued with the Barber and the Barber just smiled. Eventually Joe sat down and the shaving began. Everyone in the place was really into the scene.

Joe came out rubbing his head and joked, “I will get even with you and those two - somehow?” “Why Me? I didn’t have anything to do with it.”

Joe looked at me and said, “Not much. If you hadn’t talked to me about shaving my head again, at the top of your voice, they wouldn’t have given it a thought.”

I grinned and said, “You know Joe, you really look much better BALD! You look older, stronger, and of course I noticed that a lot of the gals in the place were giving you the eye. Just think what you are going to be facing back home when it comes to the girls!”

Next after coffee and croissant I headed for the bathroom to shower and freshen up for a new day of adventure and fun on the Isle of Ibiza. There was Joe shaving his chest.

“Gotta’ have a matched set. What do you think?” Well Joe is dark haired and had a fairly hairy chest. As he shaved it the work he had done in the gym became more visible. And he was right. The Smooth chest did match the smooth head. Joe rubbed his shavenhead and shaven chest.

“I want to get on the beach and get a really good tan before going home.”

Quite right. The hair on my chest was more sparse than Joe’s and because I am naturally blonde, not as apparent. But what the hell? I lathered up my chest and razored it to match the head. A good. match. We hit the beach and all the attractions of this famous holiday haven. Talk about having a great time at the beach. The scenery including the female scenery was really something.

Our last night on the island, Joe and I went back to BALDIES! We got our heads shaved again and received free drinks. We did see something we hadn’t seen before. One really pretty lady with a poodle cut stepped into the enclosure and we watched. Did she know what she was in for? She sat down and motioned to the BaldBarber to shave it all off. She stepped out looking stunning. She could carry off that look. I thought she looked really HOT!

As we progressed during the evening, Joe spotted our best friend coming in. He had just turned 18 and was there for a good time. We invited him to sit with us. The first thing Ross said was, “What’s with the bald heads?” We laughed and told him we wanted to try something new! He should try it. “There is no way I would let anyone cut my hair like that. I love this long hair and I am going to keep it!” he assured us.

Well, little did he know but it wouldn’t long before he would have a shiny dome. I asked him he knew anything about this place and he said no except one of his friends told him I would not leave the island without a night here.

I thought, ‘good!’ and advised him one nice thing about this place was you could get a haircut here and wouldn’t have to give up any daylight time getting it done. He had way too much hair anyway and needed some trimming.

He hadn’t gotten it trimmed before he left he confessed and it might be a good idea to have it sharped up for the beach. The BaldBarber Ron was excellent I told him – he was – for headshaves – which I kept to myself with a wink at Joe – Ross should give him a try. I told him that the haircut would be FREE! That was a magic word to Ross. He loved anything FREE! I told him after he got his haircut, he would get FREE drinks that evening.

Well! No one could stop him. Ross went to the glass enclosure and stepped in. He didn’t care if people were watching. He loved to be the center of attention. Ross sat down and the BaldBarber put the cape on him and talked with Ross for a minute or two and you could see Ross giving instructions to the BaldBarber. Joe and I sat there watching. We couldn’t wait to see the expression on Ross’s face after the first cut with the clippers.

The Barber pretended to be clipping the ends of his hair off with the clippers. Just when Ross looked relaxed, the Barber made the first pass across the top of Ross’s head from the forehead to the crown. Ross jumped up and felt his head. He looked at the BaldBarber and said something. The audience began to clap and yell! Of course Ross could hear it. It was some time before Ross sat down in the chair. He tried several times to get the door open, but the BaldBarber just grinned and waited. Now Ross couldn’t resist the beat of applause and the cheers of the sudience and soon he was back in the chair indicating to the BaldBarber to take it all off. Clippers, razor, Ross left the BarberBooth smooth shaved BALD!

He came to me and said, “That Barber is nuts. I told him how I wanted it and he did this.” I said, “Maybe you didn’t make yourself clear. Joe and I laughed and rubbed Ross’s head. We both welcomed him to the “BALD BROTHERHOOD.”

Joe and I had fresh shaved the night before we returned home, and I must confess We ran into Martin on that last night and talked more about shaved heads. He invited us into the Baldie’s Bar office and took out a jar – the label – ‘Baldie’s Bar Balding Balm’

“This was invented by an old aunt of mine from ‘secret herbs and spices’. What you do is rub it on your shaved head and after awhile the hair stops growing,. That’s why my own head is so smooth. It doesn’t work for about a month, you have to use it every day, but then you’ll notice that’s there’s less hair to shave. In another month you’ll be totally smooth and won’t have to shave. You can then use the Balding Balm once a week and still stay bald. What you do you think?”

“Will it grow again?” I asked

“Oh sure Guaranteed.” Martin handed me the large jar. “My compliments. Give it a try. We probably will market it in a few months when we get the mass process sorted out. “Here try some”

Reluctantly I allowed Martin to spread Baldie’s Bar Balding Balm over my scalp. It smelt good and felt good.

I gave my head the once-over on the plane, and a good polish to make the well tanned dome gleam. Two new eighteen year olds arrived home. We were a sensation. New suntan. New clothes. New BALD! Heads. New attitudes. New acceptance by our families and friends.

I had fully intended to start growing my hair after that sensational holiday, but somehow I found the razor in my hand every morning running over my scalp. I became besotted about being hairless and continue to be BALD! Then I started to use the Bladie’s Bar Balding Balm. It’s superb. Now I don’t have to shave and there’s absolutely no sign of hair. This I like. I was nervous about turning up to my new part-time employment – along with technical college – without hair. But the manager was really enthusiastic about my bald head – said it looked good on me and would be an excellent image for the younger clientele. I am on a winning streak. I saw my ex-girlfriend a little later. She was appalled that I had gone shaven. So it was just as well that we parted when we did. And let me tell you, there are plenty of trendy spunkies who just love the bald me.

Joe let his hair grow out about 2 inches and then decided he too liked the bald look far better than having to mess with the hair. He is a confirmed HEAD SHAVER - I use the Balding Balm - and we encourage anyone who is inclined towards getting going BaldByChoice to take the plunge. They sure won’t regret it.

Oh! Yes! Ross looked us up after he returned and said he received several more head shaves at BALDIES! and received his free drinks. It turns out they won’t let you do it every evening….once a week was the limit. Ross is keeping his head shaved for the rest of the summer, but will let it grow - until his next headshave. He really looks great with the shiny, tanned head.

Would we go back to Ibiza? In a heartbeat. Joe and I are right now busy saving money for a return trip. We really enjoyed ourselves at BALDIES! The beach itself isn’t bad either.

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